Saturday, October 31, 2015


Although it is a short book, it really keeps you interested right from the beginning. Laurel has to move out of her apartment for renovations. She decides  to go back to her parents home so she can get some peace and quiet. After finish playing  a role on TV, she has recently gotten a new part in a big show. Laurel wants to concentrate on her lines for the part and maybe put some ghosts to rest.

She lost her parents in a tragic plane accident. As she is in the house she smells cigar smoke. Funny, isn't that the same cigar smell of the cigar her dad use to smoke?  Why is she hearing  violins playing and  people talking? Is she losing her mind? She decides while she is there, it is time to sell the big house and acreage .

Lucas an old friend she knew in high school, is a real estate broker. What a perfect person to help her sell the place and move on with her life. As Laurel is there at night, she keeps having  recurring dreams about an accident that happened at her parents house one evening. She has never forgiven herself for the death of her friend Ashley. She blames herself for his death.  Why is she seeing him at different places around the house ? Is his ghost trying to tell her something? Will Laurel find peace at last?

I loved the beautiful writing style and the characters that come to life with their connection to each other. Laurel is a character that has carried a burden for a long time, and the author shows her soft vulnerable side  as he interacts with Lucas. This is a charming story that takes us on a journey with a young woman learning to let go of her past and finding happiness. I loved these lines that a character said, "Life's all about choices . Some good, some bad. Just be sure the ones you make in the future bring happiness to your life." We all need to apply that to our own life. We deserve happiness.

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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