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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


There is a serial killer targeting elderly people in Long Beach , California. The investigation is headed up by Luke and Abby. There is a connection between the two that still haunts Abby . Will this investigation lead to solving the case of a fire that killed her parents? Will they be able to Stop the serial killer before the body count starts stacking up? Abby is determined to see this to the end but someone wants to stop her. Who is this person and what do they have to gain from stopping Abby? I loved  it when Abby said, "Letting go feels like giving up."

It's a race to try to keep one step ahead of the serial killer, but obstacles seem to keep getting in the way. The author is well versed in police proceedings and makes the story very believable. The characters work well together and I liked how they slowly began to trust each other as the story continued. It's nice to read a story with strong characters, scenes that are riveting and details that are precise.

This is another power packed adventure from an author that always delivers the best in suspense. I could not put this book down from the moment I read the first page. It grabs you from the beginning and brings you to a heart pounding ending that you won't soon forget.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.DRAW


What a fun book this was to read. The characters are quirky , funny and busybodies. Well after all it is a small town. Everybody knows each other and I guess that means they get to know each other's business as well.  Claire and Patsy are at the center of this exciting story . Claire is at it again with her hairbrained ideas to make the town popular. Not only is she just as clumsy as ever, her ideas attracts more tourists than they know what to do with.

The author has made this town come  to life with characters that are fun with never a dull moment .  I would love to live in this town and feel the excitement of everyday hustle and bustle. They may have many problems to deal with, but with the guidance from God they work everything out. The characters don't shy away from their problems, but instead go full force with prayer and faith. The ending is one that you won't forget as you feel tears slowly come to your eyes and a heartfelt love for a town that everyone would want to visit.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.


George has lost his wife and feels very lost and alone. He knows that he must make a journey around the United States to honor his wife. They had always wanted to travel and enjoy theirselves; but alas it was to late for his dear wife. He sells everything and buys a RV. Of course his family thinks he crazy but he is determined to do this. His daughter finds out that there is a small boy who has become allergic to his dog. He needs to take shots for a year so he can become immune to the allergens the dog gives him. Somehow George is coaxed into taking the dog on his journey so the boy can get better. Lewis is a huge Saint Bernard that has a sweet disposition and soon the two are off on their journey. They meet interesting people along the way and George begins to treat Lewis like a member of the family. I loved how the author developed the relationship between George and Lewis. He gave Lewis a great insight into what George was thinking and kinda became his conscious. George is still dealing with the death of his wife. Why does George feel guilty about the last prayer he spoke to God? The book is filled with wonderful moments as George begins to confide in Lewis about things in his life. As I read the book I wanted to give George a big hug and tell him everything was going to be ok. Lewis had this way about him that drew people to him. He could comfort someone or bring a smile to a lonely person. Lewis is the star of this book as he becomes a much needed companion to George and helps him come to terms with the loss of his wife. The author writes a story that brings tears, a smile and peace to hurting people. Thank you for writing a book that captures the essence of friendship, unconditional love and touches readers with compassion. I received a copy of this book from Abingdom Press for an honest review.