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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Guest Cottage by Nancy Thayer

Sophie has been married for sixteen years. Over the years she has noticed little changes going on with her husband. His attentiveness is not what it use to be. He seems to be working late a lot and he doesn't seem to have any interest in their children anymore. One evening her husband comes home and tells her he is in love with someone else and is leaving her. Sophie does something quite out of character for her when she decides to rent a guest cottage on Nantucket from her friend. It will be a nice vacation for her and the kids and give her time to sort out what is next in her life . 

Trevor Black is a software entrepreneur and has recently lost his wife. His son , Leo is having a hard time dealing with his mother's death. Trevor needs to get away and spend time with his son and decides to rent a guest cottage in Nantucket . When they arrive at the cottage they are surprised to see a woman and two children already in the home. His idea of a quiet place where he and his son can bond and deal with the loss of his wife soon vanish as he stares at these strangers. 

Sophie and Trevor decide the best option for everyone is to try to live in the same house and see how it works. They decide to assign chores in hopes that everything will run smooth. Sophie is an excellent cook so she volunteers to do the cooking if Trevor will clean the kitchen afterwords. They both have hopes that the children will get along in this crazy mixup. 

The story is filled with heartache, learning to let go and finding love in the most unexpected place. The author shows us how strong and independent Sophie becomes as she learns to accept that her marriage is over. She is guarded around Trevor as they begin their adventure of being roommates in the cottage . Will Sophie turn to her love of music and find healing ? Can the children learn to live together as they share a cottage with each other? 

Trevor is a caring father who wants to find love again and see his son happy . As the days go by, he sees his son starting to open up and want to play with Sophie's children. Trevor gets a glimpse that there is hope for Leo to overcome his sadness and be a happy child again. 

The author has written a sweet story of two families looking for a fresh start and overcoming the pain of losing someone they love. I loved the moments that the children shared with each other as they grew to think of themselves as brothers and sister . Nancy has given us characters we fall in love with, and leaves us with a unforgettable , touching story . Will Trevor and Sophie find love again ? Is it possible that these two families will soon be one family? The answers are waiting for readers to discover in the latest moving story by an author who writes with passion and emotion.  )

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Know You More by Jan Thompson

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Read from June 22 to 23, 2015

I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review

Ming and his sister Heidi are sister and brother. They tragically lost their parents in a plane crash while they were on a mission trip to the South Pacific. The relationship between Ming and Heidi is very strong and they look out for each other. Ming is a strong and hardworking man who wants the best for his sister. Heidi seems to have made a career out of going to college and can be a bit stubborn at times . Ming gently tells her it is time to put her degrees to use and get a job. The dynamics between brother and sister are very well written by the author. She describes their closeness as family that loves each other, respects each other but not afraid to speak up when necessary .

Diego is the pastor of Riverside Chapel where Ming and Heidi attend. They have been friends for awhile, but what no one knows is that Diego has loved Heidi for five years. He knows he is called to pastor a church, but thinks he is not suppose to marry. The authors shows how dedicated he is to the call on his life, but is struggling with his feelings for Heidi. They find themselves working closely together when a new place to have church open up for them. It is an answer to prayer. Where is the new church to be held? Will it be a place to draw more people in ?

I started reading this book and found myself so deeply connected to each character. Jan writes Diego has a caring , loving pastor who wants to hear from God but has doubts about what to do about marriage. He has an opportunity to kiss Heidi one evening and as he does so , she says don't miss. What does he do? With a slight grin he kisses her on the forehead. This made me laugh as I imagined this shy man who has been called to share the gospel , afraid to kiss the woman he loves. Is he unsure of Heidi's feelings? Does he think it's wrong to pursue a relationship that may disappoint God?

Throughout the book the author has scattered verses that help each character turn to the Word for answers. The scriptures help Diego with his struggles deciding is it God's will for him to take a wife. He is reminded that God wants him to have a helpmate . Will Diego realize that he has turned away from the one the Lord has given to him? Will Heidi ever stop worrying about her brother as he goes undercover to help the FBI? Heidi must learn to trust God to keep her brother safe and is given scriptures to help her rely on God's promises. " He will never leave us, nor forsake us." Will Heidi share her deep feelings with Diego or will she turn away so she doesn't cause him to stumble in his faith? If they ever kiss again, will Diego miss??

The story has all the elements that show us how people struggle with their faith, learn to trust, help others and along the way find the purpose God has for them. I read this book as soon as I received it because it has such a great message of men and women who seek God , turn to the Word to give them answers and along the way they find out that He is the one to turn to when in doubt . It is a beautiful story of love between a man and a womnan, a brother an a sisters love for each other people and most importanly the unconditional love the father has for each of us.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Bounty Hunter by Darrell Phiri

I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review

Jake Andersin works for the FBI and discovers that one of the heads of the department is involved in a mass corruption scheme. His nightmare begins when he finds out a four million dollar bounty has been placed on him. Jake knows the only way to survive is to run and never look back. Will Jake be able to avoid being captured or killed? Can he reinvent himself in another country and feel safe?

Kevin is a police officer who has a very ill little girl. He has raised her by himself and she is more important to him than his own life. The doctors tell him that she needs a heart transplant in order to survive. Kevin is offered a chance to have his daughters medical bills paid , but has to do something that could be illegal or cost him his own life. What does Kevin decide to do? Is Kevin willing to risk everything to save his daughter? 

The author does a great job of developing the characters and keeping the story flowing . It is a great story about lies, deceit, defending the truth and survival. Once I started reading the book, I knew I was in for a book that would keep me guessing to the end. The bounty hunters are a determined , fearless group in the book that will do unthinkable things in order to assure them a payout. The race to catch Jake is packed with a nonstop roller coaster ride that makes your heart race . The author has written a good story that holds your attention throughout the book and writes an ending so powerful you won't see it coming.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Her Brother's Keeper by Beth Wiseman

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

Charlotte has been devastated by her brother's death. He went to live with the Amish and fell in love with a young woman. They were to marry , but shortly before the wedding , he did the unthinkable. What prompted him to take his own life? Charlotte knows that there must be more to his death and she is determined to find the truth.

She decides that she will go live with Ethan's grieving ex fiancée Hannah. She tells the family her name is Mary and is a distant cousin. They welcome her into the home. Charlotte believes that Hannah knows more about Ethan's death and she is willing to do whatever it takes to find the answers she came for. Did his friend, Isaac notice the sudden change that had taken over Ethan and seemed to draw him into a depression that he couldn't fight off ?

Charlotte remembers the horrible upbringing her and Ethan had endured and knows how desperate Ethan wanted be loved and feel accepted by others. Could his childhood hold the answers Charlotte is seeking, or will she continue to deceive the people in the Amish community ?

The story is filled with wonderful characters that Beth has so masterfully written with grace and writes about how depression can cause a person to fall into a darkness from which they feel they can't escape. As Charlotte continues to deceive those who she has started to care for, she begins to realize that soon the truth will be found out about who she really is.

This book has been one of the most powerful books I have read about forgiveness , acceptance, unconditional love and a journey of finding faith . I cried and laughed throughout the book and was reminded of a saying,
"Oh what a tangled web we weave.... When first we practice to deceive ."

Thank you Beth for a book that not only shows us how deceit and unforgiveness can destroy lives , but how the gift of mercy and grace will mend a broken heart. I loved this from the book, " I think it's when we are at our most broken that we are able to hear God the loudest if we really listen."  )

Her Dangerous Promise by Ashley Stryker

I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review

They were able to safely rescue Nancy and transport her to the hospital. Mary is so upset about friends as she sees her laying there with bruises, knowing that the emotional scars were there., She blames herself for the damage done to her friend as the guilt starts to overwhelm her., Thom and Mary have learned to trust each now and soon they find themselves being intimate. Their bond is strong and they are slowly letting go and learning to trust each other.

The kidnapper has been identified as Adam Fielding. What has caused this breakdown mentally for Adam? His violent tendencies seem to be growing and his need to have someone is causing him not to feel , just accomplish his goal .

The plan is to use Mary as bait to lure Adam to once again try to kidnap her? Why is he attracted to nurturing caring women? Is his mom still alive? At this point in the story it becomes so intense that you feel your heart pounding as you read the words. The author has done a great job of giving us an ending so explosive and powerful that you find yourself totally on the edge of your seat. I could not read fast enough it seemed to get to end.

The ending is everything you want in a suspenseful book: women are being kidnapped and tortured , the police have a dramatic and daring encounter with the kidnapper and Mary is trying to keep herself together so she can help this msn get caught.

I loved every moment of this book and thought the author did a tremendous job in holding the readers attention end the book did not lack action, mystery and and ending that was powerful I cheered as the last word was read.  )
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Her Dangerous Promise Part Three by Ashley Stryker

I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review.

As the story continues, we find Mary and Thom growing closer to each other. Mary is having trouble coming to terms with not keeping her promise. The kidnapper warned her that if she did keep her promise he would hurts others that are close to her.

A report has been made that another kidnapping from the school has just taken place. The kidnapper has taken Nancy, the librarian. This news devastates Mary as she feels it is her fault. The police get a break when a security camera has been discovered with the kidnapping of Nancy . As Mary watches the horrific scene play out on video, she feels like she is watching herself in the video.

Thom decides to take Mary back to where she was rescued to see if she can remember any significant information that will help identify the kidnapper and save Nancy.
What will happen when Mary starts to relive the day her life was changed forever? Will the kidnapper be identified? Can Nancy be saved before the kidnapper turns violent ?

The third installment in this book has developed the relationship between Mary and Thom in a deep and moving way. They each have feelings for each other but Thom has been holding back. Can Mary break through that barrier and find love with Thom? The story is increasing in intensity as the race to find the kidnapper becomes more urgent each moment he is still out there lurking for more victims. A page turner awaits the reader.  )