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Thursday, February 9, 2017

No one expected Barley to have an encounter with the Messiah.

He was homeless, hungry, and struggling to survive in 
first century Jerusalem. Most surprisingly, he was a dog.
But through Barley's eyes, the story of a teacher from 
Galilee comes alive in a way we've never experienced
Barley's story begins in the home of a compassionate
woodcarver and his wife who find Barley as an
abandoned, nearly-drowned pup. Tales of a special
teacher from Galilee are reaching their tiny village,
but when life suddenly changes again for Barley,
he carries the lessons of forgiveness and love
out of the woodcarver's home and through
the dangerous roads of Roman-occupied Judea.
On the outskirts of Jerusalem, Barley meets a
homeless man and petty criminal named Samid.
Together, Barley and his unlikely new master
experience fresh struggles and new revelations.
Soon Barley is swept up into the current of history, culminating in an unforgettable encounter
with the truest master of all as he bears witness to the greatest story ever told.

Ron Marasco is a professor in the College of Communication and
Fine Arts at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.
His first book, "Notes to an Actor," was named by the American
Library Association an Outstanding Book of 2008.
His second book, "About Grief," has been translated into
multiple languages, and he is currently completing a book on
Shakespeare's sonnets. He has acted extensively on TV-from
"Lost" to "West Wing" to "Entourage" to originating the role of
Mr. Casper on "Freaks and Geeks"-
and appeared opposite screen legend Kirk Douglas in the
movie "Illusion,"  for which he also wrote the screenplay.
Most recently, he has played the recurring role of Judge Grove
on "Major Crimes." He has a BA from Fordham at Lincoln Center
and an MA and Ph. D. from UCLA.

Find out more about Ron at


I was drawn to this book because I found it fascinating to read about Jesus through the eyes of a dog. I instantly liked Barley and enjoyed his journey. The author really captured my attention from the beginning. Barley , along with his siblings and mother were having fun playing in the grass when someone decided to end their adventure. I felt myself holding my breath at the dramatic escape Barley made. The author really brings the story to realism with words that grasp your attention.

Barley is sweet, loveable and curious. He wanted to be accepted and loved and I thought that was a great addition to the story. We all go through life wanting to be loved and along the way we learn what unconditional love is through the teachings of Jesus. The book is well written and easy to follow. I loved the description of the time period and felt as if I were there walking along side Barley. I especially liked the many lessons Barley learned liked forgiveness, love, family and struggles throughout his journey.

Barley and people he meets along the way will encounter danger, compassion and a familiar story told in a way that leaves you weeping. I loved every moment of the story and found it hard to put down. It's a great book and relates to our own struggles with forgiveness . What would it be like to meet the Messiah?  I highly recommend this book to everyone.

I received a copy of this book from LitFuse Blogger Group. The review is my honest opinion.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Some books grab you right at the start and never let go even after the story is finished. This book is one of those. From the beginning it  had me crying as I read the horrific tragedy that the McAndrews family went through. I could see the family in shock and feel their despair as a life slowing passed away. Every moment seemed like it was in slow motion as the family tried to get through each day. The author has written a story that you will not forget as you ponder questions. How would you react if you saw a family member die right before your eyes? Could you work through your grief or stay bitter for years?

I loved the way the author tells the story through the eyes of a young child. It is a chilling and emotional journey as the family tries to  continue  their normal routine. The father is a preacher who must deal with his faith and continue to lead his congregation. When he shuts down what will happen to his church? Can he find his way back to God? We always hear that things happen for a reason. For this family they will each grieve in different ways and perhaps find answers that will help them heal.

I don't know how I would react to a tragedy like the one in the story, but the author does an amazing job of showing us the different ways that people handle grief. Some may turn their backs on everyone while others cry out for help. The book reached deep into the emotions of a family and delivers a powerful story of faith and hope that will leave readers emotionally drained. Will the family ever be close again? Does guilt turn into bitterness? Don't miss this story from an author that has the ability to make you feel the emotions of the characters with realism.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

Monday, February 6, 2017


It is very hard for Laura to pick up the pieces of her life after the loss of her husband. She has a daughter and son that need her but there are days she can't seem to get motivated. I loved when Laura decided to go back to school to get  her Associates degree. She finds it hard to work and take classes but her determination kept her going. I did find it very funny when she runs into someone she knows in her class. Would it be awkward to be in college and find yourself sitting next to one of your children? The tension between mother and daughter was written with great emotion and realism.

Andrew Dougherty is a great history professor with some emotional baggage of his own. Andrew and Laura seem to clash a lot but it makes for some funny moments. I loved their interaction and attraction that slowly develops between them. Laura is still trying to deal with the death of her husband. She is angry at God. Can she find her way back to God? Will she forgive her husband for leaving her?

I loved this story for several reasons. I loved how the characters struggled with their relationship with God and how the author gave them feelings of anger, hurt and unforgiveness. We all have times when we become angry with God . Some of us walk away and never try to reconcile with Him. We allow our pride to take over and our hearts to harden. The story is about starting over, learning to forgive and letting go of anger. I couldn't put this book down because it really spoke to me and showed me areas where I had not  forgiven yet. I encourage everyone to pick up a copy of this wonderful story of starting over.

"He showed me that unforgiveness is like a prison. It holds us in its grip until we can't breathe."

Sunday, February 5, 2017


The opening pages of this book was so heartfelt with the Rossi family sitting around the table eating . The description of the food was so good, I could smell the sauce and almost taste the delicious Italian cuisine. I loved reading how the family gets together to share meals and make memories.

Bella is a wonderful character who runs Club Wed. She is a busy person and sometimes puts her family on the back burner. Will she realize that she needs to slow down a little? It is nice to see how supportive her husband is and I thought he was an amazing character. In fact all the characters were so much fun I think I would like to join the Rossi family.

Bella really has her hands full when a local TV Meteorologist asks Bella to make her wedding special by having it at night under the stars. . The bride sure does  have some over the top requests which made for an entertaining story. The Splendora Sisters make an appearance in the story and I have to say I would invite them over anytime. They are funny, full of energy and make you feel right at home. As the wedding gets closer things seem to start to unravel a bit. Will the weather be perfect for an outdoor wedding at night ? Can all the food be made in time? The wedding cake was detailed so incredibly perfect I could see the sparkles on the cake and imagine the taste of the light and fluffy goodness.

I loved how the author used this story to remind us that our plans may not be God's plans for us. We get frustrated when things don't work out and become upset. I loved how the story centered around family and being content with what we have. Sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy our families and appreciate them. The Rossi family worked together through every obstacle and I loved the closeness they shared.

The day has arrived for the big wedding and you can feel the excitement as everyone scrambles to make this a wedding that the bride will never forget. Will Bella pull off the perfect wedding? Grab a copy of this fun story and find out what happens "Once Upon A Moonlight Night."