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Saturday, January 6, 2018

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About the Book

Title: Unstuck
Author: Chris Dupre
Genre: Self-help, personal growth
Release Date: November 14, 2017
Do you feel like you missed the boat? Are you burnt out? Have your feet been dragging the sidewalk? Do you catch yourself dreaming of what could have been? Of if-only-I-had, or if-only-I-hadn’t? This book is for anyone sitting in the audience who should be on stage, anyone reading blogs who should also be writing them, anyone supporting ministries who should be leading them. It’s for the Christians who know there is a better life, but who are just stuck in the one they’re living.
Saved in the Jesus Movement of the seventies, Chris DuPré connected with countless Christians across the world. Yet too many of those Christians, Chris discovered, have years later lost the fire and stepped back from living out their faith. Why? Because they got stuck—stuck in rejection by others, stuck in fear of the unknown, stuck in loving a comfortable life, stuck in scores of similar ruts. What can set them free from their internal prisons? And what could Christians accomplish if we all just got unstuck?
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About the Author

Originally from Upstate New York, Chris moved to Kansas City to work alongside Mike Bickle in establishing the International House of Prayer. Chris recently served as Associate Pastor at Grace Center Church in Franklin TN, and is now an associate pastor of Life Center in Harrisburg, PA. A pastor, teacher, worship leader, traveling speaker, and spiritual father to many, Chris may be best known for his song “Dance With Me.” He has produced eight albums and published three books, including The Wild Heart of God (Whitaker House, 2016) and The Lost Art of Pure Worship with James Goll. Parents of three daughters and grandparents of four grandchildren, Chris and his wife, Laura, reside in Harrisburg, PA.

Guest Post from Chris Dupre

I grew up in a small town about 30 miles east of Rochester, NY. Winters there could be brutal. One year, I received beautiful new pair of boots which I loved, particularly for the joy with which they enabled me to engage in the marvelous sport of puddle jumping. One day when the ice and snow had begun to melt, I eyed a nice puddle and jumped in the middle sending a freezing splash in all directions. But wait, something was wrong — this was no ordinary puddle! This one was made to capture people, and I was captured! Frantic, I pulled one foot out, but no matter how much I tried, the other foot would not budge. My boot was stuck. I was stuck! I pulled and pulled until finally my foot came free in a soggy sock. My beautiful boot had been left behind, buried beneath the slush. My little mind was faced with a choice. Did I care enough about to do something? It only took a second to act. I loved those boots. I found a stick and began to fish. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally pulled out my boot. That’s the first time I ever went fishing and was glad to catch a boot instead of a fish.
My desire with this book is to address some of those “stuck” moments we all face. I want to provide keys that will hopefully open a door or two that have held you back on the incredible journey of life. I say a door or two, or even three, because it’s almost always more than one thing that gets us stuck. Ah, but God—He is the change factor in all of this and in Him we can break free.


Have you ever been in a church service and the pastor is saying profound words that make you poke the person next to you? You feel what the pastor is saying is something your friend needs to hear so you elbow them as if to say,”Hey this message is for you.” This book is just that type of message, but instead of elbowing your neighbor, you realize the message is for you. The author is upfront with how we get stuck in our life wondering why our dreams never happened. Perhaps it was pride or fear or that unforgiveness you have buried deep inside . I figured I better get comfortable because this book was going to step on my toes and hurt a bit, but in the end I would be free from being “ stuck.”

One of the first subjects the author talks about is fear. Oh how I dislike talking about that word. I grew up in fear. I know it well and it has followed me throughout my life. I have always had a fear of not being loved and being rejected by everyone. Growing up in a violent and abusive home can really do a lot of damage to a child. I never knew what it felt like to be loved. My parents made sure I knew I wasn’t loved. I became stuck with the mentality that I was not someone anyone would want. To this day I still do the fight or flight method of coping. After reading this chapter, I took a deep breath. Now I was ready to take my life back. I don’t want to be that little scared girl anymore. I want to be strong and depend on God to give me courage. Yes fear controlled my life because I allowed it to. The author gives wonderful illustrations of how to overcome fear and regain the life you were given.

Another chapter I really liked was about “Age doesn’t matter(unless you are cheese).” This one chapter hit me hard. I had always wanted to be a teacher. I never had the opportunity to go to college, so that dream was shoved aside. I started working at a library that was in conjunction with a college. I loved my job but I still yearned to be a teacher. One day I decided I needed to prove to myself that I was smart and that I could go to college. So at the age of well I was older than all the students, I made it into college. It was overwhelming at first, but I thrived in learning . During this period I was appointed Children’s Pastor at our church. What an humbling experience it was. I then realized that I did fulfill my dream. I was a teacher of many, not just a classroom but of all the children that came to church every week. You are never to old to follow your dream. I learned that by teaching these children, I was beginning to heal from my childhood. God placed me with these children to show them love and letting them know they can overcome whatever is holding them back from their destiny. 

I have loved every moment I have spent reading this book. The author touches on subjects that are life changing and shows us how to get “unstuck.” Are you tired of being stuck and feeling hopeless? I recommended that you grab a copy of this book and let God’s voice lead you to freedom. 

We are all gifted in one way or another . It’s what we do with those gifts that determine everything.”

I received a copy of this book from Celebreate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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Second Place Prize: Unstuck: Hope for Christians in a Dead-End Job, Dead-End Faith, or Some Similar Soul-Shriveling Rut by Chris DuPré; and The Wild Love of God: A Journey That Heals Life’s Deepest Wounds by Chris DuPré”.
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Thursday, January 4, 2018


I really enjoyed each story and loved reading about the different couples. The author always writes with details and makes the story come to life. Each story in this collection will bring you a smile and remind you of unconditional love.

Love and Buggy Rides

This is a great story about Janie who witnesses an accident involving a buggy and car. She knows that the driver of the buggy was not at fault but has heard he is being blamed for the accident. Her father has forbade her to get involved as a witness. As Janie gets to know Jonathan they seem to strike up feelings for each other. It was interesting to read how Jonathan was a bit worried about their age difference. I thought he was a great character and was very respectful towards Janie. What happens when Janie goes against her fathers advice? This is a great story of doing the right thing and I loved the excitement towards the ending of the story.

A Home for Lindsay

This story really tugged on my heart strings. Matthew is a hard worker and is excited about building a home for his fiancé Lindsay. That dream gets shattered when he finds out that his sister is losing her farm and land. All Matthew has wanted is to provide a home for Lindsay . How can he do that now that the land he is building on will no longer belong to the family? Lindsay is very aware that something is bothering Matthew. Why won’t he tell her what is wrong? I loved how the author shows how pride can get in the way of making good decisions. What happens when Lindsay finds out the truth? Can Matthew find a way to stay or will he walk away from the love of his life? This is a great story of communication and trust and faith.

Where The Heart Is

I can’t tell you how many times my dad would say “If you live in my house, you will obey my rules.” Tobias heard similar words from his dad when he starts to act out. His poor decisions causes friction and he leaves home. When he returns months later, how will the community react to him? He knows that he must face what he has done, but will the Bishop welcome him back? How will his family react when they see him? It must be very difficult to stand before a congregation and admit your sins. I could hear Tobias’s heart thumping out of his chest as he stood before the church. His relationship with his dad is something I really enjoyed reading about. It’s a great story about forgiveness and starting over.

Love Birds

Oh my I loved this story so much. It has been hard on Ellie and her mother since her dad and brother both passed away . The community is helping with chores at the farm, but money is still tight. When an opportunity arises to work at a shop, Ellie thinks it will help them out financially. I loved Ellie’s enthusiasm to help out with finances and her desire to contribute to the household funds. Lloyd is doing all he can to help his friend’s family . I really enjoyed reading about the bird carvings that Lloyd makes. I could picture the delicate dove he carved and how special it was. When he gives it to Ellie as a special gift to remember her brother, she gets emotional . I won’t give the story away, but it is a great lesson in forgiveness and helping others.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


It’s another great book from the master of medical intrigue. The story is fast paced and can easily be read in a few hours. I love how the author cleverly brings mystery with medical facts that keep you on the edge of your seat. There is always that doctor that seems to be just a bit arrogant and lets power get to his head. What is this doctor hiding? What I loved about the story was the mystery on top of mystery that teased and turned the story while keeping readers trying to figure out who did what. 

Ben is a gifted surgeon and is about to marry one of the nurses but funny things start happening. Bodies are falling , danger lurks for both of them and in the midst of this is medical procedures that are detailed with expertise. No one is above being interrogated and Ben finds himself as one of the central suspects . Overall the book is good, has wonderful characters and as always delivers intrigue that kept me glued to the story. I hated to see it end but am looking forward to the authors next book. He is one author that never disappoints his readers because he is detailed, keeps the intrigue believable and catches readers off guard as the ending is one you don’t see coming. 

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.