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Saturday, February 6, 2021


Book Tour: Roots of Wood and Stone

About the Book:

This historic home holds the keys to their destiny . . . and their hearts

Abandoned at birth, her family roots a mystery, historical museum curator Sloane Kelley has dedicated her life to making sure others know theirs. When a donor drops off a dusty old satchel, she doesn’t expect much from the common artifact . . .until she finds real treasure inside: a nineteenth-century diary. Now she’s on the hunt to find out more.

Garrett Anderson just wanted to clean out his grandmother’s historic but tumbledown farmhouse before selling it to fund her medical care. With her advancing Alzheimer’s, he can’t afford to be sentimental about the family home. But his carefully ordered plan runs up against two formidable obstacles: Sloane, who’s fallen in love with both the diaries and the house, and his own heart, which is irresistibly drawn to Sloane.

A century and a half earlier, motherless Annabelle Collins embarks with her aunt and uncle on the adventure of a lifetime: settling the prairies of Sedgwick County, Kansas. The diaries she left behind paint a portrait of life, loss, and love–and a God who faithfully carries her through it all. Paging through the diaries together takes Sloane and Garrett on a journey they never could have planned, which will change them in ways they never imagined.

This warm, beautifully written split-time novel will resonate with readers looking for stories that reveal the beauty of God’s plan for our lives, and how our actions ripple for generations.

My Review:

There are several time slip books being published lately. I have come to like them. It amazes me how an author can write about two time periods and bring them together to fit like a puzzle. Sloane has a wonderful and interesting job as historic museum curator. The  items  she has discovered are well preserved and helps history tell its story through relics, diaries and pictures. 

I know it was not by accident that Garrett brought an old satchel to the museum for Sloane to gather information on. God was already working to open a locked memory in Sloane’s  life.  Can you imagine being left on a bus as a little  baby? That’s all Sloane knows about her life. She was adopted but her desire has always been to find her birth mother. Her emotions are deep as she struggles to think she has always been plan B in everyone’s life. My heart broke for her as the little girl in her wanted to be someone’s plan A. She wanted to feel wanted and know what unconditional love means. She wanted to be first choice and not second. 

Garrett is hard to read at times. His grandmother has Alzheimer and slowly her mind is slipping away. It is a hard disease to watch and I cried as it reminded me of my mother. Selling her house is top priority for Garrett and he is so focused on it that he  sometimes makes wrong choices.

The best part of the story for me was the discovery of the diaries tucked away in his grandmother’s  house. In those diaries is the key to a time where it was  hard to survive. A young girl of nine years old starts a diary that spans her lifetime. Nestled in the pages are secrets, heartache, and answers that Sloane has been looking for. I loved getting to know

Annabelle and her adventure living with her aunt and uncle. God is there when Annabelle suffers great loses and He wraps His arms around her as she weeps. 

This has been a wonderful journey as generations bring history to the present. Their love and trust in God is evident as they raise children and give a future to their children. The author writes with such grace and I felt as if I was given a peek at the past through Annabelle’s  eyes. The ending is both emotional and surprising. God  has a plan for our lives. We need to wait on Him, listen to Him and follow the path he directs us to. 

I received a copy of this book from Audra Reads Blogging program. The review is my own opinion.

About the Author:

Amanda Wen is an award-winning writer of inspirational romance and split-time women’s fiction. She has placed first in multiple writing contests, including the 2017 Indiana Golden Opportunity, the 2017 Phoenix Rattler, and the 2016 ACFW First Impressions contests. She was also a 2018 ACFW Genesis Contest finalist.
Wen is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and regularly contributes author interviews for their Fiction Finder feature. She also frequently interviews authors for her blog and is a contributor to the God Is Love blog. Her debut novel, Roots of Wood and Stone, releases from Kregel Publications on February 2, 2021.
In addition to her writing, Wen is an accomplished professional cellist and pianist who frequently performs with orchestras, chamber groups, and her church’s worship team. She serves as a choral accompanist as well. A lifelong denizen of the flatlands, Wen lives in Kansas with her patient, loving, and hilarious husband, their three adorable Wenlets, and a snuggly Siamese cat.
To find Amanda Wen’s blog and short stories, visit Readers can also follower her on Facebook (@AuthorAmandaWen)Twitter (@AuthorAmandaWen), and Instagram (@authoramandawen).



About the Book

Book:  A Worthy Heart

Author: Sara Beth Williams

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Release date: January 9, 2019

Joel Bennett has always known Serena Hayes as his sister’s gregarious best friend. In the three years since Lacey began college, Serena became a regular houseguest, but lately, she’s absent more than not. When Joel discovers she’s in an abusive relationship, protectiveness from within roars to life.

With only a part-time job to support her and nowhere to go, Serena fears leaving her current relationship would jeopardize her chances of graduating college. After a brutal attack leaves her no choice, she courageously moves out. On her journey toward regaining confidence, self-worth, and independence, Joel falls in beside her, encouraging her. The way he emulates Godly love and compassion draws her close–not just to him, but to the God who can satisfy her longing for love better than any man,

Attraction sizzles between them, but events from their pasts cast shadows of doubt. When the unthinkable happens, can Serena open her heart to a second chance at love, or is she destined to be alone?


Click here to get your copy!


About the Author

Sara Beth Williams is a wife, mother of two daughters, and temporary caretaker of a lovable old lady pit and a spunky Pomeranian-Shih Tzu mix. She lives in Northern California. When she’s not held hostage by the keyboard, she enjoys music, teaching, reading and spending time with her family. She is all about connecting with readers! Find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Bookbub and AllAuthor.


More from Sara Beth

Can I tell you a secret? When writing a new manuscript, book titles for me either come immediately, or they take years – literally – to develop into something catchy and strong. A Worthy Heart came to me almost immediately. I had no hesitation, because I knew what I wanted the story’s message to be.

Whereas the titles for my first and third book took over a year of going back and forth, with much indecision, A Worthy Heart resonated perfection.

What do you think makes a strong, unique title? I love titles with double meanings. I felt like A Worthy Heart truly captured both the romantic feel of the storyline, and the spiritual message of the storyline simultaneously. And I absolutely love when that happens!

I truly hope you enjoy Joel and Serena’s story, and I hope you can decipher both meanings in the title. More than that, I hope you take those three words to heart, because those three words are exactly what God believes about every single one of you.

Happy reading,

Sara Beth Williams


Serena is very focused on graduating from college and finding a job. Her boyfriend Chris seemed nice  but deep down he is an angry person. I didn’t like him at all. When he emotionally and physically abuses her, I knew she needed to leave. Serena is afraid to tell anyone and that traps her in a relationship that is dangerous. I liked that the setting was campus life. It gives an insight to what college students go through. Serena has a full load and I think at times she was trying to overachieve. Deep down she is looking for approval and it causes her to make wrong choices. 

When she shows up at her best friends place bruised and bloody that  is the turning point in the story. I loved Lacey and her brother Joel. They are great for Serena and their compassion helps guide Serena to rethink her relationship. There is a good faith element in the story which illustrates the importance of listening to God. Joel was a good character but his anger is something that bothered me. He has carried around this attitude about his father for a long time. At some point Joel will have to face his father before he can really be happy.  

This is not your typical feel good young adult story. It tackles tough subjects and the author does not hold back from showing the seriousness of abuse. People say all the time they don’t understand why the victim doesn’t leave. Sometimes they have no where to go, are afraid for their safety and have the idea that it will get better. Serena is an example of how God protects us and as we listen to Him, He directs our path. The lessons on forgiveness, trusting God and believing in yourself are fully represented in the story. I liked the ending and thought the author did a great job of directing readers to never give up. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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To celebrate her tour, Sara is giving away the grand prize package of a $25 Amazon gift card and a paperback copy of A Worthy Heart!!

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Friday, February 5, 2021


About the Book

Book:  The Least of These

Author: Kathleen Neely

Genre: Christian Urban fiction

Release date: 2019

Journalist Scott Harrington sets out to write a documentary on the lives of three homeless men. He hopes to win a prestigious award and his father’s respect. In the process, he uncovers stories of heartbreak, trauma, and rejection, causing him to revisit his own tragic past and the guilty secret that he holds.

Claire Bassett has been searching for her husband who went missing a year ago. The attentions of another man cause her to question if she should continue to search or move on with her life. As Scott and Claire’s stories overlap, will there be restoration or rejection?


Click here to get your copy!


About the Author

Kathleen Neely is the author of The Street Singer, Beauty for Ashes, and The Least of These.  Her fourth novel, True North, will be released in July, 2021. She is a former elementary teacher. Following her years in the classroom, she moved into administration, serving as an elementary principal at Eden Christian Academy in Pittsburgh, PA and at Shannon Forest Christian School in Greenville, SC. Kathleen is an alumnus of Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania and Regent University in Virginia.

Among her writing accomplishments, Kathleen won second place in a short story contest through ACFW-VA for her short story “The Missing Piece” and an honorable mention for her story “The Dance”. Both were published in a Christmas anthology. Her novel, The Least of These, was awarded first place in the 2015 Fresh Voices contest through Almost an Author. She has numerous devotions published through Christian Devotions. She continues to speak to students about writing. Kathleen is a member of Association of Christian Fiction Writers.

She resides in Greenville, SC with her husband, two cats, and one dog. She enjoys time with family, visiting her two grandsons, traveling, and reading.


More from Kathleen

I’ve always been an avid reader, but began writing at a period in my life when I didn’t have time to commit. While raising three sons, I also worked full time as a teacher, then later as an elementary principal. That left little time for writing. I’d plug away at my manuscript then neglect it for months. Those months became years. Every now and then, I would pull it out, re-read it, then add a little to it.

When nearing retirement, a local ministry hosted Michael Yankoski as a keynote speaker. It prompted me to read his true story titled Under the Overpass, an account of his intentional decision to live among the homeless to share their story. This so closely mirrored my fictional account of journalist Scott Harrington. I found myself inspired to pull out the abandoned manuscript and get serious. I joined a writing group, attended conferences, and met with two other writers weekly to critique and be critiqued. That manuscript, The Least of These, went on to win first place in the fiction category of a contest titled Fresh Voices.

Scott, the protagonist in The Least of These, has a complex personality. He has defied the path that his father planned for him, yet remains burdened by his father’s disappointment. He lives in the shadow of his deceased brother and carries a secret that weighs heavily on his conscience. If he could win a Pulitzer or another top journalism award, perhaps he’d earn his father’s respect. But his altruistic nature sidelines his goal. The homeless men he intends to write about become real people with real needs. Little did he know that their circumstances would brush up against his own guilt.

Here’s a brief excerpt of a scene between Scott and Stella:

“Scott. Look at me.” She touched my hands to move them from my face. “Look at me. You were fifteen years old. You were a child—a child placed in a terrible situation. You’d lost the intimacy with your brother, the only person you’d ever had a relationship with. You had a domineering father and an absent mother. Don’t carry this burden of guilt. It’s not yours. Put it where it belongs. Your brother made bad choices. Your parents didn’t parent well. A fifteen-year-old kid can’t be expected to handle the gravity of that situation.”

That’s a smidgeon of what’s ahead in the pages of The Least of These. I invite you to join me in the journey. Meet Claire, a wife whose husband has gone missing. Tyler, whose mother abandoned him; and Stella, a successful bistro owner whose unrequited love begins losing hope.

Happy reading!


This book has given me much to think about. It is not an easy book to read as the author lays out the truth about homeless people. Not everyone out there has chosen to be homeless. They each have a story and that is where Scott comes in. He wants to write a story about three different homeless people. His dream is to get recognized and maybe become famous. I did like that he lived among those he was going to write about. This makes the story more realistic. 

As Scott meets people he soon becomes more interested in their story than making a name for himself. I was surprised that the three people he wanted to write about were so understanding when they found out who he was. I think he had  proven himself to them and they began  to trust him. Each person Scott befriended had a heart wrenching story. I cried as their stories started to come to the surface. A man who is running from guilt, a young boy running because he never felt wanted and a man who believes he has lost his daughter forever. 

The story takes a more emotional turn as Scott searches his heart and wants to help these people. Yes he knew he had a great story, but at what cost? Would he feel good about exposing their pasts in order to succeed?  Scott has never lived up to his father’s expectations so maybe if his story is published he would finally get his approval. I bet lots of us can relate to Scott. I know I have lived in a vicious circle where I so desperately wanted my parents love and approval. 

The author opened my eyes as Scott becomes humble and opens his heart to these people. Have we been guilty of judging those who are less fortunate that us? Do we lump the homeless all together and assume they are either an alcoholic or drug addict? What if we took the time to reach out and did what Jesus wanted us to do? Scott is a great example of how his heart changed and became someone  who wanted to make a difference. I loved how forgiveness was illustrated and there were times I wanted to cry. I will never look at the homeless the sane again. They are loved by God and some are hoping for a miracle. Will you be the hands and feet for Jesus?

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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To celebrate her tour, Kathleen is giving away the grand prize of a copy of the book!!

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Thursday, February 4, 2021


Endless-Mercy-corrected (1)

About the Book

Book:  Endless Mercy

Author: Tracie Peterson, Kimberley Woodhouse

Genre: Christian historical romance

endlessMadysen Powell has always been a forgiving person, but when her supposedly dead father shows up in Nome, Alaska, her gift for forgiveness is tested. With the recent loss of her mother, she searches for answers, leaning on Granny Beaufort, a neighbor in town, who listens with a kind heart. Still, Madysen is restless and dreams of performing her music around the world. The arrival of a traveling show could prove just the chance she needs, and the manager promises more than she ever dreamed.

Daniel Beaufort arrives in Nome, searching for his own answers after the gold rush leaves him with only empty pockets. Still angry about the death of his loved ones, he longs to start fresh but doesn’t have high hopes until he ends up helping at the Powell dairy making cheese. Drawn to the beautiful redhead with big dreams, will deceptions from the past tear apart any hope for the future?


Click here to get your copy!


About the Authors

Tracie_PetersonTracie Peterson ( is the award-winning author of over 100 novels, both historical and contemporary. Her avid research resonates in her many bestselling series. Tracie and her family make their home in Montana.






Kimberley Woodhouse ( is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than fifteen fiction and nonfiction books. A popular speaker and teacher, she’s shared her theme of “Joy Through Trials” with more than half a million people across the country at more than 2,000 events. Kim and her incredible husband of twenty-five-plus years have two adult children. She’s passionate about music and Bible study and loves the gift of story.






More from Kim

It’s so exciting for book two in our Treasures of Nome series, Endless Mercy, to be heading out into the world! Tracie and I are so thrilled to bring you another story set in Nome, Alaska. And isn’t that cover gorgeous? Bethany House does such an amazing job with our books, it is an absolute joy to get to work with them.

In book one, Forever Hidden, we are introduced to three sisters and their family (and farm) in Nome. Forever Hidden is Havyn’s story. And did I mention there are chickens? Check out my blog for some interesting pictures and stories about how these chicken stories came to be…

Book two, Endless Mercy, is Madysen’s story. Madysen is the youngest sibling, and in our story, she’s a talented cello player. Oh, and there are some sheep, who just might help get her into mischief. (Are you seeing a pattern here?)

Book three will release January 2022 and will finish out the Powell girls’ stories with the eldest, Whitney.

This series is very near and dear to us because the Powell sisters in the books are actually named after three beautiful girls we adore. They were music students of mine in Colorado and when Tracie and I had a book signing for In the Shadow of Denali, the red-headed, musical sisters all came. Tracie made the comment that someone should write a book about them…so of course…we did!

I wish you could hear the girls play and sing in real life. They are such talented musicians, and I love them dearly. Huge thanks go to Monica and Merle Powell for allowing us to take their three girls and make fictional characters out of them.

Here’s a picture of Monica with me and Tracie at a book signing years ago. And then of course, I had to put in a picture of the real Powell girls.

We’d love for you to join us for The Treasures of Nome. Enjoy the blog tour!


This has been a wonderful journey about forgiveness, mercy, unconditional love and finding a renewed relationship with Jesus. I loved getting to know the  three sisters better in this book. Their voices are like angels as they perform and bring enjoyment to all that listen. I loved the description of Madysen’s beautiful hair. It was easy to picture it cascading down her back as the light brought out the color of autumn leaves.

This story focuses on Madysen and how she struggles with giving mercy to the man that abandoned her and her sisters years ago. What would it be like to think your father was dead, and then find out he was alive? It is very hard for the sisters to forgive him and their anger comes out when he tries to make amends . One thing I learned reading the story was how much pride plays  with our  emotions. We don’t want to forgive someone because they hurt us. We want them to feel the same pain but all we are doing is allowing  that person to control us. How can you move forward if you still carry bitterness from the past? 

I thought the authors handled a delicate subject with honesty and grace. It is sad to think that during this time period women were treated differently. They  were to stay at home and let the man dictate their lives. Whitney finds herself in a situation that only by the grace of God was she able to escape from. I want to give a big shout out to her dogs that protected her and stood beside her. The man who spreads rumors about her is rude and I wanted so bad for him to pay for what he did. “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.” That  scripture came to mind as this man needed to be taught a lesson. 

I have to mention the man who has taken special interest in Madysen. He is pretty conniving and charms Madysen into thinking she should tour the world on her own singing without her sisters. I liked how tempted Madysen was and it showed how easy someone can fall for the tricks of the enemy. It may seem like a great idea, but is it what God’s plan for Madysen’s life is? The emotional roller coaster she goes through is hard at times. It illustrates the inner turmoil we face when we want to escape from our past. 

The most important part of the story for me was when several characters turn to God to help them make the right decision. They must soften their hearts and forgive God and  those who have hurt them. Daniel is a wonderful character and his presence in the story has a big impact on Madysen and her future. I couldn’t wait to see if she would leave her family and chase after fame. Does she learn to forgive her father and show him grace? This is a must read for those who love historical fiction. I can’t wait to read Whitney’s story next in the series. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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To celebrate their tour, Kimberley and Tracie are giving away the grand prize package of Forever Hidden, Endless Mercy, and this candle!! (

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