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Saturday, September 30, 2017

About the book:

Finally back in the Old Order Amish world she loves, will Ariana's new perspectives draw her family closer together-or completely rip them apart?

After months away in the Englisch world, Ariana Brenneman is overjoyed to be in the Old Order Amish home where she was raised. Yet her excitement is mixed with an unexpected apprehension as she reconciles all she's learned from her biological parents with the uncompromising teachings of her Plain community. Although her childhood friend, ex-Amish Quill Schlabach, hopes to help her navigate her new role amongst her people, Ariana's Daed doesn't understand why his sweet daughter is suddenly questioning his authority. What will happen if she sows seeds of unrest and rebellion in the entire family?

Meanwhile, Skylar Nash has finally found her place among the large Brenneman family, but Ariana's arrival threatens to unravel Skylar's new identity-and her sobriety. Both Ariana and Skylar must discover the true cords that bind a family and community together and grasp tight the One who holds their authentic identities close to His heart.

Gathering the Threads is the third and final novel in The Amish of Summer Grove series.

About the author:

Cindy Woodsmall is the "New York Times" and CBA best-selling author of nineteen works of fiction and non-fiction with more than a million copies sold. Her connection with the Amish community has been featured in national media outlets such as ABC's "Nightline," the "Wall Street Journal," and a National Geographic documentary on Amish life. Cindy and her husband reside near the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains.


 The final installment in the series The Amish of Summer Grove will give closure to characters lives while bringing unexpected changes. I have been eagerly awaiting this book and it certainly was worth the wait. Can you imagine babies being switched at birth? It can be so unsettling for everyone involved. One of the hardest things is for the two children involved to realize they are living with the wrong biological parents. What I really like about the story is that one child belongs  to an Amish family and the other to an English family and how the author shows what it is like to struggle in each environment. I will recommend that readers should read the first two books in the series to really understand the dynamics of the families.

Ariana has been away for several months getting to know her "real" parents. The author does an amazing job of showing the struggles that Ariana has been through. What a shock to leave your Amish life and be forced to go with complete strangers. The Amish community doesn't welcome her home entirely. The scene with the bishop at her house with her dad was very explosive. My heart went out to her. She feels pulled in all directions and must find peace within herself.

Skylar is very different from Ariana. She came from the English world and has tried to fit in with her new Amish family. She has had a rough life dealing with some addiction problems. She reminds me of a little girl who wants to be accepted so bad, but her jealousy gets the best of her. Skylar is definitely not a big fan of Ariana's. There were times I felt the Amish leaders were very hard on Ariana and Skylar seemed pleased with that.

Quill to me is a hero. He has such good qualities and wants to help those who want to escape to a better life. I think if Quill hadn't been around, Ariana may not have adjusted to her new life as well. It was interesting to read how Ariana had problems giving up a few of the English ways. The author digs deep into the emotions of the characters and I could feel their pain, struggles and need for answers. The final installment in this wonderful series definitely shares about faith, forgiveness, and love. What will Ariana and Skylar decide about where they feel they belong? Don't miss this conclusion to a wonderful series where we got to know characters that find grace and loving families.

I received a copy of this book from LitFuse. The review is my own opinion.

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I love books that have several authors stories in them. Readers get to read stories from amazing authors all tucked into a great collection. Each story follows a theme while highlighting each authors creativity. Their writing style may be different but the stories are always a treat to read. This collection is an example of four authors that write beautifully , emotionally and loved filled stories that satisfy their fans.

Winter Kisses by Beth Wiseman

I loved this story because it has humor, family , faith and love sprinkled throughout. How fun it was to see three men move into the daaadi house on the land  where three women live. I laughed as the women spied on their new neighbors. Barbara has gone through a hard time after losing her beloved husband . It is hard for her to even think about another man, but maybe God has other plans. My favorite character was Ruth. She is fiesty, confrontational at times but loves her family dearly. Ruth has her sights on one of the men and it is so endearing to watch their relationship grow. Naomi is the youngest and the other two women think it's time to get her married. One of the funnies things in the book is when one character says, "You aren't the boss of me." The story is funny at times, and emotional at others. The author really does a great job of developing characters that readers can invest in. Will love be in the air at Christmas for these three lovely ladies?

The Christmas Cat by Amy Clipston

Oh my what an emotional love story . I cried through the entire story. Emma is the sweetest person and my heart was heavy for her. She is spending Christmas all alone because the snow is so deep she is afraid to get out in it. Will her friends worry when she doesn't show up for dinner? The love of her life passed away several months ago. They had a great marriage with a few disappointments along the way. Emma is so lonely and knows it will be a hard time for her as she spends her first Christmas without her beloved. A stray cat appears on her back porch and decides to make himself at home. I loved how he strutted in like he had always lived there.

I loved when friends came over to be with Emma on Christmas. As she began to tell her story of her and Henry, I felt like we had traveled back in time. The author does an outstanding job of transforming us back to when Henry and Emma were first married. Their story is so heartwarming and a true romance. I loved how he gifted her with books because he knew how much she loved to read. This story is one that just makes you feel good inside. Hank the cat  as Emma calls him, steals the show at times. He can sense when Emma is sad and goes to her side. Her guests are full of cheer and help Emma spend Christmas with happy memories.

Snow Angels by Kelly Irvin

The story is set in Bee County, Texas which I was just talking about to my husband. I loved how the author talked about how it hardly snows there. Living in south Texas we don't really know what snow is. I thought that Molly was a great character. She is in love with David and is looking forward to being his wife. But sometimes things don't always work out like we plan. When Molly and David are at an auction, David comes  face to face with his past. I can just imagine his heart racing a mile a minute when he sees Bobbie , his girlfriend that left him. She is the last person David thought he would ever see again.

David at one time was in love with Bobbie but chose not to marry her. His faith and family were to important to him. With Bobbie not being Amish, he couldn't walk away from his faith. Molly knows Bobbie has come back to help her ill father, but does she have another agenda as well? I loved how the author showed the turmoil David was going through as he decides who he wants to be with. He knows in his heart what he wants, but will temptation win out? I loved the way Molly trusted God to make all things work out. Will David find comfort in God? This is a great story about trust and listening to God.

Home For Christmas by Ruth Reid

This story grabbed my attention right away when it talked about dog competitions. I love watching the dog shows on TV and try to never miss the Westminister Competition. Lulu sounded like a beautiful dog with maybe a bit of an attitude. Lulu had just won Best of Breed as a standard poodle and was loving the attention. My what a diva she was. Ellie was having a great time at competitions  showing her dog. Ellie decides to get in her RV and visit her aunts farm in Posen, Michigan.

Ellie is relying on her GPS to get her there safely. I have had a few encounters with GPS . I'm not a big fan of them and I think they intentionally get me lost. Since Ellie hasn't seen the farm since she inherited it , she wasn't to surprised that it looked a little different than she remembered. Waiting inside the house will be a big shock for Ellie. Why is there a man standing inside the door? I guess the silly GPS directed her to the wrong place. Ezra explained that she needed to travel a bit more down the road to her aunts place. Poor Ellie isn't making a great impression when she wipes out Ezra's clothesline.

Ellie and Ezra seem to clash over many things including Lulu. Ezra's daughter has taken a real liking to Lulu but Ezra is convinced that the dog should not be around his daughter. Ezra has had a hard time raising his daughter after his wife passed away. Allison has had seizures but Ezra thought they were under control with medication. When Allison starts having seizures when Lulu is around, he is convinced that Lulu is causing them. I really liked the devotion that Lulu had towards Allison. If only Ellie and Ezra could get past their differences, maybe they could have a friendship. The story is filled with emotion and I think Lulu was the star. The dog is very special as Ellie and Ezra find out.

I received a copy of this book from several of the authors. The review is my own opinion.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Crepe Factor
by Laura Childs
with Terry Farley Moran

CREPE FACTOR is truly a fun, fun read!
~Cinnamon, Sugar and Little Bit of Murder
Another wonderfully crafted installment in the Scrapbooking Mystery series!
~ Lisa Ks Book Reviews
I had such fun reading this one.
~A Chick Who Reads
I love the friendship between Carmela and Ava they are great together. I also love how the girls worked with Moony and Squirrel as well. Such a great team of friends.
~Community Bookstop
…the mystery in this book is what kept me reading. It was really engaging and intriguing.
~Bookworm Cafe
I loved the setting of New Orleans. The descriptions were vibrant of shops, people, and food. It felt as if you were right there.
~Writing Pearls 
Crepe Factor
(A Scrapbooking Mystery)

Cozy Mystery
14th in Series
Berkley (October 3, 2017)
Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0425266717
The Winter Market in the French Quarter is in full swing, but murder isn’t taking a holiday in the latest from the New York Times bestselling author of Parchment and Old Lace
The holidays are a busy time for scrapbook shop owner Carmela Bertrand—but not so hectic that she doesn’t have time to enjoy browsing the booths at the Winter Market with her best friend Ava. The last thing the ladies expect to see is a lurching man stabbed by a serving fork, dying in front of them.
The victim is loathed restaurant critic Martin Lash, who posted his scathing reviews on the Glutton for Punishment website. And the prime suspect is New Orleans restauranteur Quigg Brevard—who was seen giving the critic a tongue-lashing minutes before someone stuck a fork in him. An old flame of Carmela, Quigg asks for her help, which does not please her current beau, Detective Edgar Babcock, to say the least.
Before her relationship is the next victim, Carmela needs to find a murderer who had no reservations about punishing the culinary curmudgeon…
Scrapbooking tips and recipes included!
laura childs from facebook
About The Authors
Laura Childs is the New York Times bestselling author of the Tea Shop MysteriesScrapbook Mysteries, and Cackleberry Club Mysteries. In her previous life she was CEO/Creative Director of her own marketing firm and authored several screenplays. She is married to a professor of Chinese art history, loves to travel, rides horses, enjoys fund raising for various non-profits, and has two Chinese Shar-Pei dogs.
Laura specializes in cozy mysteries that have the pace of a thriller (a thrillzy!) Her three series are:
The Tea Shop Mysteries – set in the historic district of Charleston and featuring Theodosia Browning, owner of the Indigo Tea Shop. Theodosia is a savvy entrepreneur, and pet mom to service dog Earl Grey. She’s also an intelligent, focused amateur sleuth who doesn’t rely on coincidences or inept police work to solve crimes. This charming series is highly atmospheric and rife with the history and mystery that is Charleston.
The Scrapbooking Mysteries – a slightly edgier series that take place in New Orleans. The main character, Carmela, owns Memory Mine scrapbooking shop in the French Quarter and is forever getting into trouble with her friend, Ava, who owns the Juju Voodoo shop. New Orleans’ spooky above-ground cemeteries, jazz clubs, bayous, and Mardi Gras madness make their presence known here!
The Cackleberry Club Mysteries – set in Kindred, a fictional town in the Midwest. In a rehabbed Spur station, Suzanne, Toni, and Petra, three semi-desperate, forty-plus women have launched the Cackleberry Club. Eggs are the morning specialty here and this cozy cafe even offers a book nook and yarn shop. Business is good but murder could lead to the cafe’s undoing! This series offers recipes, knitting, cake decorating, and a dash of spirituality.
Laura’s Links:
terrie farley moran
Short-listed twice for The Best American Mystery Stories, Terrie Farley Moran is delighted to introduce mystery fans to the Read ’Em and Eat cafĂ© and bookstore, which debuted with Well Read, Then Dead. followed by Caught Read-Handed and Read to Death released in July of this year.  The only thing Terrie enjoys more than wrangling mystery plots into submission is playing games and reading stories with any or all of her grandchildren.
Terrie’s Links:

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      Amazon    B&N    Goggle Books    IndieBound


I really enjoyed reading about New Orleans and all it's wonderful attractions. I have always heard that the food is excellent and there are so many things to see there. The author definitely intrigued me so much, I have to visit New Orleans soon.  She makes the town come alive with wonderful descriptions and yummy food that I could almost smell. I especially love the main character Carmela.

Carmela has a quaint scrapbook shop. The ideas and creative projects make  me want to go out and gather all the supplies and try them. I bet it would be fun to be surrounded by such a creative person. I would be in awe of Carmela because she is so darn cute and creative. She does have a little stubbornness going on and I think her boyfriend Edgar is ready to pull his hair out .  He does not like her investigating a crime that he is in charge of. He did seem to be a bit put off by her at times. How is that Carmela seems to be at the right place at the wrong time? When she witnesses a murder of a well known restaurant critic, the chaos ensues.

 I give a lot of credit to the writing talent shown throughout this book. The author kno

ws how to keep the reader glued to the story with fast action and characters that jump off the pages. Carmela can't help investigate the murder when "an old friend" becomes a suspect. I didn't really like Quigg that much. I felt like he was clingy and expected Carmela to clear his name without hesitation. To say that the murdered victim is not liked is an understatement. Who would like a person who gives such bad reviews of their restaurant that it seemingly stops customers from coming? The list of suspects start adding up and Carmela is in the thick of it.

The book is fast paced and has twists that I really was surprised at. The investigation takes a weird turn and boy did it become an edge of your seat page turner. Is Carmela in over her head this time? Can she clear her friend's name before something  happens to her? Get ready for another fun adventure with Carmela and her friend Ava as they find themselves unraveling secrets that could be destroy someone.

I received a copy of this book from The Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour. The review is my own opinion.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Action Storybook Bible Kindle Fire Giveaway

The Action Storybook Bible invites families with children ages 8 and under explore God's redemptive story together.
From the sleek and amazing creatures God created at the beginning of the world to the powerful kings who reigned over ancient Israel to Jesus's gift of eternal life for you and your family-God has a beautiful and exciting plan for the world. Where do you fit into that plan? How are the truths found in God's Word reflected in your life?
This Bible storybook features 15 episodes highlighting key milestones in God's story, packed with dozens of scenes-combining stories from God's Word with brand-new captivating illustrations from Brazilian master-artist Sergio Cariello, illustrator of the bestselling The Action Bible. Discover your family's place in God's redemptive story and together put your faith into action!
Interactive features include:
-Fifteen episodes loaded with over 350 brand-new illustrations from master-artist Sergio Cariello.
-Short and easy reading for all ages. Take turns telling God's redemptive story!
-The Life, Faith, Action! feature wraps up each episode and helps your family recognize how God is moving through each story, discover how that relates to your daily lives, and feel inspired to put your faith into action.
-Heroes Hall of Fame index, where you can look up your favorite Bible characters and discover their stories!
About the authors:

Catherine has written more than twenty-five books for children, including the bestselling "Adventure Bible Storybook." As publisher of children's resources at David C Cook, she leads product development for The Action Bible® collection, which has sold more than a million copies. Catherine lives with her husband, their three children, and their big furry dog in the Colorado forest. ||**|| Brazilian-born Sergio Cariello has been an accomplished artist since childhood, drawing a regular comic strip for his city's newspaper at age 11. He spent many childhood hours poring over "The Picture Bible" (Portuguese edition), never dreaming he would illustrate an updated edition ("The Action Bible") decades later. Sergio has worked for Marvel Comics and DC comics and has illustrated Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Iron-Man, Wonder Woman, Fantastic-Four, and dozens more comic book characters.
Find out more about Catherine and at


This beautifully illustrated bible is sure to be a hit for  children. The illustrations are done very well as the brilliant colors dance across the pages. I loved the way the Bible stories are told in easy to understand ways that help children grasp the concepts of each theme. As I started the first story I immediately felt like the story came to life. The words are simple but effective with God's word explained in an easy to use format I loved that at the end of each story is a summary of what the story was about. It also includes a question to discuss with your children as they share what they thought about the story.

I love this bible because I love how it is kid friendly and so easy to read and follow along. It will be a great way for parents to share God's word  while seeing the stories pop off the pages. I loved that  there is a prayer included at the end of each story . This is a wonderful way to pray with your children and reinforce what they just learned. It is a very appealing bible with illustrations in color and stories written in a way that children of all ages will be able to understand. The Action Storybook Bible includes The Old and New Testament with scripture references that help identify where the stories are found in the Bible.

In today's wave of technology for children, I can see how this bible would appeal to them. They are a generation of visualization and this bible hits high  marks in achieving this. The book is sturdy with pages that are not easy to tear. I am very impressed at what is included at the end of the book. They have included several people from the Bible and wrote an individual excerpt about them. This is a wonderful reference if you are wanting to talk about a particular person from the Bible. I am very impressed with the overall way the book is written and illustrated. This is a must have Bible for children as they learn about His Word.

I received a copy of this book from LitFuse. The review is my own opinion.

The Action Storybook Bible Kindle Fire Giveaway
Discover your family's place in God's incredible story and together put your faith into action with the new The Action Storybook Bible from David C Cook! Explore God's redemptive story together with your children ages 8 and under in the 15 episodes highlighting key milestones in God's story. Master-artist Sergio Cariello created more than 350 brand-new illustrations to captivate your family and help you recognize how God is moving through each story.

Join the adventure to begin to figure out where you fit into God's beautiful and exciting plan for the world by entering to win the Kindle Fire giveaway


One grand prize winner will receive:

Enter today by clicking the icon below, but hurry! The giveaway ends on September 29. The winner will be announced October 2 on the Litfuse blog.

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