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Friday, March 2, 2018

Breaking toxic banner Template copy

About the Book

Breaking toxic
Title: Breaking Toxic Soul Ties: Healing from Unhealthy and Controlling Relationships
Author: Tom Brown
Genre: Non-fiction, relationships
Release Date: January 9, 2018
Going through this world in relationship with other people inevitably creates connections in our inner being called soul ties. When these relationships are loving, supportive, and nurturing, positive soul ties are created. But if the relationships become abusive or manipulative, or cause rejection, they can create a toxic brokenness within the soul that we carry with us, even long after the relationship ends. If these toxic inner soul ties are not broken, we will experience failure, fractured relationships, and even health problems throughout life.
In Breaking Toxic Soul Ties, Tom Brown describes his own story of rejection and the process of inner healing he experienced. He helps you to identify and diagnose toxic relationships as he breaks down the difference between positive and negative soul ties. He also shows why toxic soul ties develop and how they can only be broken by a process of inner healing through confession, forgiveness, and prayer. The truth is, unless your self-image is firmly rooted in the truth of your identity in Christ, you will always be susceptible to bad soul ties. Tom Brown describes the way for you to move forward in life and leave pain and brokenness behind for good!

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About the Author

Tom Brown is best known for his deliverance ministry. Millions have seen him on ABC’s 20/20, as well as on MSNBC and the History Channel. He is a noted conference speaker, prolific author, and committed pastor. His award-winning Internet site,, reaches more than a million people a year. His books published by Whitaker House are Devil, Demons, and Spiritual WarfareBreaking Curses, Experiencing HealingPrayers That Get Results; and Spiritual Gifts for Spiritual Warfare. Tom is the founder and pastor of Word of Life Church in El Paso, Texas.


I was really looking forward to reading this book when I heard about it. There have been other books out about this subject, but not to the depth this author takes us. Right from the start the book opens your eyes to relationships by saying, " You are a byproduct of the people who influence you." If you are surrounded by negative people, you start to become negative yourself. You don't realize how influential people can be until you realize you are suddenly saying and doing things that cause you to stumble in your faith. 

One of the things that really stood out to me was the topic on controlling others. When my husband and I first married, I wanted to control everything , from how to spend money to how to raise children when we had them.  I set up our marriage to fail because I wasn't listening to or respecting my husband.  The book hits hard on issues like manipulation, authority and soul ties. It's a sure fire way to  destroying relationships if they are not Godly.

I remember doing a teaching on soul ties with my husband. We explained that if you have an unhealthy relationship with someone, you need to break that soul tie with them. The enemy is tricky and subtle. He will use whatever he can to pull you away from God. I loved it when the book talked about  how we sometimes seem to be attracted to people who are not good for us.  The main thing throughout this book that I did like was to remember to forgive yourself. We all make mistakes and  make bad choices,  but we don't need to beat ourselves up about it. The book has some great suggestions of how to break soul ties that are unhealthy. I do have to say I didn't agree with everything in the book, but that doesn't mean the book is not worth reading. I was able to take away some great wisdom and appreciate the honesty the author shared. Overall it's important to remember you are loved by God and He will help you through your struggles as you grow in faith.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Craks in a Marriage (Mah Jongg Mysteries)
by Barbara Barrett

About the Book

Craks in a Marriage (Mah Jongg Mysteries)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Setting – Florida
Self Published (February 6, 2018)
Print Length: 204 pages
When Sydney Bonner overhears a fellow mah jongg player arguing on the phone with her husband, she realizes the couple’s “perfect marriage” isn’t all it appears to be. A few days later, the husband is found dead, his head bashed in. Fearing she’ll be considered the most likely suspect, the widow prevails upon Sydney and her three friends—Marianne, Kat and Micki—to find out who really killed him.
Though none of these four fun-loving, take-charge retirees has any training as detectives, the women agree to launch a secret investigation. As they dig under the happy veneer of their community’s social life, they find more than enough suspects, from shady ladies to resentful golf buddies, to keep them looking over their shoulders.
Could the murderer be lurking among the talent in a chaotic production put on by Sydney’s husband, who will do anything to keep busy in retirement? Could the sheriff, who may have more than a professional interest in chanteuse Kat, end up pinning the crime on the women instead? Each discovery during their investigations and their weekly mah jongg game keeps them running as they close in on the killer—but the killer may also be closing in on them.

About the Author

Barbara Barrett started reading mysteries when she was pregnant with her first child to keep her mind off things like her changing body and food cravings. When she’d devoured as many Agatha Christies as she could find, she branched out to English village cozies and Ellery Queen.
Later, to avoid a midlife crisis, she began writing fiction at night when she wasn’t at her day job as a human resources analyst for Iowa State Government. After releasing eleven full-length romance novels and one novella, she has returned to the cozy mystery genre, using one of her retirement pastimes, the game of mah jongg, as her inspiration. Not only has it been a great social outlet, it has also helped keep her mind active when not writing.
Craks in a Marriagethe first book in her “Mah Jongg Mystery” series, features four friends who seek the murderer of another mah jongg player’s husband before she is charged. None of the four is based on an actual person. Each is an amalgamation of several mah jongg friends with a lot of Barbara’s imagination thrown in for good measure. The four will continue to appear in future books in the series.
Anticipating the day when she would write her first mystery, she has been a member of the Mystery/Romantic Suspense chapter of Romance Writers of America for over a decade. She credits them with helping her hone her craft.
Barbara is married to a man she met her senior year of college. They have two grown children and eight grandchildren.
Now retired, she is a resident of Florida, although she spends her summers in Iowa, her home state. She earned her B.A. degree in History from the University of Iowa and her Master’s Degree in History from Drake University.
When not in front of her laptop creating her next story, she plays Mah Jongg, knits, and enjoys lunches with friends.
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I just love a book that is full of intrigue, gossip and exciting characters. Rumor is going around that someone is having an affair. Now people have heard who it is, but others don’t want to know. They believe in giving a person a benefit of the doubt, but that doesn’t stop the gossip spreading throughout the community.

 My heart beat so fast when the victim was identified by his wife. You could feel the tension as the body was revealed and the moment that the spouse knew her life was forever changed. It was a very well written scene and made me think of how difficult it would be to go through such a traumatic event like that. The question now is who is the killer? Sydney and her friends are persuaded in a way to try to find out who killed someone’s husband. I loved that these ladies were retired and all set to have a fun and enjoyable life, but what do you do when someone you know is in trouble?

The stakes are high in this first in a series and the author does a great job of giving us a collection of unique characters. The four friends have their hands full as suspects start to pop up. I loved how they gathered information and slowly went through intricate and damaging evidence. As the investigation grows, there is another big goings on in the town. I couldn't wait to hear all the details of the folly that Sydney's husband is in charge of.  It  is the talk of the town and suddenly people wan to be a part of it.   I had to laugh at one of the acts that was booked for the show. It is a funny moment that lightens the mood in the story.

Will Sydney and her friends solve the murder before the sheriff stops their snooping? I enjoyed the story and how well it flowed. The characters are interesting and I absolutely loved the four women turned sleuths that take investigating serious. You are in for a treat with this well written mystery that is neatly wrapped up at the end. I have to say the ending was tense and I loved how it kept me on the edge of my seat. I highly recommend this new series.

I received a copy of this book from The Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours. The review is my own opinion.

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Six Dogs ’til Sunday (A Mae December Mystery)
by Lia Farrell

The Mae December mysteries is one of the best series for character development that I’ve come across.
~The Power of Words
A complicated plot involving intertwined crimes both past and present. Intriguing psychological content and police procedural elements make this a very interesting mystery to untangle.
~Laura’s Interests
Six Dogs grabbed me from the prologue. . . the point where your heart starts beating a little faster in anticipation. And the text excellently fulfills the prologue’s promise.
~Back Porchervations

About the Book

Six Dogs ’til Sunday (A Mae December Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
6th in Series
Setting – Tennessee
Camel Press
Paperback Release (March 1, 2018)
Digital Release (February 15, 2018)
Paperback: 256 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1603812504
Digital ASIN: B077KFFH52
It’s January in Rosedale, Tennessee, and Mae December is preparing for her March wedding to Sheriff Ben Bradley. Mae, who boards dogs for a living, is also busy tending to her pregnant dog and scouting locations for the movie featuring the music of her former fiancĂ© Noah West, who died in a car accident four years earlier. Fortunately, the picturesque old house at the end of Little Chapel Road is for rent.
Just as filming is about to begin, a man is shot on the set, but manages to drive himself to the hospital, where he dies before he can ID his killer. He was a member of the film crew, but also a local, and circumstances point to his being a confidential informant for Ben’s predecessor, Sheriff Trey Cantrell, also the owner of the house turned movie set. At the time of the shooting, the victim had been stealing a large sum of money from a safe on the premises. Whose money is it, and where does it come from?
The Rosedale Sheriff’s Office not only has another murder case on its hands, but one that will dredge up a past long buried. How far will the guilty parties go to protect their secrets?

About the Authors

Lia Farrell is the nom de plume for a mother/daughter duo of writers. Mom Lyn Farquhar and Daughter Lisa Fitzsimmons have been collaborating on the Mae December mystery series for four years.
Lyn Farquhar taught herself to read before starting school and honed her storytelling abilities by reading to her little sister. Ultimately, her mother ended the reading sessions because Lyn’s sister decided she preferred being read to over learning to read herself. She fell in love with library books at the age of six when a Bookmobile came to her one-room rural elementary school. The day the Bookmobile arrived, Lyn decided she would rather live in the bookmobile than at home and was only ousted following sustained efforts by her teacher and the bookmobile driver.
Lyn graduated from Okemos High School in Michigan and got her college and graduate degrees from Michigan State University. She has a master’s degree in English literature and a Ph.D. in Education, but has always maintained that she remained a student for such a long time only because it gave her an excuse to read. Lyn holds the rank of Professor of Medical Education at Michigan State University and has authored many journal articles, abstracts and research grants. Since her retirement from MSU to become a full-time writer, she has completed a Young Adult Fantasy trilogy called Tales of the Skygrass Kingdom. Volume I from the trilogy is entitled Journey to Maidenstone and is available on Lyn has two daughters and six stepchildren, nine granddaughters and three grandsons. She also has two extremely spoiled Welsh Corgi’s. Her hobby is interior design and she claims she has the equivalent of a master’s degree from watching way too many decorating shows.
Lisa Fitzsimmons grew up in Michigan and was always encouraged to read, write and express herself artistically. She was read aloud to frequently. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, she was seldom seen without a book in hand. After becoming a mom at a young age, she attended Michigan State University in a tri-emphasis program with concentrations in Fine Art, Art History an Interior Design.
Lisa, with her husband and their two children, moved to North Carolina for three exciting years and then on to Tennessee, which she now calls home. She has enjoyed an eighteen-year career as a Muralist and Interior Designer in middle Tennessee but has always been interested in writing. Almost five years ago, Lisa and her mom, Lyn, began working on a writing project inspired by local events. The Mae December Mystery series was born.
Lisa, her husband, and their three dogs currently divide their time between beautiful Northern Michigan in the summertime and middle Tennessee the rest of the year. She and her husband feel very blessed that their “empty nest” in Tennessee is just a short distance from their oldest, who has a beautiful family of her own. Their youngest child has settled in Northern Michigan, close to their cabin there. Life is good.
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Amazon  B&N   Kobo


I enjoyed the story very much and thought the author gave us wonderful characters. What I liked the most about the story was the mystery surrounding the old house. It seemed to be the focal point of the story and it really fascinated me. I could see the house with shutters hanging off and stairs that creak beneath your feet. I could imagine cobwebs climbing down the walls as a lonely guitar was found that had long been forgotten.

Mae is a wonderful character and I was pleased to read of her upcoming marriage to none other than the dashing Sheriff Ben Bradley. I was a bit concerned that she wasn't quite over Noah. As a film crew comes to town to shoot at the old house, things really start shaking up. What is found under the staircase in a closet? Why are so many people interested in the previous sheriff? Ben has proven to be a great replacement as new sheriff but he has his hands full when a murder takes place.  Prior residents of the town start to show up and this makes for a fun adventure of secrets and lies. It's hard to say who is telling the truth as the author delivers incredible character development. 

I can't forget to mention Mae's mother who uses her profession as a reporter to dig into the murder and other shady goings on in the town. I felt sorry for Ben at times when he tries to keep Mae safe and his future mother-in-law from snooping around. This is one book that I really thought was cleverly written with subtle hints of who the guilty person was, but also has some surprises I didn't see comingTthis is the last book in the series and it comes to an ending that will please fans. 

I received a copy of the book from The Great Escape Virtual Book Tours. The review is my own opinion.

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Monday, February 26, 2018


Jo Ellen Baker is shocked to find out that the boy who teased her mercilessly throughout high school, has returned to their hometown of Freedom Lake, and he’s missing a leg. When his mother asks her to renovate their carriage house to give him a place to gain his independence back, she wants to say no. But one look at him brings a rush of forgotten feelings. 
Evan Carter can’t believe he has to return home and live with his parents. Every hope and dream he ever had dissipated in a car crash that cost him his leg. Stuck in a wheelchair, he’s forced to reexamine his relationship with God and the local carpenter, Jo Ellen Baker. 
Will renovating his home open the door for a mended relationship, or are some wounds too deep to heal from?  
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Author bio –
Toni Shiloh is a wife, mom, and Christian fiction writer. Once she understood the powerful saving grace thanks to the love of Christ, she was moved to honor her Savior. She writes to bring Him glory and to learn more about His goodness.
She spends her days hanging out with her husband and their two boys. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and president of the Virginia Chapter.

You can find her on her website at

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There are so many great things about this book I’m not sure where to begin. I think I’ll start with the topic of church. I loved how the author gives us real characters where one is struggling with their faith.  I remember when I was younger I never missed church when the doors were open. It could also have been because my dad was a preacher and I was expected to go. I almost fell out of my chair when JO said “I  don’t want to be another hypocrite. You know the type, they smile and open the door for you, but as soon as it shuts they’re spreading your business quicker than a flea can jump on a dog.” Yes we have all experienced that type of person in a church. What I thought was so eye opening is Evan telling Jo not to be that kind of person.  If we remove that judgmental attitude, we can begin to soak in His presence. I applaud the author for reminding us to go to church with an open heart and not to worry what others are thinking of us.

Jo and Evan were school friends who definitely didn’t get along. Now that Evan has come back to town, he is a changed man. His disability has softened him and I love his humbleness. Will he be able to convince Jo to forgive him for being so mean to her in school? I say  let that grudge go girl and rekindle that friendship. I don’t think things happen by accident and with Jo’s help she can make Evan’s life better by helping him become more independent. Both of them have some pride issues they need to deal with and lurking behind that is the need to forgive.

The book is rich in scripture and a message of hope and having a relationship with God. There were times I wanted to cry when the characters went through heart wrenching trials. I loved how the author surrounded the characters with friends and family that encouraged them. I cherish each moment I spent reading this book because it is realistic and dealt with issues we all may face at some time. The book is a powerful message of forgiveness that I will not forget. One of the best parts of the book for me was when a group came together for bible study. These friends hungered to understand the Bible and the author does an amazing job of having questions we all wonder about answered with grace and scripture. I encourage everyone to grab a copy of this book and read it with the knowledge that there is hope, love and forgiveness for each of us.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.