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Thursday, April 14, 2016

A season To Wed FB cover

 About the Book

a season to wed
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They’ve helped orchestrate the perfect day for countless couples. Now twelve new couples will find themselves in the wedding spotlight in the second Year of Weddings novella collection.
Love at Mistletoe Inn by Cindy Kirk
Sometimes the road to happiness is paved with youthful mistakes.
Ten years after what she thought was her almost-wedding, Hope Prentiss discovers that the ceremony counted—and, as fate would have it, the jilted John Burke has just ridden back into town. After spending some time with John and helping plan a Christmas wedding for a mystery couple, Hope begins to wonder if she really wants a divorce . . . or a real wedding of her own.
A Brush with Love by Rachel Hauck
Revealing the beauty in other women might be Ginger Winters’s specialty—but it will take an unexpected kind of love to help Ginger see the beauty in herself.
Ginger Winters will be the “beauty-maker” for the Alabama society wedding of the decade. But when high-school crush Tom Wells shows up looking for a haircut, Ginger’s thinly veiled insecurities threaten to keep her from love once again . . . despite Tom’s best efforts.
Serving Up a Sweetheart by Cheryl Wyatt
Meadow knows how to serve delicious food to match any wedding theme. But can she accept love when it’s served up on a silver platter?
Meadow Larson is having the mother of all Mondays when her roof caves in during a blizzard, right before the most important wedding contract of her career. Renovation contractor Colin McGrath offers to fix Meadow’s roof, even though he knows he is the last person she would accept help from.
But the more Meadow gets to know the new Colin, the more she realizes God may have something more permanent in store than a new catering kitchen.

About the Authors

Rachel Hauck Bio:
Rachel Hauck is a USA Today Bestselling author. Her book, The Wedding Dress, was named Inspirational Novel of the Year by Romantic Times and was a RITA finalist. Her book Once Upon A Prince was a Christy Award finalist.
Rachel lives in central Florida with her husband and two pets and writes from her ivory tower. Visit her online at, Facebook: rachelhauck, and Twitter: @RachelHauck.
Cindy Kirk Bio:
Cindy Kirk sold her first book in 1999 as a result of a contest win which garnered a critique of the entire manuscript. She’s been writing—and selling—ever since. Cindy has been a Booksellers’ Best Award Winner, a finalist for the National Readers’ Choice Awards and a Publishers Weekly best seller. Cindy has served on the Board of Directors of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) since 2007. In November 2014, she began serving as President of the 10,000+ member organization. She’s a frequent speaker at not only the national RWA conferences, but large regional writing conferences. She has also presented at smaller retreats and conferences across the country. She lives on an acreage in Nebraska with her high school sweetheart husband of too-many-years-to-count and their three “boys” (a shih tzu, a blue heeler and a dorkie). Their daughter lives close by with her wonderful husband and their two little girls. Cindy invites you to check out her Twitter: @CindyKirkAuthor
Cheryl Wyatt Bio:
Cheryl Wyatt writes romance with virtue. She’s a USA Today bestselling author and has earned RT Top Picks, spots #1 and #4 on her debut publisher’s Top 10 Most-Blogged-About-Books list, Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence final, and other awards. Cheryl loves readers! Join her newsletter at Facebook: CherylWyattAuthor Twitter: @cherylwyatt

I love books like this where you get the chance to read different authors.The book was a treat to read and I found each story to be very well written. 

In Love At Mistletoe  Inn by Cindy Kirk we are introduced to Hope and John. They were young and so in love, How many remember your real first love? You didn't think you could live without.  It didn't seem to bother Hope and John that they were young as they said I do that day. After all the papers were never sent off to be legalized. so they walked away thinking it was all just for fun.   Ten years later Hope and John run into each other. What will happen when they discover they are still legally married?  Can this couple find the spark they once had? It is a nice story of forgiveness and finding true love.

A Brush With Love by Rachel Hauck is a moving story about Ginger Winters. As a child she went through a tragic accident that left her with scars both physically and emotionally, So many of us carry those hidden scars which stops us from finding happiness. We begin to hide from the world because we think no one can stand to look at us.   I loved how the author tells a beautiful story of a young woman who discovers that people can  see past scars to the beauty that is inside.  Can emotional scars hold us back from living with confidence. This story will bring tears to your eyes as Ginger tries to reconnect to an old boyfriend. Will she find peace ? 

Serving up a Sweetheart by Cheryl Wyatt is another great addition to this book . Meadow Larson was teased in school and those painful memories still haunt her today. Have you ever been bullied? Can hurtful words ever be forgotten? Meadow's life at home was not much better. Living in an abusive home as a child left many scars for Meadow.,  I found that the author wrote a very touching story and showed readers how words really can hurt you. When Meadow runs into Colin, a classmate from school she is not quite sure she can trust him. Will Meadow find a way to forgive? 

It was a book that I found to have valuable lessons about unconditional love, forgiveness and encouragement. We are reminded that God loves us and  to look past the physical and see the beauty within. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit for an honest review.


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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


This book is a wealth of information to help you eat better, feel better and help your family to make wise decisions when it comes to food. It can be confusing trying to figure out what is good for our bodies . I liked when the author said," You can never go wrong eating foods that God created in a form that is healthy for the body."  While reading through this book I realized I really didn't know what "extra" stuff was being added to my food that I bought at the store.

It is interesting to note that the author has a tremendous knowledge about nutrients, vitamins and other sources that we need. The world has made it so difficult to decider between "good food and bad food." The smartest thing we can do is watch what we eat, make it natural and leave out all the extra stuff that is not healthy for us. How do we do this? We educate ourselves by reading an informative book like this for starters.

Many of us have food allergies and it can sometimes be a struggle to find something to eat. It may not be the actual food we are allergic to, but the added ingredients that are making us sick. One of the topics he touched on was eggs. I was interested in this  because we have our own laying hens. We know exactly what they are being fed and I feel comfortable knowing they are farm fresh right from our own hens. I will have to go back through this book more slowly and really get the full benefits of a very in depth study of foods , water  and plants including herbs that are beneficial to us.

I love farmers markets where there is an abundance of farm fresh everything. The fruits and vegetables are lush and you can smell the freshness bursting through. The author points out that this is a great opportunity to support local farmers while getting healthy foods. Thank you for writing a book that is valuable to everyone who wants to have a healthy body and a healthy planet.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

Monday, April 11, 2016


What would you do if you were accused of a crime that you knew you didn't commit? Would you run as fast as you could, or stay and hope for the best? If you are looking for a fast paced thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, grab a copy of this book. It has everything in it to keep readers up late finishing a story so gripping that you find your heart beating a little faster as you turn each page. The main character, Casey suffers from a traumatic event that happened when she was only 12. She never quite got over it and suffers from PTSD. She is a fiercely competent woman who never backs down. I love her determination and strength. The author has written characters that make you want to scream at them or reach a hand out to help them.

The story really picks up steam when Casey is accused of a heinous crime. She runs without thinking of the consequences. She must prove her innocence at all cost while  also trying to prove corruption in the police department. Casey can't trust anyone and the author gives us a story that is torn from the front page of everyday America .

The other main character in the book , Dylan is a true hero in my eyes. He is assigned a case that will have him looking over his shoulders to see who the bad guys really are.  Dylan also is dealing with PTSD and has to deal with it throughout the story. Dylan is strong willed and his faith never wavers as he has to face the past that haunts him sometimes. I hope you are ready for a roller coaster ride as you read this book. The author has clearly written twists and turns that have you clinging to your chair as you ride through an adventure that is mystery at its top level. The ending is a cliffhanger so fans  of Terri Blackstock will be eagerly anticipating the next installment in this series.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild for an honest review.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


To understand spiritual gifts we must understand that they are not something you use when you are bored. They are to be used in our daily walk. God gives us these gifts to help others, and to work together as a body of Christ.I  like how the author explains that we need to being seeking what gifts He has for us. It is important that the body of Christ use these gifts to operate together .

This is a very in depth study of the Gifts of The Holy Spirit and he does a great job of explaining them in layman's terms. He tells us to take risks and not just sit in a pew waiting for the perfect time to use your gifts. Do we sometimes worry what others might say if we start operating in our gifts? God doesn't want us to be fearful, He wants us to go out and spread His word. The book is a great tool to use for those who are just starting to operate in their gifts. It can also be used for those who are looking for more meaning and a richer understanding of The Holy Spirit. I liked how he broke the book down into sections and guided us through what each gift means and how to operate in them. Not all of us will have received the same gifts like teaching or discernment , but they are to be used together as one body. He raised a great question later in the book that I thought was so much needed an answer. There is not one gift more important than another one. "But the best gift is always going to be the one that is needed at the moment."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.


When you ask a question don't you expect an answer? The problem with unanswered questions that we have about faith, God or Christianity is if we don't get an answer , we may decide it was not important . For  some  it may be that we start to believe false statements and our journey may take a different direction. I loved the authors' candor as he tackled tough questions. When we ask a question to God and don't receive an answer, we think He is not listening or maybe ignoring us. Of course that is not true but in the book he talks about God being silent in our lives for a reason. "God's silence is personal because it can be the agent of our transformation."

I was so enthralled with the statement of "memorial stones" in our lives. We all need to be reminded of times when He was there to help us through a hard time . Do we remember what He did for us? It's nice to remember those times and thank him for protecting us and perhaps growing our faith during those trials. I always remember  people saying when you are in trouble , they  don't hesitate to call out to Him. We also need to call out to Him and thank Him everyday for  all He has done for us.

The chapter on mental illness and suicide was one of the best, most accurate accounts of this national epidemic. How many of us are guilty of letting the "beast' out when someone comes to us with a problem? We go into scripture quoting mode and make the person feel ashamed. The bottom line is  people don't want to be lectured, they want to be loved and accepted. He goes on to say that no where in the bible does it say if you commit suicide that you are going to hell. What a bold statement. I have always been told the complete opposite. This doesn't mean He condones suicide, in fact it is "a poor testimony ."

There are so many great nuggets of revelation in this  book that I feel like shouting from the rooftops. I'm thankful that I was able to read this book with clear eyes and an open heart. I encourage everyone looking for answers to take this book, study it and let the truth set you free. "Christians are not perfect, just forgiven ."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.