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Thursday, September 29, 2016


This was a very intriguing book for me to read. Like the author, my dad was a pastor . I remember growing up thinking and was told that I had to be this perfect little girl and never let anyone see me do anything wrong. It was a lot of pressure but I was so afraid to disappoint God or my parents, that I became a very quiet person. As I grew up and started taking my kids to church , it seemed like things were so different in church . I always remember people saying "Oh yeah, I will pray for you," then walk away. I wondered if they really pray for me during the week and why didn't they just pray for me when I asked?

The author has really opened my eyes to what Christianity truly means and I loved how he related it to stories in his own personal life. I think we can get so caught up in "the religion" that we forget we need to have a relationship with Jesus. I think about how wonderful it would have been  to sit and listen to Jesus tell his story. Can you imagine the impact it would have on you? The author does a great job of making the book relatable and at times a bit funny. It's interesting how we all are given the free will to choose to follow Him, but kinda have our own agendas. The author has written a book that is easy to read, but gives you things to really study and think about. I love to be challenged and I appreciate the openness that the author shared. When you really think about it, isn't the story about Jesus one where we have a relationship with Him? We are His hands and feet and we are to follow Him. The key is to have that personal relationship with Him.

Just like He made each of us unique, He also gave each of us our own story. Some of us have gone through trials but with those trials comes  our testimony, our own unique story to tell. I really enjoy this book and it has helped me see the bigger picture from the beginning. We get so caught up in saying "He died. Now He is risen" that we forget to tell the story from the beginning. We assume people will take what we say and agree , but they walk away confused because we fail to tell the real story , the story of Jesus. He wants to restore His people, give them hope, forgive them and continue the story.

"Christianity is about someone who rescues  you, draws you in, and then never lets go ."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


This has been a joy to read and I hope everyone will take time to read this beautiful story set in  a small town. Maggie is the main character in the story and I instantly fell in love with her. She is caring, loves the Lord and is very family oriented. I did enjoy the beginning of the book when she thought she had an intruder in her home, only to find out it is her grandson . Josh has come to visit his grandmother after being in Germany in the military. He has brought along a buddy that seems to have some problems to deal with. Can Josh help his friend  before it is to late? Why has Josh decided to see his grandmother instead of going home to his parents?

I loved the friends that Maggie had and I especially loved that they called themselves The Three Cord Strands. It is true that with the three of them, their bond was tight and they were ready to help each other out. When one if them faces a great loss, the other two join forces and surround their friend with love and encouragement . Do you have friends like that?

Now on to another of my favorite characters whose name is Charlie. What a wonderful man he is. He sure had a sparkle in his eyes for Maggie. I love reading about older couples and how they find love again. But with every relationship, communication is vital. When Maggie starts to misunderstand a situation, it pulls her and Charlie away from each other. Even as we get older, we can still feel jealous and make silly assumptions. The author did a great job of showing how Maggie prayed a lot and really listened to God's voice. I loved the scriptures that were scattered lovingly throughout story that really captured the emotions so well.  I wanted to move to the town and hang out with Maggie's friends while eating those delicious desserts they had especially the peanut butter ones.

The characters go through some hard decisions, misunderstandings, building relationships and an unforgettable story of second chances. I love rainbows and as you read the story , you will see how important a rainbow can be. I loved its meaning and really added a depth to the emotional story. It's time to set back, relax and take a journey to a town that is rich in love, surprises and an ending that will have you crying and smiling at the same time.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

Monday, September 26, 2016


I am so glad I had the opportunity to read this emotional journey about slavery. Often times we forget how different it was for our ancestors as they were growing up. The story is set in the late 1800s where slaves were common and the life they endured was not always pleasant. The author has done an amazing job of taking readers to a time period and bringing it to life with authenticity. The language was true to that era and made the story so realistic.

Jasmine is a slave who has been bought to be William's bed warmer. She is beautiful, strong and I loved her attitude. I loved the description of her duties which ranged from keeping the fire going in the bedroom to bringing William a drink. The attraction to each other was gradual but so gracefully written I could picture them as they played chess . William is a handsome white  man who has a mother who is quite overbearing. The house William lived in was very grand and the staff was always kept busy. Soon it was apparent that William and Jasmine had fallen in love. Can you imagine the scandal that will bring to the family ?

Jasmine's story is both happy and sad. There was a part in the story where a beating that Jasmine had gotten was so painful to read. I could hear the whip snapping against her back and could see her body jerk as the whip made contact with her skin. The tears fell from my eyes as it reminded me of what Jesus must have felt when he was beaten. It is hard to read how slaves  were treated but the author blends the story with scriptures throughout the book to enhance the characters struggles and show their strong faith.

I don't want to give anything away but I will say the book was  the most riveting emotional  and at at times heartbreaking story about a slave who overcame many trials while continuing her strong faith in Jesus. The color of her skin bothered many, but for William, he saw a beautiful woman whose heart was pure . The story is told through the eyes of someone very dear to her. It has a bit of intrigue, surprises and most of all a woman who found strength in her faith. How often do we feel like giving up when we are going through difficult times?  The story really opened my eyes to the hardship the slaves endured because of the color of their skin. Are we guilty of judging people because they may look different or talk different?

Thank you for writing a story that made me really examine my heart . I loved the part in the story where someone gives their heart to Jesus. It was so captivating to read and filled me with joy. Find yourself a comfortable place to read and be mesmerized by the beauty of a story that will stay with you forever.

"There should never be, any person master over any other human.

I received a digital copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

Sunday, September 25, 2016


When I know that there is a series coming out, I buy  each book and start reading them in order when the last book in the series is completed. That is not the case with this series. As each one was published, I grabbed it up and started reading. Why did I not wait,  you may ask? Well the simple answer is because the author writes such memorable stories that I knew I would never forget the previous book in the series. Her characters are so well crafted and relatable that I feel like they become part of my family. This is the third installment of The Bishops Family series and oh my is it a powerful read.

The story is written with grace and I loved how the author placed stories from the bible that helped us understand what the characters were struggling with. I loved Ruthie because she was so intriguing. She is always available to help anyone and has such a desire to learn new things. She hasn't found the right person to share her life with, but that may change very soon. What happens at the Inn at Eagle Hill  where she Workd that will have  people gossiping?

Patrick Kelly is a young man who has come to the community to learn how to be Amish. Yes that does seem strange to some, but his enthusiasm and dedication proves to people that he is sincere .  His character is very likeable and will face challenges that for some, would make them lose hope. As he studies the culture he does start to have questions for Bishop David Stoltzfus. He knows that Sunday is a day of rest, so why are stores open and people selling their goods on a Sunday? I really liked his hunger for learning the Amish customs and how much he wanted to fit in.

  Bishop David starts to really take a look at his congregation and see that maybe some have forgotten  some of the Amish ways . What happens when several families find wealth ? Will they allow that wealth to overshadow their Amish beliefs? Have you ever found yourself comprising your beliefs ? I loved how the author showed the conflicts the community faced with their new found prosperity and how the Bishop realized that he needed to take a firmer stand. Did he get  so caught up in becoming a newlywed that he forgot about his duties as a Bishop?

I can't forget to mention Luke Schrock. He sure does have a big chip on his shoulders. He is jealous of the budding friendship between Ruthie and Patrick. His anger comes out in hurtful ways and I loved how the author showed his life spinning out of control. His actions cause a lot of pain and anger for Ruthie. Will she be able  to forgive him? Will he get help before it is to late? I loved his character the most because it showed how jealousy can cause destruction in someone's life. I remember the scripture that says, "Pride cometh before a fall," and the author does an amazing job of showing how pride and jealousy can change a person. It was very powerful to read and it brought tears to my eyes to see the pain Luke was in.  Will Luke be able to find his way back to God? Can he swallow his pride and ask for forgiveness ?

The characters in the book draw on their faith and along the way find forgiveness, hope and unconditional love. The book delivers an unforgettable story that reminds us to never give up, follow your dreams and surround yourself with family and God.

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.