Sunday, September 25, 2016


When I know that there is a series coming out, I buy  each book and start reading them in order when the last book in the series is completed. That is not the case with this series. As each one was published, I grabbed it up and started reading. Why did I not wait,  you may ask? Well the simple answer is because the author writes such memorable stories that I knew I would never forget the previous book in the series. Her characters are so well crafted and relatable that I feel like they become part of my family. This is the third installment of The Bishops Family series and oh my is it a powerful read.

The story is written with grace and I loved how the author placed stories from the bible that helped us understand what the characters were struggling with. I loved Ruthie because she was so intriguing. She is always available to help anyone and has such a desire to learn new things. She hasn't found the right person to share her life with, but that may change very soon. What happens at the Inn at Eagle Hill  where she Workd that will have  people gossiping?

Patrick Kelly is a young man who has come to the community to learn how to be Amish. Yes that does seem strange to some, but his enthusiasm and dedication proves to people that he is sincere .  His character is very likeable and will face challenges that for some, would make them lose hope. As he studies the culture he does start to have questions for Bishop David Stoltzfus. He knows that Sunday is a day of rest, so why are stores open and people selling their goods on a Sunday? I really liked his hunger for learning the Amish customs and how much he wanted to fit in.

  Bishop David starts to really take a look at his congregation and see that maybe some have forgotten  some of the Amish ways . What happens when several families find wealth ? Will they allow that wealth to overshadow their Amish beliefs? Have you ever found yourself comprising your beliefs ? I loved how the author showed the conflicts the community faced with their new found prosperity and how the Bishop realized that he needed to take a firmer stand. Did he get  so caught up in becoming a newlywed that he forgot about his duties as a Bishop?

I can't forget to mention Luke Schrock. He sure does have a big chip on his shoulders. He is jealous of the budding friendship between Ruthie and Patrick. His anger comes out in hurtful ways and I loved how the author showed his life spinning out of control. His actions cause a lot of pain and anger for Ruthie. Will she be able  to forgive him? Will he get help before it is to late? I loved his character the most because it showed how jealousy can cause destruction in someone's life. I remember the scripture that says, "Pride cometh before a fall," and the author does an amazing job of showing how pride and jealousy can change a person. It was very powerful to read and it brought tears to my eyes to see the pain Luke was in.  Will Luke be able to find his way back to God? Can he swallow his pride and ask for forgiveness ?

The characters in the book draw on their faith and along the way find forgiveness, hope and unconditional love. The book delivers an unforgettable story that reminds us to never give up, follow your dreams and surround yourself with family and God.

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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