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Saturday, April 16, 2022


I have read many books from this author, but in my opinion this is her best one . In this new series the authors delivers a powerful look at friendship, forgiveness and how God works in our lives. I settled in to read a few chapters and found myself reading until I finished the book. The story captivated me by the friendship that formed between two Amish people and an English woman. 

In the story we meet  Yvonne who has been sent on a mission to purchase a very rare book from Jake. She is so sure she can close the deal that her confidence is overflowing. Now isn’t it funny how God will find a way to teach us a lesson in the things that we are struggling with. Yvonne has a lot at stake to purchase this book but she doesn’t know that Jake can not be persuaded in any way.

Meeting  Jake was a joy because he is very humble and his faith is strong. I enjoyed reading  about the bookstore he inherited and how much it means to him to keep everything the same. Now if he could just keep that pesky woman from Texas to stop bothering him about a very special book, his life would be simpler. I admire that he was determined to keep his promise to his grandfather and no amount of money would convince him to sale. As an Amish he lives a simple life and his word is everything. The book intrigued me and I wanted to know who wrote it and why it was never to be sold. 

Now for my favorite character who happens to be Eva. There is something special about her with her sweet smile, and a way about her that makes everyone feel at ease. She works hard at the bookstore with Jake and everyone knows that she has feelings for him. Well everyone except Jake. There are some fun moments between the two which made me smile as they dance around their feelings for each other. When Yvonne shows up at the bookstore, Eva feels a tinge of jealousy. She knows that God doesn’t want her to be jealous but her insecurity whispers  untruths to her. 

I loved how the author brought these three people together in a  story where a woman who doubts God finds answers that help her through a very difficult situation.  It was so nice to see a relationship develop between two very special people who rely on God to direct their path.

 I can’t overlook a very emotional scene with Yvonne. This part of the story made me cry as I didn’t expect what happened. The author does an excellent job of bringing Yvonne from great heartache to a place where God could heal her heart. Eva and Jake reach out to Yvonne to comfort her which makes her realize that their friendship has changed her in many ways. Grief is hard and it has no time limit. Yvonne turns to her friends for support and finds not only compassion but God’s unconditional love. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and the author. The review is my own opinion.


The Marquis's Pursuit

About the Book

Book: The Marquis’s Pursuit

Author: Lorri Dudley

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release date: April 12, 2022

The Marquis's Pursuit (1)She’s desperate to keep her secret hidden, but he’s a determined Marquis.

As the son of a duke, Maxwell Oliver Weld, Marquis of Daventry, is allowed entry into the finest of London’s ballrooms, access to political figures, and advice from the best physicians. Yet, his wealth and contacts won’t heal his friend, Charlie, who’s dying from consumption. Hopeful for a miracle, Max persuades Charlie to sail across the Atlantic to stay in the Artesian Hotel on the island of Nevis and bathe in its famous healing springs. Max’s optimism is washed in doubt as the truth unravels about the hotel, its hot springs, and the beautiful caretaker.

The blaze of Evelyn Mairi Sheraton’s fiery side has long since been snuffed out. Hunted by a vengeful man from her past, only fortitude and the island’s sanctuary have kept Evelyn alive. She will do whatever it takes to keep her precious secret safe, even work for the demeaning Artesian Hotel owner, Edward Rousseau. However, when a jaunty marquis and his ailing friend arrive, sparks ignite, but Evelyn fears the revealing of her secrets will burn her to ash.

The elusive Evelyn may tend to Charlie’s well-being, but she stirs Max’s protective nature. He’d like nothing more than to remove her from the wretched employment of Edward Rousseau, yet that might endanger Charlie’s health even more. Refusing to give up on a miracle, Max waters her guarded heart, certain beauty will rise out of ashes. But when her secrets come to life, will love be worth the price?


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About the Author

LorriDudleyProfilePicLorri Dudley has been a finalist in numerous writing contests and has a master’s degree in Psychology. She lives in Ashland, Massachusetts with her husband and three teenage sons, where writing romance allows her an escape from her testosterone filled household. Find her online at


More from Lorri

Some characters whisper to an author from the recesses of their imagination. For me, Maxell Weld, the Marquis of Daventry, commanded to have his story told. Max appears in my first book, The Duke’s Refuge, as a sure-of-himself, fixated-on-fishing, eight-year-old son of the island schoolmaster who happened to be a Duke in hiding. Now Max is grown, and although he still holds the same quirky characteristics of his youth, he bears the weight of being a marquis and the responsibility of adulthood.

The duty to care for and protect those he loves prompts Max to return to the Leeward Islands to save his closest mate, Charlie. He’s confident that God, with a bit of help from the famous healing springs in Nevis, will save Max’s life. However, Charlie has his own plans to unite the caring but secretive hotel caretaker, Evelyn Sheraton, with his buddy Max.

In the middle of writing, The Marquis’s Pursuit, my cousin passed away suddenly. He was newly married, in his early thirties, and in the process of renovating a house when he became sick. He started losing weight, and before doctors could figure out what was wrong, he went into organ failure and died. My heart still aches for those he left behind, especially his wife and my aunt and uncle.

As I wrote, the lines between fiction and reality blurred, and it’s hard to believe my tears didn’t fry out my laptop as I typed. But I’m grateful for how God used Max’s journey to help me to process why bad things happen, and how ultimately, God has a bigger plan that, at times, we can’t see or fathom.

God doesn’t always work in straight lines. Sometimes we must battle problems and issues to touch as many people as possible on our journey toward heaven. Stories, especially romances in my opinion, broaden our understanding of how those we love comfort and carry us through illness, pain, and sorrow.  Max and Evelyn reminded me to stay anchored to those we love, lean on each other’s faith, and most importantly, that love conquers all.

To learn more, check out my website at, or watch The Marquis’s Pursuitbook trailer by clicking here: The Marquis’s Pursuit Trailer.


This is one of those books  that sweeps you in as you become part of the story. I immediately loved Evelyn and her strong will to survive. What she has endured has cost her the ability to trust. To think that a man would be so cruel to her is heartbreaking. Evelyn hides a secret that makes her weary of any stranger that comes to the hotel she works at. The author lets readers feel her fear as she daily guards was is most precious to her.

Max has come to the hotel with his dear friend Charlie seeking help. His friend is very ill and in need of a physician. To his surprise the doctor who he requested to meet him has not arrived. I know Max was disappointed in this news but God had provided just the right person to help. Evelyn steps up to care for Charlie and shows Max  that she is equipped to handle the situation. Even though Max was a little skeptical he allowed Evelyn to take over the care for  his friend.  What I liked about Max was that he may be a marquis, but he never thought he was better than others. In fact his heart is filled with wanting to help others. He is humble but lingers with a past that he can’t forgive himself for. 

My favorite character was Charlie. That man was such an inspiration. He knows that he is quite ill but believes he is there not to be healed but to be used to help lead someone to God. I loved his faith that was unwavering and how he emphasized how important it is to forgive. With his guidance he led Evelyn to a place in her heart where Jesus could enter. His kindness toward Evelyn allowed her to learn to trust and find hope. With Charlie’s help he showed Max that it was time to forgive himself for something in his past he had no control over. 

The review wouldn’t be complete with mentioning Rousseau. He is not a man you can easily like but he did take in Evelyn and protect her from a man who wants to cause her harm. Rousseau is at times a greedy person and doesn’t always treat Evelyn with respect.  As the story progresses we begin to see another side of him that most don’t know. He has been known to mistreat certain people and Max has a problem believing the man has changed. 

The author delivers a story that has a bit of danger and secrets that keep people from trusting.  I especially loved how strong the many lessons scattered throughout the book were. Our past is just that. We are forgiven and can begin a new life when we give ourselves to Him. Forgiveness is for everyone and is given with grace. The characters in the story experience their own Jesus time where emotions run deep with hope and a new beginning. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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Friday, April 15, 2022


Recreated for Faith

About the Book

Book: Re-Created for Faith

Author: Ashley K. Adams

Genre: Christian Nonfiction: Inspirational

Release date: October 25, 2021

Cover_Re-Created For FaithIn the face of impossible odds, Ashley Adams considered no other option but to rank up in faith, pairing with God on the invisible battlefield over her baby boy’s life.

Re-Created for Faith is the story of Carston Ford Adams and how the spiritual and physical world collided for his existence. When all the voices were crying out “death,” his mother believed for more. There had to be a purpose for these obstacles in her son’s life, but what? How could Ashley triumph over what was sealed for his fate? She was about to find out.

Through intense devotion to God’s word and prayer every day, God gave Ashley a fresh faith and supernatural strength to relentlessly pursue saving Carston’s life. This fight was not merely material but spiritual, a battle between forces of life and death. The hospital room became her training ground of righteousness as God taught her how to use the weapons He has given every believer to fight an enemy only interested in our destruction. Refusing to give up, Ashley experienced many breakthroughs-signs, visions, and answers for some of the biggest decisions she would ever have to make. Miracle after miracle pointed directly to the only One who could truly heal, which may have baffled the experts but spurred her on to keep fighting.

Re-Created for Faith shows what is possible when one mother refuses to back down to the enemy and how to anchor these strategies in everyday life to advance in our battles. When we go beyond belief to action, believing God for a victory regardless of the visible, miracles really do occur, and God’s glory is revealed…big time.

“For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” (2 Corinthians 10:3-4)


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About the Author

image0Ashley Adams is an inspirational writer, who actively journals God’s voice and direction He has for her every day. Re-Created for Faith is the birthplace of her ministry. She blindly trusts in God for the next big steps to expand the Kingdom, faithfully using her social media platforms to encourage people through real-life heartache and God’s plan for it. Ashley lives to see souls saved, serving as a board member and director at Scioto Youth Camp: Reaching Kids for Christ, along with hosting Bible studies in her home for women of the community.

Ashley and her husband, Justin, now have four children, including their newest baby boy. They recently made a big move out of town and into the country. They now reside on what used to be her great-grandfather’s farm of over one hundred acres and are building a new home, excited for what the future holds. Ashley is determined to obey the Lord as He guides, raising tiny disciples through her homeschooling and pressing in on aspirations to adopt more children. Ashley’s faith has been tried by fire, yet she experiences God’s blessings ten-fold.

To read original posts from Carston’s battle, search #prayersforcartson on Facebook. For current updates and encouragement through life, follow Ashley on Facebook and Instagram @ashleyadams4faith.


More from Ashley

This mission from God all stemmed from one simple prayer and the greatest thirst for Him that could not be quenched. “God, use me!” I prayed day after day, not knowing that God’s plan begun the moment I first uttered those words. Nine months later, He literally delivered what was the most precious and greatest challenge of my faith. In the midst of fighting for my son’s life, I didn’t have much of a choice but to record every detail of battle and victory. This story wasn’t an idea; it didn’t stem from a dream. God chose this assignment for me, a journey much bigger than I would have ever chosen for myself, and so in obedience to His command, I wrote. A simple prayer and a battlefield became my pencil and paper as I revealed the power of God and miracles He still performs today. When you crack open my book, I dare you to make a stronger commitment to Christ and rank up in faith as you relive the battle with me, learning my lessons along the way to receive the crown of victory.


What a powerful test of faith this book is. When all medical  tests point to hopelessness, God was working a miracle in a tiny unborn baby. Also going on was the transformation of trust and awakening in a woman’s spirit to fight for her child. Although the book at times made me cry I felt the author’s  cries of hope when everyone around her were giving up. 

The options given to  Ashley and her husband for their baby were heart wrenching. They were in a fight to save their baby even though doctors were not convinced that baby Carston would survive. It is hard to read all the trials this family went through. It felt like a rollercoaster for them as one day Carston was doing well, then within minutes everything changed. I loved how the author uses her testimony to share scriptures and challenge us in our own faith. 

I remember rushing my youngest son by ambulance when he was only eighteen months old. He was having seizures and no one could find an answer as to why. Day after day in the ICU with him brought me to my knees. Much like the author I surrendered everything and put my complete trust in God. As the days went on they finally came back with an answer. He had come in with bites  on his arms and legs. It was determined that he was allergic to misquotes which caused his reaction to be seizures. I would have loved to have had this book during those moments in the hospital. The author is encouraging and with these words, “God has no limits and is always on time, knowing just what we need to carry on.”  I realized how much I needed to hear those words. 

We all go through trials and while some of us find  courage to fight others give up. The author allowed God to help her in this spiritual battle and showed her that He was there with her family as they prayed for wisdom. The book is not only a test of faith but “to go deeper with God.” 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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Thursday, April 14, 2022


Holiday Cozy Mystery Series is a spin-off of Tonya Kappes's popular A Camper and Criminals Cozy Mystery Series! You do not want to miss Violet Rhinehammer's journey and some appearances from our beloved Laundry Club Ladies and favorite characters from A Camper and Criminals Cozy Mystery crossover series!

Smiling eyes aren't shining upon Violet Rhinehammer!

Violet Rhinehammer finally got the big break she’s been waiting for. She got the interview of a lifetime and it is only a plane ride away.

Things take a twisty turn after Violet discovers a dead body in the airplane’s bathroom. With a forced emergency landing she finds herself stranded in the tiny seaside mountain Village of Holiday Junction.

Holiday Junction loves all things holiday and currently the town is painted green for their annual Shamrock Festival. Unfortunately the NTSB has grounded any flights in or out of Holiday Junction until the crime scene is wrapped up, leaving Violet scrambling to get to her interview.

Violet takes on the investigation and enlists the help of some of the locals, new friends, and a cute security guard to help her solve the mystery.

Join Violet, Cherise, Rhett, and a lineup of new as well as familiar characters from A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery Series, as they try to catch a killer and get Violet to her dream job.

About Tonya Kappes

Southern Hospitality with a Smidgen of Homicide

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Tonya Kappes has written more than 175 southern cozy mysteries, all of which have graced numerous bestseller lists, including USA Today and Woman's World Book Club pick twice . Best known for stories charged with southern charm, emotion and humor and filled with flawed characters, her novels have garnered reader praise and glowing critical reviews. She lives with her husband in northern Kentucky. Now that her four boys have flown out of the nest, Tonya writes full-time in her camper! 

You can find her all over social media and at 

For weekly updates and contests, sign up for Tonya's newsletter Kappes Krew Weekly via her website or Facebook.


I have  been anticipating this new series and let me tell you it will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Now let me begin by telling you that Violet didn’t intend to visit Holiday Junction but a turn of events finds her stuck in the town during a St Patrick’s  Day celebration. I loved her adventure on the plane where she was lucky enough to be seated next to a proud grandma. She talked so much I thought Violet would through herself out of the plane to get away from her. 

  Violet’s brilliant idea to go to the bathroom to get away from chatty granny ended up by her  being the lucky  winner of finding  a dead body. Maybe this will be her big break into getting a spit on the big news station where is she suppose to go interview at. I laughed so hard as Violet is desperately trying to do a news bulletin on her phone not knowing she looked like someone from a horror movie. So much for her perfect hair and makeup. 

Violet is now stuck in this quaint little town while the local police investigate the murder. Talk about crazy town well that is where Violet is right now. Wait till you find out who the mayor is. What in the world is wrong with this town anyway? With a collection of fun characters like Rhett and Fern, Violet is in for the adventure of her life trying to solve murders that keep occurring. I have to say the town sounds fun. Who wouldn’t want to be in a town or village as they call it where the holidays are over the top fun? 

The author has created a new series that has everything from parades, a questionable mayor to murders. With Violet on the job as the snoopy news reporter there are plenty of laughs as she unravels the mystery in this town where holidays are shared by all. 

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.


Wednesday, April 13, 2022


Able Soul (1)

About the Book

Book: Able Soul

Author: Lucy Goncalves

Genre: Christian Inspirational Devotional

Release date: April 27, 2019

Front CoverNo stranger to adversity, Lucy Goncalves was deprived of oxygen at birth. She has lived her entire life with cerebral palsy, and the daily challenges she must face as a result.

In her award-winning debut book Able Soul: Empowering God’s Spirit Within, she explores the ground-breaking lessons garnered from embracing her struggles rather than giving up on God because of them. On the backdrop of personal stories from her life, along with related scriptures and prayers, you will find proof that the Holy Spirit is always accessible. God works with you in the midst of all your challenges.

By inviting God’s spirit in daily, Lucy has received tangible communications from God. She shares how the power of these soul-lifting reflections will lead you out of the darkness and steadfast toward pure contentment.


Click here to get your copy!


About the Author

LUCY2021FINALS-12Author, Advocate, Adventure Sport Enthusiast, Able Soul

Lucy Goncalves began her writing career by penning a sought-after blog, ‘Able Soul’ where she shares her life experiences of living with a disability, and in the midst of it found hope, faith, and the greatest love of all.  Due to a lack of oxygen at birth, Lucy acquired Cerebral Palsy.  She uses a powerchair for mobility, wrestling with chronic muscle spasms, and has a speech impediment, yet has fought through these obstacles to tell her story. She is the epitome of overcoming adversity.

Lucy is the daughter of Portuguese Canadian immigrants from Northern Portugal. She was raised in Kitimat, British Columbia and has been living independently in North Vancouver for the past few decades. She obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration and has chaired several nonprofit boards, including the InterFit Society, an organization that exists to remove barriers for people with disabilities to access outdoor recreational adventures.

Anyone who has met Lucy Goncalves can attest to her radiant personality, intellect, quick wit, sense of adventure and to the depth of her character. In her book, she shares candid reflections of her life living with a disability, the abuse she encountered, and the freedom she found with God. She hopes that you too will discover your own Able Soul story.


More from Lucy

Before writing the book, I felt a bit lost and frustrated, not having my voice completely heard. I felt that I had a lot to offer especially in regards to my faith. As a person with a disability, sometimes it’s difficult to be taken seriously, as an equal. Through prayer I began to write and started a blog. With positive feedback from readers, I gained confidence in my writing ability which led to the book.


I loved reading the intro where we are greeted by the author. I’m so impressed by her outlook on life and all the things she has accomplished. She says she has a disability but it has never stopped her from doing anything. I can learn a lot from her joy and adventurous spirit. This is one devotional that penetrated my heart with truth, encouragement and God’s love.

Each chapter has a topic that the author uses as a tool in her everyday life. Prayer is very important and having her explain that prayer is like oxygen that  helps us to take a deep breath of the Holy Spirit is inspiring. It is refreshing and brings new vision to us as we allow God to direct our path. The second chapter was the one I liked the most. It talks about hiding from people or God when we are ashamed of our actions or appearance. I love how she laughs at herself and still finds words to encourage us. We can build up walls around us which prevents us from hearing  from God. Let’s tear those walls down and open our heart to the Word of God. 

With each chapter there is a prayer that  follows as well as scripture. What a well written book that  is organized and really helped me get through some struggles I am having. I can imagine hearing the author speak at a church or conference and feel her compassion for life and God. It is nice to be reminded that “we can do all things through God who strengths us,” (Philippians  4:13]

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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