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Saturday, July 8, 2017


Oh my I have fallen in love with the author's beautiful story that brings City Girl to Green Acres. We all remember that show where the city wife living in luxury  is swept away to a farm . What a culture shock that must  have been. Alyson is in for  her own shock when she decides to take a job teaching a ranchers two children . I loved Alyson so much. Her clumsiness made for very funny mishaps throughout the story. I could imagine the look on her face as she realizes the big mansion she was expecting turned out to be a comfortable ranch with a few things missing.

Quarto is a great character who loves God first. He is happy to finally have a teacher for his children since the last one left so suddenly. As Alyson discovers that there is no electricity in the main house, and they live like pioneers she has doubts of her decision to move there. I loved how the author described the beautiful countryside. I could picture the pasture with horses grazing, the wind blowing slightly and the laughter of children as they played outside.

What I loved the most about this story was how Quarto and his family lived as close to what the Bible said as possible. They didn't need fancy cars, or expensive clothes. They did Bible studies together, shared chores and showed Alyson that following God's word was rewarding. As Quarto and Alyson spend more time together will a relationship develop? Can Alyson get use to living a simple life? I thought the story was well written and loved how a shoe much like Cinderella's could have a huge impact on someone. I loved how faith was very important to the characters and how they learned to respect each other's viewpoints. Overall a wonderful and delightful story that will bring a smile to your face. Be careful as you read the story though; you may find yourself humming the theme song from Green Acres.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

Friday, July 7, 2017


What a fun read this was. I love mail order bride stories and this one was full of adventure in the Old West. It had everything you would expect from the 1880s. I loved how the author made me feel like I was riding in the stagecoach with Abbey. I laughed when she found herself on the way to Laramie to meet her husband to be. She sure had a list of what she wanted in a husband. What was so funny about her list was that  she wanted to marry a man who would make her father mad. Well what else could she do when she is kicked out of her comfortable lifestyle and ordered to find a husband in thirty days?

I loved the lively characters she rode with on her journey. It reminded me of when someone has a crush they want to try and impress that person. Abby is not swayed by their silly antics but it sure made for  some funny moments. It must have been a little scary in those   days to travel by yourself crammed in a stagecoach with men who were less than friendly to each other. I loved how Abby prayed about her situation and trusted God to get her safely to her destination.

 I'm not telling anymore about the book, cause  I don't want to spoil it. I will say that it is a great book about how sometimes the person you are looking for could be right in front of you. It's an easy read packed with a spunky woman  who is determined to obey her father while leaning on God to direct her path.

"Funny how God can put two people together who live in different places."

I received a copy of this book from the author and The BookClub Network. The review is my own opinion.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


There are some books that stay with you long after you have read the last page. This book is one of them. The author has taken me back to the 1930s with words that capture the era with splendid details. I loved the description of the town . It was like a breath of fresh air with the authors vivid details of a small town where you feel instantly at home.

Meg is a wonderful character with grace and determination. Her desire to be a reporter is no secret to anyone. I loved how the author showed that it wasn't easy for a woman to get  a job that was thought of as a man's job. What I really liked about Meg was her faith. She had times  where she wondered if God was listening to her, but she never gave up. I loved how she struggled with trust and it made the story very compelling. I'm sure we have all struggled at times with trusting God.

Jack was a good character and I liked his honesty and his willingness to help out at the newspaper. Circumstances happen to allow Jack to run the local newspaper for awhile. Will he give Meg a chance to write a story to be printed? I loved how Meg shared God with Jack and got him to start going to church. Can Jack open his heart and let God in?

One of my favorite parts of the story was the disagreement Meg and her dad had over her future. I thought the author wrote a powerful storyline about how a father wants the best for his child . The pain and hurt that they both felt was an incredible journey of trusting and unconditional love. It was one of the most emotional times in the story where I cried, because I wanted father and daughter to mend their relationship.

I loved how the author included a bit of a mystery in the story that will affect  several keys characters . What secret is revealed that will change the lives of several people? I loved everything about the book and always look forward to the authors next book . It was one the best books I've read about learning to trust God and restoring relationships.

I received a copy of this book from the author and The BookClub Network. The review is my own opinion.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


When it seems like something bad has happened, God finds a way to make it better. Avery has grown up in a very wealthy family. She has everything she wants and is happy with her life. After a disastrous encounter with the man she was going to marry, she drives off and ends up on the side of the road deep in snow and unconscious. It's not everyday that Gideon finds a stranded woman with a yappy dog but he takes her to his farm. From the moment Avery enters Gideon's life, everything changes.

I loved Gideon so much. He has suffered a devastating loss and has turned his back on God. It seems that no one can reach him and his anger is crushing his soul. I always  love when an author gives some background about the Amish and their beliefs. I didn't know that they don't believe in headstones , only plain crosses and no flowers on the grave.  The author really did a great job of developing both characters and I found myself rooting for them. I felt like I was a visitor watching them have meals together and taking care of the farm. The author writes with clarity  and draws readers into the story with words that help you visualize everything.

As Avery or I should say "Annie" adjusts to her new surroundings she starts to feel at home. Somehow she talks Gideon into letting her stay at the farm. I loved how Annie took to the plain  life and it was just what she needed . The author has weaved two people from different backgrounds into a story that shows how opposites do attract. Gideon has lost his faith but will Annie help him find it again? What will the community think of an outsider staying with Gideon? Don't miss this emotional story of healing, faith, love and forgiveness.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.


I feel like I just time traveled back to the late 1800s in the Wild West. What wonderful writing and vivid details the author gave which helped me visualize Ruby City, Idaho. The town was filled with places like a mercantile, boardinghouse , and a sheriff. The people in the town were funny at times and devious at other times. I could see the dust as horses trotted by and women hurrying to buy meager supplies to feed their families.

Rebecca Rice has traveled to Ruby City to get married. It sure wasn't an easy stagecoach ride when something happens to shake her up. I loved her spunk and trust in the Lord. After  arriving at her destination, a mixup happens and she marries the wrong man. Oh I laughed so hard when this  happened. It takes her a bit to figure out her mistake.  I guess when  you have only corresponded with your  future husband you are bound to misunderstand the name being said as you say I do.

I loved how Rebecca fit in with the townspeople and although she married the wrong man, she still honored her intention to fix her mistake. There is plenty of excitement in the town with an upcoming Fourth of July celebration and did I mention an outlaw gang may visit? I loved both of the gentleman who wanted Rebecca's hand in marriage. Will Rebecca get an annulment and marry the person she came to Ruby City to marry? What happens to the man she mistakenly married? This is a very enjoyable story that made me not want it to end. I was glued to the pages as Rebecca seeks love. Grab your copy of this adventure to the late 1800s where two men wait for their future bride only to find a woman  who will changes many lives.

I received a complementary copy of this book from the author and Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.