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Saturday, July 8, 2017


Oh my I have fallen in love with the author's beautiful story that brings City Girl to Green Acres. We all remember that show where the city wife living in luxury  is swept away to a farm . What a culture shock that must  have been. Alyson is in for  her own shock when she decides to take a job teaching a ranchers two children . I loved Alyson so much. Her clumsiness made for very funny mishaps throughout the story. I could imagine the look on her face as she realizes the big mansion she was expecting turned out to be a comfortable ranch with a few things missing.

Quarto is a great character who loves God first. He is happy to finally have a teacher for his children since the last one left so suddenly. As Alyson discovers that there is no electricity in the main house, and they live like pioneers she has doubts of her decision to move there. I loved how the author described the beautiful countryside. I could picture the pasture with horses grazing, the wind blowing slightly and the laughter of children as they played outside.

What I loved the most about this story was how Quarto and his family lived as close to what the Bible said as possible. They didn't need fancy cars, or expensive clothes. They did Bible studies together, shared chores and showed Alyson that following God's word was rewarding. As Quarto and Alyson spend more time together will a relationship develop? Can Alyson get use to living a simple life? I thought the story was well written and loved how a shoe much like Cinderella's could have a huge impact on someone. I loved how faith was very important to the characters and how they learned to respect each other's viewpoints. Overall a wonderful and delightful story that will bring a smile to your face. Be careful as you read the story though; you may find yourself humming the theme song from Green Acres.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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