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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I love  a book that grabs your attention right from the start. This incredible high charged book starts with the discovery of a dead body on the outskirts of Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas. It is discovered by Stacey who is a veterinarian and volunteer Airport Ranger. I have to say I really liked finding out about the Airport Ranger program. It was described very well and is a much needed addition to airport security.

As Stacey is calling 911 for help what other things are by the man's body? Those two items are at the core of the story. Why was the man killed? Could this have been a foiled domestic terrorist threat? When Agent Alex LeBlanc arrives with his partner to ask Stacey questions, there is definitely a little animosity between the two . Alex is tough as nails and has a hard time trusting people . Stacey is upset that she is even considered a suspect. I loved the gradual attraction between these two. It was not rushed and there certainly were some bumpy roads  between them. The mystery and threat surrounding what was found at the scene is exceptionally written. It had some twists in the story that was quite surprising.

I don't want to forget someone who was very important in this story. Whitt is a young boy who works with Stacey at her clinic. He is intelligent beyond his years, but has a very unsafe  environment to live in. His parents are horrible and Stacey has grown to care for this young man. What will she do to get him out of his dangerous environment? The book  is an edge of your seat non stop action story with characters who are out to harm others, trying to learn who to trust and a plot that could do harm to many. Stacey is at the center of this explosive story as it becomes evident that her life is in danger. Can Alex and the FBI stop the threat before it is to late? Will Whitt every be able to reconcile with his parents?

I loved the details of Houston and knew many areas the author talked about which helped me visualize the destination of the story. I was thrilled to read about Hooks Airport in Tomball, Tx. I know it's location well. I appreciate an author who can write about places that are familiar to some and really bring them to life. I loved the mystery that the FBI had to solve and I learned something about diseases that dogs   can carry that could be harmful to humans. Overall it is a exceptional book with  top notch action, surprises throughout the story and a lesson in faith and forgiveness. Each book the author writes gets more intense, better developed and keeps readers glued to the story. It is a hard book to put down once you start reading it. I suggest you get comfortable and dive into the latest book from a very gifted author.

"Those we love who hurt us shouldn't be despised because then we become imprisoned by the chains of hate."

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Blogger Program for an honest review.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


The story is set in the early 1960s in a small town called Eden Hill, Kentucky. I loved the description of the town as it made me think of Mayberry. People were nice, women went to get their hair done at the local beauty shop and the men loved to go fishing. There was one gas station in town owned by Virgil T. Osgood. He is very hard working and is  diligent about providing for his family. I loved how the author showed the struggle Virgil had with making sure his wife was happy. He didn't realize she was unhappy and when he found out, he really did a great job showing her how important she is to him. Do we sometimes take people for granted?

Sometimes small towns don't stay small and It looks like a new gas station is being built across the street from Virgil's. The gossip in the town has started as a new sign has been place at the land across from the only gas station in town. What gas  company is coming to town? Will it put Virgil out if business? I really liked when a character said this; " give the customer what he desires and he will patronize your establishment."  I especially liked Mavine who is Virgil's wife. She is a stay at home mom. I loved  her sweet character and the way she cared for her family and their needs.

The story has several characters that add a great depth to the community. Who are the couple that has moved in on the land across from Virgil's gas station? Will they be welcomed? It is an  emotional, funny and exciting book. I have to mention the Reverend Eugene Caudill . He is a breath of fresh air and his faith and dedication to the town is very evident. But with most churches there is always that one person who seems to have to point out all the things the Reverend should and should not be doing. Madeline Crutcher tells him, "You must convict the sinner of their sin." His reply is priceless. " Convicting sinners isn't my job. Preaching the gospel and serving the Lord is my job." I wonder how many of us are guilty of telling our pastor what he should be doing? Have we been guilty of judging others?

The story is well written and flows very smoothly. The town is small but they all seem to pull together when someone is in need. There is also an issue going on in town about race. It seems that some people have trouble accepting those with different colored skin. It's funny that in the sixties that was a big problem, yet today we are still no closer to accepting each other. I loved the story and felt like I was right there in the town visiting with neighbors, attending church and enjoying family meals. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great story of small town living with caring neighbors and faith that abounds throughout the town.

"People aren't meant to be fixed; people are meant to be loved."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network and Tyndale Blogger Program for an honest review.