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Saturday, October 26, 2019

What's Next FB Banner

 About the Book

Book: What’s Next
Author: Daniel Ryan Day
Genre: Non-fiction/Christian living/calling & vocation
Release Date: April, 2019
What's NextWhen your future is filled with more questions than answers and you’re asking for clear-cut direction from the Almighty,
Whether you’re looking for your first job, the next step in your education, or a new career path,
What’s Next points you to Scripture where you’ll find assurance. No, you have not somehow missed the divine call on your life. And yes, you can embrace the freedom to confidently

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About the Author

Portrait of Daniel Day specifically made as author photo for promotional purposes
Portrait of Daniel Day specifically made as author photo for promotional purposes

Daniel Ryan Day is cohost of the nationally syndicated radio program Discover the Word, the author of Ten Days Without, and a speaker. He holds a master’s degree in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, and is married to his high school sweetheart, Rebecca. Their family of five lives in North Carolina where Daniel works as a businessman.

More from Daniel

Searching for your next step in life can be exciting yet overwhelming, intriguing yet stressful, adventurous yet painful. “What’s next?” is a question everyone asks and struggles with at some point in his or her life, and many people end up asking this question multiple times. I have a friend who’s 18 and trying to figure out if he should go to college or not. I have another friend who’s 21 and can’t decide what major to choose. I work with some people who are graduating from college and are taking their first step toward a career. I just got off the phone with someone I deeply care about who’s trying to keep his dream afloat while also paying the bills. All of these men and women are asking “What’s next?” All are searching for answers.
For some of us, “What’s next?” is a question of dreams— What could the future look like if I did this or that? There’s an excitement that comes with thinking about all the possibilities and potential. For others, the question is stressful, and the answer may require a major transition, like moving away from family or changing jobs. Thinking about the future carries with it equal parts of angst and anticipation. “What’s next” always ventures into the unknown. If you’re asking “What’s next?”— join the club! You’re not alone.
What’s Next: Your Dream Job, God’s Call and A Life That Sets You Free is a book is for dreamers and practicalists (no, this is not a real word, but it should be). It’s for those who are excited about transition, and those who dread it. It’s a book about the hope and freedom that comes with asking God what He wants for your life, and then hearing His voice through the pages of Scripture as He directs your steps.


This a book that gives you "food for thought" as the saying goes. Everyone of us have thought "What do I do next?" Sometimes we make decisions that didn't turn out well. We want to make a difference in the world while following our dreams. What dream job have you wanted?  I can remember wanting to be a teacher but that dream didn't work out the way I thought. 

One church I attended had people who loved to tell others what God wanted them to do.  I always prayed before I moved forward and there were times I said no to what people thought my ministry was.  Over time it was evident that what was really happening was the church was trying to fill a need in a particular ministry. I appreciated the church wanting to help get me plugged in, but I also knew that God had other plans for me.

The author has good examples from the bible of people who God called but didn't feel equipped. Our doubts can overtake us and cause us to question God.  There is an example in the book about a daughter and father. The father wants her to pursue law while she wants to do photography and graphic design. I bring  this up because something similar happened to my husband. His parents wanted him to go to college and either get a degree in law or business. My husband wanted to pursue his dream of art. When he told his parents of his dream, they refused to pay for him to go to college for art.  So what was next for my husband? He found work doing drafting and on the side he airbrushed murals. His dream of doing art for a living seemed far away. God has used my husband's gift of art to do murals in churches and opened doors to do art work for other people. 

It's easy for us to say I wonder what would have happened if I had done something different? God does have a plan for us and wants us to prosper . He has called each of us for something specific. We need to be still and listen to Him. " God 's calling is not about a specific job but about a specific way of living." 

I really enjoyed the chapter about helping others. The illustration about the man who was left on the side of the road to die and a good Samaritan came and took him to the hospital is a great example of helping others. Have you walked by someone in need? God tells us to love each other and be the hands and feet of God. While we are waiting for "what' s next" we should be looking for ways to help others.  The good news is that God knows what's next for us; we just need to have faith and wait on Him to direct our path.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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To celebrate his tour, Daniel is giving away the grand prize of a copy of the book and a $25 Amazon gift card!!
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Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Painted Castle FB Banner

 About the Book

Book: The Painted Castle
Author: Kristy Cambron
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: October 15, 2019
cover Painted CastleBestselling author Kristy Cambron concludes the Lost Castle novels with this sweeping tale of art and secrets long buried in England.
It was supposed to be a one-week job: survey an art find, collect a hefty fee, and use that to settle historian Kiera Foley’s life back into balance. But from the moment she sets foot in the East Suffolk countryside, the mysteries surrounding the old English manor and the enigmatic art thief who’s employed her stir more questions than answers. Then, Kiera finds the existence of a portrait captivating enough to upend all of her expectations. This one could be a twin-a painting so close in composition to a known masterpiece, it may be rendered priceless if it truly captured the likeness of a young Queen named Victoria.
Set in three time periods-the rapid change of Victorian England, the tumultuous skies over England’s eastern shores in WWII, and modern day-The Painted Castle unfolds a legacy of faith, family, and stories that are generations in the making.

Click here to grab your copy.

About the Author

Cambron headshotKRISTY CAMBRON is an award-winning author of historical fiction, including her bestselling debut The Butterfly and the Violin, and an author of Bible studies, including the Verse Mapping series. She’s a Women’s Ministry Leader at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, and a passionate storyteller who travels to speak at events across the country, encouraging women to experience a deeper life in the Word through verse mapping. Her work has been named to Publishers Weekly Religion & Spirituality TOP 10Library Journal Reviews’ Best BooksRT Reviewers’ Choice Awards, and received 2015 & 2017 INSPY Award nominations. Kristy holds a degree in Art History/Research Writing, and has 15 years of experience in education and leadership development for a Fortune-100 Corporation, working with such companies as the Disney Institute, IBM/Kenexa, and Gallup. She lives in Indiana with her husband and three sons, and can probably be bribed with a coconut mocha latte and a good read.

More from Kristy

About The Painted Castle
A war-torn estate holding its secrets close. A lost library bricked off from the world. And a portrait-maker’s unknown masterpiece of a Queen named Victoria… What stories do they long to tell?
It was supposed to be a one-week snatch-and-grab: survey an art find, collect a hefty fee, and use that to settle historian Kiera Foley’s life back into balance. But from the moment she sets foot in the East Suffolk countryside, the mystery of an old English manor, a crumbling beekeeper’s cottage, and a library that had long ago been sealed off brick by brick, all stir more questions than answers. What begins as a novice assignment instead peels back layers, lulling Keira into the depths of the estate’s long-forgotten history.
Despite questions swirling around the enigmatic, rumored art thief who’s employed her, Keira finds the existence of a portrait captivating enough to upend all of her expectations. This one could be a twin—a painting so close in composition to a known masterpiece, it may be rendered priceless if it truly captured the likeness of a young Queen named Victoria…
1842— In order to salvage what’s left of her family’s shaky circumstances, artist Elizabeth Meade knows her duty must be to marry well. But she hopes looks can be deceiving enough to hide her true motives behind a congenial smile and gain entry into the ballrooms of England’s noble elite. Instead of husband-hunting, Elizabeth searches for the one thing that’s seared to her memory—the eyes of her father’s killer, whom she unwittingly sketched one snowy night in Piccadilly ten years before. She never expects to find answers tucked away in the countryside at Parham Hill, in the form of a portrait-maker who could help her artist dreams come true, if only she could forget the highwayman she’s hunted for the last decade—the estate-owner who unwittingly selects her as his betrothed…
1942—When the 390th Bomb Group arrives at Amelia Woods’ Parham Hill Estate, the American flyboys bring playing cards, B-17 “flying fortresses”, and enough bravado to believe they can triumph over Hitler just by staring him down. Amelia isn’t certain, and she’s unwilling to compromise the safety and security in a carefully-crafted world she’s built for the dozens of London-evacuated children left in her charge. But with Anderson shelters buried in the gardens and an Allied airfield a stone’s throw away, Amelia may have no choice but to wait out the war under blackouts and bombs, and accept help from the captain who offers it—even if it means risking all she has left of her late husband’s memory…
From the streets of Piccadilly and the lavish halls of Buckingham Palace to the countryside surrounding Framlingham Castle, a warn-torn estate, a hidden library, and the lost portrait of a queen come together to write the final chapter in the Lost Castle series. Set in three time periods—the rapid change of Victorian England, the tumultuous skies over England’s eastern shores in WWII, and modern day—The Painted Castle unfolds a legacy of faith and the family we fight for, of risk and reward, and the artful crafting of a story that can be generations in the making… yet still change everything about a single life.


This story is an enchanting journey through three different time periods. I love these kind of time slip stories where we travel to faraway places. I love the historical concept of the story and especially the  art world.  I enjoy going to Art museums and gazing at the breathtaking displays of perfection. 

It amazes me how an author can write a story of three different eras and weave them seamlessly into a best seller. The vivid descriptions of the destinations were easy to understand and made me want to learn more about them. Each woman in the story plays a part in connecting the dots and making the story mesmerizing. It is hard to say which character I liked more because each one had qualities that intrigues me. 

Elizabeth was very gifted and I liked the mystery surrounding her father's death. Will she be able to identify him and bring him to justice? To witness such a tragedy must have left scars in Elizabeth's life and I liked how she never gave up. 

Keira was a person I admired. I loved her keen eye for the arts and how precise she was in determining a fake. It must take a lot of studying and attention to detail for someone to be an expert. Her story had mystery and surprises and takes us to the very depth of the art world.

Amelia was a very caring person who opened her home for children who have been displaced. I did laugh when she is invaded by soldiers who take up residence at her home as well. It is a full house and leads to a story rich in history and trust.

Throughout each story in this book we can find one common thread.  I won't say what it is because you the reader will have an adventure as you travel throughout history and see how gifted the author is in writing emotional, historical and memorable characters.  I love how the author uses her research to make the story more realistic and give us a book that flows with ease. This is the last in the series and I think the best. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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Overcome Depression FB Banner

About the Book

Book: Overcome Depression
Author: Margaret Lalich
Genre: Non-fiction/self-help/Christian growth
Release Date: March 22, 2019
Front BLUBREAKTHROUGH SCIENCE SHINES NEW LIGHT ON HOLY SCRIPTURES. “…pulls back the curtain to clearly & simply reveal how our mind works… A fun and eye-opening book” Karl Benzio, M.D., Medical Director: Honey Lake Clinic & Lighthouse Network.
This faith-based, reader friendly guide offers more than 100 self-help strategies and recovery skills for coping with depression. Brain Science and evidence based therapeutic practices offer hands-on, practical tools for immediate use.
“Amazing book! I have read so many books on depression and this is the only one that has truly helped me.”—Wendy Freeman, California
“…an amazing book on overcoming depression… deep, and yet understandable… a very practical and encouraging book about a very dark subject.”—Bill Walden, Pastor Cornerstone Ministries, Ca.

About the Author

margaret lalichMargaret Lalich is a believer, a lover (family, friends and others), a relentless optimist, and a Certified Laughter Leader. Before becoming a college freshman (in her 30’s), she chose a teen marriage over graduation.  Later adventures, and mid-life corrections, led to completion of her M.S. and M.A. degrees and a 31-year career as a clinician and teacher, within mental health.
Laughter and tears are both found in experience. Tears can wash away emotional rubble, and laughter can be a ‘bungee-cord’ safety-life-line. If we fall into a pit of despair, laughter helps us rebound and boosts our climb. Margaret loves to share it.
Margaret is a mom, Grandma, and Great-Grandma who writes stories and non-fiction – highlighting experience, science, strategies, and hope. She wants to connect with readers — helping them find (and use) their gifts, and to live their own definition of ‘success’ – to the Glory of God.

More from Margaret

I have been asked WHY I wanted to write this book.  It’s because I ache for believers who suffer the pain of depression – and then add guilt, embarrassment, loss of hope, or helplessness to it. I want them to know they are heroes – not zeroes (no matter how they’re feeling). I want to share strategies, encouragement and the sheer excitement of scientific discovery that proves we have more power than we may have imagined, to help us climb out of the ‘pit’.
Yes, I am a bit of a cheerleader, and at times a clown – but I’m also a researcher and a clinician who has shared the wonder of such discoveries with more than a thousand patients. I have also been asked how long it took to finish this book. Not too long … just 31 years to learn and live it – and 3 years to research and write it.  Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 1.
First Things First:  Christians and Depression
“ For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  2 Timothy 1:7
Church is not a museum for perfect saints — it’s a first aid station for sinners who keep trying. I can’t recall the name of the pastor, who delivered that line, but his message resonated with me then and it still does today. I want to contribute to First-Aid supplies
God says He is for us, and we are loved. We can trust, and we must believe His Word. But, it can be hard to reconcile faith with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. If you have struggled with this – you’re not alone. Right from the start, you need to know you are loved. We’re in this together.

Doubts and fears can seed questions such as:
“What’s happening?”
“Now what?”
If you ask these questions, be assured God hears the cry of your heart. By His grace, we will explore answers together. Yes, there are answers. Yes, there is hope and help that you can use – right where you are, starting now.
…Blame is a distraction. We cast blame on ourselves with hurtful thinking when we think or say things like: “If I had enough faith this wouldn’t happen.” Or, “ I should be stronger …  blah, blah, blah.”  Don’t surrender to this way of thinking.

There has been a revolution in the study of the brain (neuroscience). We’ve started to understand brain-works, and can now answer the first of our opening questions: “What’s happening?” With today’s technology and new imaging systems we can see the brain in action as thoughts, and new learning, form physical links, creating neural patterns and pathways within the brain.
The glory of God is revealed as we discover more of His divine design, and watch new scientific findings align with the old wisdom of God’s word for mankind.  Proverbs 23:7 says: “For as he thinks in his heart, so he is.” We have learned that what we think helps to form who, and what we are. We can use this knowledge to build recovery skills.


One of the first things that caught my attention was this statement from the author; " One of the first things we must do is to get rid of judgment."  I know first hand what it is like to feel inadequate, shunned and forgotten as I deal with PTSD everyday. Yes I suffer from depression and anxiety. I started reading this book with a guarded heart. There have been a lot of books recently about depression and some have not been exactly helpful.

I didn't care much for the chapters that goes into detail about the brain and neurons, etc. That for me was not helpful but I am not really a science kind of person. I'm  sure there are helpful subjects in the chapters but I wanted to get to where I could find useful tools to help me. I did like the idea of a journal. I am a huge fan of journals and always have one handy. As I read the book, I jotted down my thoughts and some very useful statements that I will go back and re read. 

I have to say that I became so focused on the book as the author delved into what depression is and is not with relief. Finally someone has said that depression is not a sin. Taking medication for some is okay and should not be looked at as weakness. The author makes a valid point about taking medication for diabetes or other illnesses.  Mental illness is treated differently in each person. Some can change their diet and exercise, while others need help through medication.  

The book is filled with helpful information which I needed to read. I  liked how the different treatments were explained and how therapy groups can be helpful for some.  Each chapter has scriptures and exercises to do at the end that focus on getting healthy. At the end of the book, I took a deep breath.  I pondered on what I just read and felt ready to apply what I had learned. This has been a journey for me and I will continue to go over the chapters and remember that I am not alone.

"Reaching out for help is a sign of strength-not weakness."

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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To celebrate her tour, Margaret is giving away the grand prize package of a signed copy of the book, a refreshment package, and a $25 Amazon gift card!!
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