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Saturday, August 13, 2016


I am a big fan of WWII books especially when they have espionage in them. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the story takes readers to different areas such as London, France and North Africa. I felt like I was able to travel with the characters as their adventure began with a well developed story. I love when an author goes into details about a historical time and makes the story come to life. I got me a cup of hot chocolate with peppermint creamer and sat back ready to visit these faraway places.

The first thing I found out was there were code breakers for  Britain. They were extremely intelligent and highly trained. They knew they had dangerous information and took precautions to keep the secrets safe. I loved how the author really gave a vivid description of these hard working behind the scenes workers.

Sometimes you can do everything possible to keep yourself safe from the enemy but unfortunately Jacky Vidal was not lucky enough to fight off her attackers. What  did she know that someone was willing to kill for? Her friend Grace Sullivan discovers Jacky and knows her own life is now in danger. Grey M16 agent Commander among other high ranking officials have come to investigate the death. They have even called in Scotland Yard so this must be a serious threat to the world. When Grace and Grey meet I loved their  interactions. Grace is a fiesty woman who does not care to be treated like an uneducated woman. Grey better look out. I think he is going to have his hands full with her.

The information that is so secretive could be catastrophic if it got into the hands of Hither.  As devious as he is that could could damage England by not having information on troop and ship movements. That could be devastating for them and lives could be lost. What if Hitler  decides to change the code and send out false information? Could he start a war that was based on lies? The race is in to find the killer and to stop any information being leaked to the enemy.

As a side note I have to mention the breakfast that Grey and Grace had. The mere mention of spam sent me back to my childhood. I can remember having fried spam sandwiches for lunch. I grew tired of them but after reading the  book, I went to the store and bought a can of spam. Thank you for that memory which I had almost forgotten about.

As we get deeper into the story it becomes apparent that Grace's life is in dire danger. Can Grey keep her safe? Will they be able to find the killer before it is to late? Did Jacky divulge any secrets before her death? The story is well written with a look into war and the dangers it involves. I was a bit surprised at the killer but that just makes the story more intriguing. The story is action packed and the characters are well developed and add intrigue to the story. The question is who can Grey trust while trying to keep Grace  alive? Get ready for an adventure that will take you to different places, danger lurks at every corner and trust and faith must be relied on to survive.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

Friday, August 12, 2016

I am excited that I was able to receive this book. It is just what I have been looking for. I often wonder what certain words mean in Hebrew . This book is a great devotional book that will take you through 90 different words or phrases  of intense study . I loved all the different words and their meanings. They were easy to understand and made me want to dig further. I love eagles and I especially like Isaiah 40:31, " But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength ; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. " I loved how the author broke down the scripture and made it easier to understand the full meaning. When the scripture mentioned " mounting up as..." "We bind ourselves to God, we will not only "renew" our strength" but we will also "mount up with wings as eagles."

The chapter goes on to explain more about the eagle that was fascinating to me. I am honored to have this book and will use it frequently as I do bible studies to help me get a clearer picture of what scriptures or words are saying. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to do an in depth study on the meaning of words. It is a wonderful  addition to have as you spend time in the Word.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.


Exquisite , breathtaking, faith filled, and masterfully written is how I will begin my review. I have been swept away to a time in 1742 where religious wars were raging. How ironic that we still seem to have that same problem even today? The story sweeps through history with gracefulness and kept me so involved in the story I couldn't put it down.

Suzanne is a beautiful French woman with noble blood  who must hide that she is a Protestant. She is in extreme danger when her father is captured and must flee her home for a safer place. I can't image the fear, and anxiety she was faced with. She knew she had to leave the home she loved so much and the family she felt safe with. Her determination to seek a new place was well written and I could feel her inner strength. The author has done an amazing job of developing Suzanne and brought her to life with her vivid display of words. I felt her agony as she fled  and her hopeless as she tried to keep her faith strong.

Suzanne meets Johan who seems to be the answer to prayer. He is very strong and his faith is steadfast. He sees that Suzanne is desperate to seek a new place to go for safety. Will he be able to keep her safe? Can Suzanne trust this man she barely knows? I loved the journey they take as they travel to a faraway land.  The boat they find themselves on was described with great depth. I could feel the boat as it rocked back and forth. There were many people on the boat all looking for a new start. Will they all survive the dangers of the sea?

The book is filled with a beautiful historical background that takes readers on a journey through a time when survival was hard and faith was strong. I loved how the author had her character's rely on their faith and prayed for guidance and help. Freedom is something we sometimes take for granted. Will Suzanne and Johan find freedom? I loved this story that covered deceit, trust, faith and freedom.

"Don't worry,  God has a plan for you."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Love's Harvest Banner
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About the Book

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Noreen Hirsch loses everything including her husband and two sons. Then her adopted country goes to war with her homeland. Has God abandoned her?
Rosa Hirsch barely adjusts to being a bride before she is widowed. She gives up her citizenship to accompany her mother-in-law to her home country. Can Rosa find acceptance among strangers who hate her belligerent nation?
Basil Quincey is rich beyond his wildest dreams, but loneliness stalks him. Can he find a woman who loves him and not his money?
Three people. One God who can raise hope from the ashes of despair.

About the Author

linda-eA freelance writer for over ten years, Linda Shenton Matchett has had a wide and varied career that includes stints as a Human Resources professional, youth center director, B&B owner, and dining services manager. She loves history of all kinds, and serves as a volunteer docent at the Wright Museum of WWII. A member of Sisters in Crime and ACFW, Linda writes World War II and mystery fiction. She was a semi-finalist in ACFW’s 2013 and 2015 Genesis contests. She makes her home in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region with her husband Wes and fur-baby, Ben.

Guest Post from Linda Shenton Matchett

I’ve been scribbling since I was a child. One of my favorite memories is about the weekly “newspaper” I published when I was about seven or eight years old. Written on three-ring-binder paper, it included a weather report (complete with “graphics”), an editorial, letters to the editor, and lots of articles-most of which make no sense when I read them now! The newspaper didn’t last long, but I continued to write stories until I graduated from high school. Then it was on to college and my “real life.”
Fast forward nearly twenty-five years. My husband and I were fleeing the rat-race known as Washington, DC for a small village in New Hampshire to purchase a bed and breakfast, and I decided to journal about the experience. My first entry was made while we pulled out of the driveway. As I filled my diary, I remembered the joy that writing gave me. After we got settled in NH, I decided to try my hand at writing for publication. I found some freelance opportunities, and my articles were published in various magazines.
But fiction was still calling my name.
It took about a year, but I finished a historical novel about a young woman who leaves her home to become a Harvey Girl. I thought it was brilliant (it was not) and hurried it off to a Christian publisher. It was rejected. And rejected. And rejected. Fortunately one of the rejection letters offered some practical advice. The editor said the manuscript showed promise, but I had a lot to learn as a writer. She suggested I attend writing conferences and join a critique group.
I found a group of other Christian writers, then searched for a conference. The Crimebake Mystery Conference is sponsored by Sisters in Crime New England and Mystery Writers of America and located about two hours from my home. I wasn’t writing mystery stories at that point, but figured a lot of the information must be transferrable. Besides, the conference was driving distance and very affordable. What could I lose?
As an unpublished author, I felt like an imposter at first. But I was quickly enveloped by authors (published and unpublished), editors, and agents, and made to feel at ease. The workshops were jam-packed with information, and I filled page after page in my notebook.
Hungry to learn more, I signed up for Jerry Jenkin’s Christian Writers Guild course and was paired with Eva Marie Everson. An excellent mentor, she helped me improve my writing by leaps and bounds. I also continued to attend the annual Crimebake conferences. In 2010, I was selected to attend a three day writers retreat with authors Hallie Ephron, Roberta Islieb, and Susan Hubbard. I received one-on-one critique and instruction from each of them. It was an unforgettable experience.
By 2014, I finally completed the manuscript, Under Fire, I had started as my Christian Writers Guild assignment. What an accomplishment! I worked with freelance editor Janice Elsheimer to polish the book, and she made me realize it was time to bite the bullet and submit the manuscript to a publisher or agent. Since I was headed to the ACFW conference that year, I signed up for two agent pitches. Gulp! I was going to do this in person!
I was a nervous wreck, but both agents were gracious and calming. One didn’t care for what she read. The other agent loved everything that the first agent disliked. She requested a full manuscript. Ultimately it was not a fit for her, but I had made it over the hurdle of preparing my one sheet and making a pitch. Meanwhile, I wrote two sequels to complete the trilogy. Under Fire is currently under consideration at a traditional publisher.
Last year, members of my group blog ( decided to put together a collection of novellas. Over the years, I have toyed with the idea of writing a fictionalized account of a Bible story. I did a significant amount of research about Priscilla and Aquila, but never felt led to put pen to paper. So, the story idea simmered on the back burner. I realized the novella project was the perfect opportunity to pursue that idea. But instead of Priscilla’s story, I decided to write about Ruth and her relationship to Naomi.
Writers are told to write what we know, but I believe we should also write what we don’t know so we can learn. I had a very special relationship with my mother-in-law until she passed away from cancer in 1999. I wanted to capture that in a story. I also wanted to explore what it would be like to leave everyone and everything you know to go to a foreign land. I grew up moving a lot, and I considered it an adventure. My husband grew up moving a lot, but considered it a nightmare. I wanted to explore that aspect of Ruth’s story. I thought that World War II was the perfect era to combine these themes. The result is Love’s Harvest. It features German-born Rosa and Englishwoman Noreen.
One of my favorite verses is Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans for welfare and not calamity, to give you a future and a hope.” The story of Ruth is a perfect example of this. She and Naomi experienced terrible tragedies, yet in the end both women were blessed, and God was glorified. Sometimes it is hard to see “the forest for the trees” when something awful is happening to us or our loved ones. My hope is that readers will be able to relate to Rosa and Noreen, and learn how God takes care of us even when we don’t realize it.


What would you do if you suddenly had to leave your country and travel to a foreign land? As Noreen faces this new adventure, tragedy strikes. Will she be able to overcome the hurt and heartache? The author did a great job describing the struggles people faced as Hitler ruled over their land. When it seems impossible to stay in Germany , Noreen and her daughter-in-law travel to England.

It is refreshing to read a book that focuses on God and how we are sometimes not satisfied with what we have. "God doesn't always  give us the answer we expect ." The book is beautifully written about survival, trust, hope and faith. The characters were developed with ease and I didn't want to put the book down. I felt the hurt when Rosa was treated badly for being German and living in England. What must it be like to be treated with hate because you are different from others? The emotions felt so real I felt like I was there watching Rosa as tears slipped down her face.

I love historical fiction that retells a biblical story. The author has done an exceptional job of bringing a wonderful story from the bible and with her words made the story come to life. I could see the women  working in the fields and their faces as they tried to work faster. Thank you for a story that is filled with faith and honor.

"God gives to whom he wishes. It is our job to accept it with joy and thankfulness and to share it with others."

I received a copy of this book from the author and Celebrate Lit for an honest review.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Welcome to the cozy mystery world Naomi Miller. Her first book in the Amish Sweet Shop
Mysteries is terrific. I loved the description of the bakery. You could almost smell the delicious pastries and feel welcomed as you walk in. Katie is a great character with a big heart and faith in the Lord. I loved how there were scriptures and prayers throughout the book. When Katie discovers that something horrible has happened at the bakery she is quite upset. Who could have done all the damage? Is there a thief in the community  or maybe an unhappy customer?

The story is short but it sure is filled with delightful characters. I absolutely adored Mrs. Simpkins. She is the owner of the bakery and has a very forgiving heart. The author showed how important it is to forgive and extend a gracious hand to a very needy family. The story is light, happy and overall makes the reader smile. It is a very clean book with a theme that we deal with all the time. How easy is it to forgive someone that has hurt you or your property? Could you reach out and help them or turn your back on them? The story is set in Amish country but introduces us to an English family. Would it be hard to help someone from a different culture? I loved the exquisite writing and the powerful message the book delivered. I will be anxiously awaiting the next book in this wonderful series.

"It is not my place to judge anyone."

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.


After reading this emotional book I very quietly sat and closed my eyes. I wanted to savor every word I had read, feel every emotion that the characters felt and think about the rich history that was scattered throughout the book. I loved the characters and their passion for what was right and wrong. It is not easy being "different" but the author wrote such a stirring  and lovely story I cried at times.

Emile de Bonnery has just discovered that he is leaving France with his mother and traveling to America. There is a big secret about his father. What is his mother hiding about his father? Emile does  not want to leave France, but he has no choice. I loved his French grandmother and you could feel her heart breaking as Emile and his mother leave.

The author does an amazing job of taking the characters on a journey through history starting in the 1960s. Emile is really in for a shock when he arrives in Atlanta. They arrive at his grandmother's house unannounced. I can't imagine what his American grandmother  must of thought when she opened the door. She had not spoken to her daughter in a very long time. I loved the scenes where Emile gets to know his grandmother. I kinda laughed when he tried his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It is like an everyday staple for Americans, but Emile had never had it.

As Emile tries to fit in at school, he finds out what it is like to be bullied. The kids make fun of his clothes and accent. He tries so hard to be liked but it is difficult. When he befriends Eternity Jones he finally has someone to talk to. I think Eternity was my favorite character. She was a young girl who was living a hard life. She is ferociously protective of her siblings and the author handles the abuse in a very delicate way that lets readers know Eternity  is strong. I think about the time she was growing up and how much responsibility she had. It was such a hardship but I think going over to Emile's house was a godsend for her. She spent a lot of time with his grandmother.

The story deals with hard subjects like abuse, racism and learning about the civil rights movement. I really enjoyed how the author handles each subject with knowledge and wisdom. It is hard to believe that these young children were faced with so much hurt, secrets and a longing to be accepted. Even long after Workd War II was over, there were still some facts that were painful to recall. This is a very intense emotional read that touches on faithfulness and God's  grace and mercy. Will Emile ever find out about his father? Can Eternity overcome her home life and stand up for what she believes in? One person can make a difference.  I highly recommend this book to everyone.

I received this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

Monday, August 8, 2016


I really enjoyed this book so much. Even though my kids are grown , I could still relate to many of the topics. One that really stood out was being overprotective. I am known as a helicopter  mom. When  they were younger I was me so close to them they could hardly breathe. All three of my kids had asthma or allergy problems. We made many trips to the ER and ICU. I prayed for  healing and peace. I finally realized what I needed to prayer was  to have faith in God and  to trust Him. After all they were his children, and He would always protect them. I have gotten better over the years, but I still worry about them. I'm sure I always will .

I enjoyed the section on messes. I can't count the times I "covered" for  my kids when they messed up. I wanted to be super mom and do everything to help them. As they grew up, I saw that I wasn't letting them learn from their mistakes. I encourage parents to let your children make mistakes. They will learn from them and you will see well balanced children with confidence in themselves.

Everyone one of us wants to be accepted. That is true also with  our children. They want to hear what a great job they are doing. It builds their confidence and shows them that their parents recognize the success they are making as they grow. It's hard not to help them along, but the best thing is to let them learn as they grow. I loved how the author encourages us to enjoy our children, watch them grow and set good examples for them. I've often heard that kids imitate what they see and hear. If we as parents are leading a Godly life and correcting our children when necessary, then they will have that instilled in them.  I loved the writing style that was graceful and filled with wisdom . Thank you for writing such a beautiful book that helps us to be more focused on God and our children.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

Sunday, August 7, 2016


This is a nice story with a character that has a sassy attitude. Mary Handley has been let go from the police force because of her less than inviting personality . Bet she didn't like that very much. Who would want to find out they have been sacked from their job? The on,y thing you can do is look for another job.

Mary finds a job in a bookstore. I have to say I would love that job. I would get to see all the new books that come in and probably hand my check right back to the store as I buy ,buy, buy. What can I say? I love to read. Mary has a side job as a consulting private detective. I can smell trouble already. The story is set in the 1890s and I loved the historical facts the author gave. It made the story so interesting and easy to visualize the setting. Do you think anyone would have a problem with a woman detective? I'm sure in this time period it was frowned upon.

Mary gets hired by someone who is wanting answers for a muder that happened a long time ago. Who was killed and why would someone want to re open a case from so long ago? The plot thickens as something happens thst will take Mary on a  roller coaster ride of deceit and dishonesty. She is not making any friends with the police as she delves in the mystery. She is a very determined women and I sure would want her on my side.

You don't want to miss this intriguing, historical story filled with suspense, and a case that could put angry in danger. Will she solve the case? Can she trust anyone ?

I received a copy of this book from Blogging For Books for an honest review.


What an adventure this book is. The action is explosive and the tension is felt in every page. Jed has been chosen to assassinate someone.  Is this person a powerful leader or a random person? When Jed's family is taken , he has no choice but to carry out the plan . I loved how his daughter had such strong  faith . She was a great character and seemed to guide Jed to believe and keep his faith strong.

I loved how the author weaved the story and kept me guessing till the end. It was hard to figure out who to trust and that made the story so intriguing. There were times when Jed wasn't sure if he was doing the right thing but he knew  he had to keep his family safe. The author keeps the story going at a fast pace with many unpredictable twists that you don't see coming. The scenes where Jed had to fight for his life were well written and gave the reader a vivid picture of the action going on. The book is a edge of your seat page turner. The theme throughout the book was faith and trust. It may seem hard to have faith when everything around you is crashing in, but his daughter was really a great advocate on faith. I really liked her character and have to say I wish I had her kind of faith sometimes. There are several characters in the book that play key roles in the story. They were intense, focused and ready to do their job. Get ready for a thriller in the political world where lives are at stake, dangers lurks at every turn and faith is the key to trusting the right people.

"Cling to God and trust Him to carry me."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.