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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I so enjoyed the author's description of the cute diner that Donna worked at. She described the vinyl seats, the small jukebox on the tables and the counter where people could eat and talk to the waitresses. The diner made me think of the one on "Happy Days." Everyone who was anyone would hang out there.

Donna is working at the diner and saving her money so she can fulfill her dream of going to L. A. to become a secretary. One day as the door opens, Tommy appears. He was best friends with her brother when they were growing up. She has been in love with him forever. Their chemistry is so nice and refreshing. I loved the book so much with the setting from the 1950's to the sweet and innocent way that Donna still honored her upbringing with good moral values. The book is very relaxing to read and I love the author's smooth writing style. She has a way to take readers back in time with her exquisite words that flow throughout the story. When Donna and Tommy are talking about church I loved what she said to him. "Going to church pleases God, but it won't make you a Christian. That's a thing of the heart. Nobody but Jesus can judge your heart's commitment but Him. "

It is time to relax, grab an ice cold bottle of Coke and enjoy a great book that will bring a smile to your face. Join Donna and Tommy as they take a journey on Route 66.

Sunday, June 19, 2016


If you have not had the chance to read this author, may I suggest you rush to the neared bookstore or library and check out the first book in this series called, "A Lady in Defiance." Once you have read that book, you will continue the series with this outstanding story. The author does  an amazing job of describing the mining town, with its rough characters, rowdy men and even a visit from the Indians. It has all the makings for a great western movie where the town is booming and the characters are brilliantly written.

Naomi and her two sisters have travelled to this town with two of them being widows and one pregnant. Looks like they have brought their own little baggage to the town. Will they be accepted? They open a restaurant and hope that it will bring income to help with their needs. I can picture the restaurant with people at their tables eating hot piping home cooked meals while discussing their day.

Naomi it seems has caught the attention of Charles  McIntrye with her looks. He doesn't have a great reputation when it comes to women. Naomi will have her hands full  with this man who is still a baby Christian. The temptations to stray from God will test their faith and lead them on a journey that is intriguing. Rebecca is the sensible one who now faces the decision of getting together with her friend Ian Brannagh. Can they find true love? Hannah who is still a teenager  is quite shocked when the man who left her suddenly appears in town.

These three women have their hands full with men, a restaurant to run, a baby on the way and a town rich with the old western feel. I hope you sit back, grab some snacks and get ready to travel back to the old west where anything can happen. The overall theme of forgiveness, redemption and God's  love is prevalent throughout the story. I'm sorry that I can only give this book a five star rating. It deserves a much higher rating with outstanding writing that captures the essence of a western story that keeps readers glued to the book.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.


The book grabbed my attention from the very beginning. As Elianna and her little brother , Joseph were enjoying the outdoors, I could smell the flowers and see the beauty that surrounded them. Elianna has been entrusted by her mother to watch over her brother for the day. When something distracts her, Joseph is attacked. What attacked him? What made Elianna divert her attention from the care of her brother? The anger her father thrust at her was so well written. I applaud the author for writing such an emotional scene that made me want to tell Elianna it would be ok. I saw her standing there begging her parents to forgive her for her lack of attention to her brother. I can't inagibe what it must have felt like to feel the wrath of her father and realize you are to blame for the unfortunate accident.

I loved the author telling readers what Elianna means from the Hebrew word. "Eli" which means "my God" and "Anna" which signifies " favor." What a blessed name to have which " was a sign of God's favor and grace to my parents."  I'm sure that Elianna wasn't feeling favored at this time. What a burden she must be feeling now. What punishment will she receive for this terrible accident? The Pharisee believed that she will be punished for her negligence.

The details of the blankets, and towels that Elianna's family made were brilliantly detailed to such a degree that I could see the women making them as they chatted with each other. The authors' knowledge of the trade is well defined as she goes into great detail . The more I read of this story, the more I realized how talented and gifted the author is.

The story is a fictional account of the woman we read about in the bible with the issue of blood. I remember this story so vividly because it talked about the desperation of a woman who wanted to be healed. She believed with all her heart that Jesus would heal her. Do we have that kind of faith when we are sick or struggling with something?

Elianna is the woman we read about in the bible that is afflicted with a bleeding illness. In this story she spend years and lots of money trying to find a cure for her illness. She spends a lot of time  praying for healing. At a time of desperation, she travels to hear Jesus speak, thinking if she could just touch his clothing, she would be healed. She plans to touch his clothing and be healed without anyone knowing.

The author has done a lot of research to make the story true to the time in history.I highly  recommend this book to anyone who needs to be encouraged. The story is a reflection of healing, faith, unconditional love and the suffering that a woman endures while clinging to hope.

"Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace . "

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.