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Thursday, October 3, 2019


This was a wonderful story about characters that that come from different Amish communities. I love reading the difference between the two. It was intriguing to learn that one of them is very strict and almost seems like they can’t really be themselves. The rules become a problem for Arlan and his sister Madga. I admired how Arlan stood up for his sister and was willing to risk being shunned to keep his sister safe.

Ivy was a great character and shows readers how Amish do question what they have been taught. Ivy wanted a taste of the English life but struggled leaving the Amish. When her world collided with Arlan and Madga it was not by accident. I believe God places us at  the right time. I liked how Ivy and her family opened their home to Arlan and Madga. It was hard for Arlan to see how things were a bit more relaxed in the Amish community that Ivy is a part of.

The story was a nice insight detailing how we all question our beliefs at some point. We all search scripture to make sure we are following God and sometimes it is okay to question when it is not lining up with the Word of God.

Madga had sinned and her family didn’t want anything to do with her. That broke my heart to read how a family could turn their back on someone . We all sin but the good news is God forgives us. I related to Madga because I have been judged before in a church and everyone turned their backs on me. It was like losing a family as I felt alone and ashamed. This story has struggles, judgment, forgiveness, a bit of romance and a wonderful message of forgiveness.

I received an arc copy of this book from the authors. The review is my own opinion.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Haven of Rest FB Banner About the Book

Book: Haven of Rest
Author: Faith Blum
Genre: Biblical fiction
Release Date: July 26, 2019
Haven of Rest CoverIgnored by her father…
Adah was neglected by her abba and her brother. She must do something. All her previous plans have failed, but she won’t slip up this time. Since her abba is King David, author of many songs, what better way to gain his attention than pulling off a concert featuring twelve of his daughters?
As she plans, Adah’s discontentment grows. She throws herself into the work but worry edges into her heart anyway. Can Adah learn to rest in Adonai as her father? Will she learn contentment in all things?

About the Author

Faith BlumFaith Blum is a small-town Wisconsin girl. She has independently published over 25 books in over five years. Most of her books are Christian Historical Fiction with an emphasis on Westerns. During an eBook sale, she was #1 in Christian Westerns and Christian Western Anthologies on Amazon. During that sale, she sold over 3,000 copies.
 Faith currently resides in Central Wisconsin with her husband and their cat, Smokey. When not writing, you can find her cooking food from scratch due to food allergies, doing dishes, knitting, crocheting, sewing, reading, or spending time with her husband. She loves to hear from her readers, so feel free to contact her on her website:

More from Faith

The Haven of Rest was inspired by a friend. I wanted another fairy tale to retelling for my series, but had run out of ideas and she mentioned the 12 Dancing Princesses and how they 12 girls could be 12 daughters of King David. It took a little while, but the idea soon grew into this story.
I do take liberties throughout the story. It is a Biblical Fiction story, and I tried hard to keep to those roots and keep it accurate throughout, including for the betrothals and weddings. However, a few liberties I took were:
  • Giving King David more daughters than are mentioned. I did have Tamar be one of the daughters.
  • Creating a backstory for Amnon’s obsession with Tamar.
  • Showing that King David was a flawed man who was not a good father. Although this isn’t stated outright in the Bible, it is definitely implied by the rebellion three of his sons showed and his lax discipline of Amnon after his rape of Tamar.
  • The other liberty I took is a spoiler for the end of the book, so you will have to read the book to find out what that was. I do explain my reasoning of that one in the Historical Note at the end of the book.
I really enjoyed writing this story and hope you enjoy reading it!


The book is very short at less than one hundred pages, but the author weaves a wonderful story within those pages. The author lets us know that she took certain liberties in the story that may not be included in the bible, but I found her story to blend so eloquently. King David has always been fascinating to me and it was nice to see another take of his life by including daughters. 

Adah has desired to have more attention from her father , but can't find a way to get it. Most of us probably can relate to Adah as we struggled to get our parents attention as we grew up.  We desire their approval and want to please them at all times. I love the way Adah finds a way to get her father's attention while including her sisters in the idea. 

The story was a great lesson in waiting on God. Adah is quite upset by a decision made by her father so she vows to be silent til she hears from God. What I gleamed from this story was how we question God about a direction our life is taking. We think we know the best way to go, and stumble when we doubt God. Adah continues to pray and seek God. Have you ever moved out ahead without the guidance of God? I know that I have and learned a hard lesson by not following Him. 

The author does a great job demonstrating how God's plan is perfect and at some point we understand why he directed us to do something we were unsure of. Adah finds herself struggling to go outside her comfort zone and realizes that God's plan was to  place her in a land  where she could share His word.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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Monday, September 30, 2019


How far would YOU go to avenge the murder of a daughter?

Caralynne Hayman is angry and bitter over the abuse and death of her eleven-year-old daughter from the hands of her religious group, The Children of Righteous Cain. When her husband suffers a sudden heart attack, she does nothing to help him. In her eyes someone needs to pay, and if that means all of the men in the group, then so be it.
Dayne MacFarland is sent away to college by the senior elder of the group to learn ministry. When he returns after finding salvation, determined to bring the truth to the people he’s known all his life, he rediscovers Cara and realizes the love he once felt for her is still deeply embedded within his heart.

Dayne faces men unwilling to turn their backs on the cult training he despises. Cara faces men who follow their leader in abuse toward their wives and the young girls of the group. Cara is considered rebellious and inappropriate to befriend. Dayne is the apple of Elder Simmons’ eye—until he takes a stand against their teachings.

Can Dayne's love for Caralynne bridge the gulf of anger and bitterness that divides the community? Or will Caralynne's deadly secrets prove too high a price for her redemption?

Besides being a member and active participant of many writing groups, Carole Brown enjoys mentoring beginning writers. An author of ten books, she loves to weave suspense and tough topics into her books, along with a touch of romance and whimsy, and is always on the lookout for outstanding titles and catchy ideas. She and her husband reside in SE Ohio but have ministered and counseled nationally and internationally. Together, they enjoy their grandsons, traveling, gardening, good food, the simple life, and did she mention their grandsons?

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Stitches in Time:


This book is not an easy read but one with topics that need to be addressed. I cannot image the terror of a young girl seeing her mother being tortured by a man with hate in his eyes. The scars of that day will remain with her and harden her heart in ways that only God can soften. That young girl is now grown and in a marriage where abuse is an everyday occurrence . Cara makes a decision that in her mind will set her free. Can she live with herself after her decision causes a death? She has grieved for a child she feels could have been saved and blames her husband for the death. Will she ever be free from the pain of losing her child? It was hard to read how her daughter died and I could understand her desire to seek peace in her heart.

The author paints a picture of a woman who is hurt and wonders why God has allowed her to suffer. I could understand her desire to be rid of a husband who brought back memories of her childhood. As I continued reading I kept being reminded of the scripture, " Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord."  The story is riveting as we witness a group that keeps women in submission by beatings and threats. I wanted to scream at times as I read how domineering the men were in this little community. It reminded me of a cult that was on the news several years ago. They were kept in a compound and treated like animals. Women had no say and were kept in line by harsh punishment. Young girls were married off to older men and the family could not stop it.

I had a hard time reading this book only because the author has done such a good job of sharing a story of pure evil at its best. Cara comes to the aid of one of her friends and finds herself in danger. Can the new pastor help her get free from this group? Dayne knew Cara in their younger days and has always had feelings for her. What will he do when he witnesses the torture being placed on people by intimidating men?

Elder Simmons is a man to be reckoned with. He reminds me of a bully and takes his authority to the edge. How can he believe that women should be whipped almost to death? His delusion that man should rule over their wife and children with violence made me sick. I could feel how powerful he thought he was and how many feared him. I think he forgot that what the Bible tells  husbands how to treat  their wives. The story shows how people twist scriptures to meet their own needs and how easy power gets to their head.

The author has written a book that is hard to read at times but I found myself wanting to know if Cara will ever be set from her hate and learn to forgive. Cara is a character that has many challenges and her defiance is quickly becoming a problem for the elders. Dayne is trying to open the eyes of the men to see what true love is and how God wants them to treat their wives as helpmates, not doormats. This story was tense at times and at other times so heartbreaking I wanted to stop reading. I appreciate the author writing this story to expose how people can be deceived. It is a journey that will find Cara questioning God and allowing her heart to be softened and her faith restored.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

Sunday, September 29, 2019


She is a woman without a name. Chosen by men for her beauty, she refused to bend to their desires. Beaten and sold to a slave trader, she is left to die in a putrid dungeon.
Everything changes when she’s purchased by the Thane of a foreign king and given a Jewish name.

The king needs her to save his kingdom. God calls her to an unimaginable future. Evil wants her for itself, and if it can’t have her, it will kill her. Mariamne wants none of the possibilities she’s offered.

Mariamne needs only to surrender to achieve an amazing destiny.

Michelle Janene lives and works in Northern California, though most days she blissfully exists in the medieval creations of her mind. She is a devoted teacher, a dysfunctional housekeeper, and a dedicated writer. She released her first novella Mission: Mistaken Identity in the fall of 2015, and has been published in several anthologies. She leads two critique groups and is the founder of Strong Tower Press—Indie solutions for indie authors.

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At the beginning of the story I felt shivers run down my spine. We are taken into a place that a human being should not be held captive at. The smell was overpowering and the desperation on the prisoners were enough to make you cry. I couldn't imagine what it was like to walk down the cells and hear cries to be saved. It was heartbreaking to visualize the pain on  their faces and the hope of freedom.

One woman will be chosen to be released that will prove to be dangerous at times. Her mere presence is frightening and she seems to almost act like an animal. God has chosen this woman for a purpose and the journey ahead will be met with challenges and danger.

My heart went out to this woman who had been used and forgotten in a cell for years. No wonder she seemed wild. After being enslaved for so long, she does not trust anyone. Will her freedom come at a price? Mariamne is a character that has flaws which are easy to understand as her life has been nothing but torture and pain. How can she trust God when she has suffered so much?  I was intrigued by the time period and have always been  drawn to stories of knights. 

There is evidence of good vs evil in this story which gives us a sense of uncertainty at times. It was interesting to read about Mariamne as she slowly learns to trust God. There are scenes in the book that made me cringe at times and I did wish the author would have shortened the story a bit. It seemed to linger on certain topics that I felt were overdone. The theme of the book is good but I didn't care much for the obvious overuse of how the main character suffered at the hands of others. 

Overall a good book that had a lesson on trust but at times was overshadowed by constantly having to witness the main character repeatedly try to run away. This is my first time to read a book from this author and I have to say there is promise in the writing.  I will be looking for another book from this author to see how the author has progressed in writing a story that has more depth and less unnecessary details.


After the death of her cruel father, Brithwin is determined never again to live under the harsh rule of any man. Independent and resourceful, she longs to be left alone to manage her father’s estate. But she soon discovers a woman has few choices when the king decrees she is to marry Royce, the Lord of Rosencraig. As if the unwelcome marriage isn’t enough, her new husband accuses her of murdering his family, and she is faced with a challenge of either proving her innocence or facing possible execution.
     Royce of Hawkwood returns home after setting down a rebellion to find his family brutally murdered. When all fingers point to his betrothed and attempts are made on his life, Royce must wade through murky waters to uncover the truth. Yet Brithwin’s wise and kind nature begin to break down the walls of his heart, and he soon finds himself in a race to discover who is behind the evil plot before Brithwin is the next victim.

Debbie Lynne Costello is the author of Sword of Forgiveness, Amazon's #1 seller for Historical Christian Romance. She has enjoyed writing stories since she was eight years old. She raised her family and then embarked on her own career of writing the stories that had been begging to be told. She and her husband have four children and live in upstate South Carolina with their 5 horses, 3 dogs, cat and miniature donkey.

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This has been quite an adventure as I found myself so completely wrapped up in this story. I loved the time period and was so enchanted by the knights and castles that helped weave a story the never disappointed me. I was intrigued by Brithwin and  her unwavering faith in God. She had lived through torment all her life at the hands of the person she knew as her father. His treatment of her scared her and she had a hard time trusting men. Her faith held strong as her life was in danger and I loved how she shared her love for God with others.

When she is set to marry Royce there is much tension between the two. Brithwin is a very strong minded young woman who does  not take kindly to men telling her what to do. Royce is not exactly thrilled with the marriage but does was is requested of him. His title of Lord of Rosencraig made Royce  very powerful among all. I loved how the author allowed us to witness his skills with a sword and his struggle with forgiveness.

The story has many twists that kept me reading as I had to know what would become of two characters thrown together with no affection for each other. Brithwin is a woman who has always treated everyone fair and I loved how she stood up for people when her husband wanted to place punishment on them. There are two characters in the story that are deeply devoted to Brithwin and they are willing to risk their lives to protect her.

There is definitely a presence of faith in the story and the theme of forgiveness is highlighted with lessons and trials. I loved reading the story which was written with details that made the characters come to life. The author does a good job of taking us back in time when knights were trained to protect at all costs. I could hear the swords clank as we witness fights among men who believed in  justice.

The story was very well written and it had a great message about forgiveness, love and trust. God is always there to help us and show us of his unconditional love. I loved how one character finds their way to God and understand that the ultimate price was paid for us. The author not only shares a story of faith but one of what forgiveness feels like.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.
Nancy Tour

About the Book

Book: The Trouble with Nancy
Author: Chautona Havig
Genre: Christian Historical Romance, Western
Release Date: July 18, 2019
HAVIG_Nancy-smHer reputation precedes her, whether the bad guys realize it or not.
Nancy Harrison has finally stepped out of her prissy box and tried to do something helpful–but did she go overboard in her first self-less act?
She can’t ride, she hates horses, and she’s terrified of being alone. What’s a girl to do?
Join the Pony Express, of course.
When Nancy Harrison’s family receives a tax bill they can’t pay, there’s only one option open to them. Her brother, Lewis, will have to join the Pony Express and earn the money that way.
It would have worked, too, if ruffians hadn’t attacked him and broken his leg.
She doesn’t want to do it, of course, but what choice is there? Lose everything or ride a stupid, smelly horse for a few weeks? Nancy decides that she’ll chop off her hair, take to the dusty overland trail, and prove that she isn’t a “flighty little thing.”
But things go from bad to worse as she discovers that riding astride is worse than sidesaddle—especially when you’re not used to it.
Can’t she just go back home to balls, teas, and the hope of a suitor before her twentieth birthday? Sans her hair, of course, because that’ll entice the fellows. Sigh.

Click here to get your copy!

About the Author

Chautona Havig lives in an oxymoron, escapes into imaginary worlds that look startlingly similar to ours and writes the stories that emerge. An irrepressible optimist, Chautona sees everything through a kaleidoscope of It’s a Wonderful Life sprinkled with fairy tales. Find her on the web and say hI owdy—if you can remember how to spell her name.


I love reading historical fiction books because I can get a glimpse of what happened during different time periods. The journey the author takes us on in this book is about the Pony Express. I did learn a lot by the details the author includes. I had no idea that young boys in their teens were the target age to be a rider for this group. They also preferred if they were orphans. The danger they faced on their long journey was overwhelming. 

I loved the direction the author took in this story and used a young woman to infiltrate a dominated male profession. Nancy feels like she has no choice but to join the Pony Express when her brother has an encounter that causes him to not be to be able to ride. Nancy's determination to help her family out of a financial crisis was exciting to read.  I loved how the author took a character who didn't like horses and had her face her fears. 

There is much to learn in this story as Nancy takes off alone to travel across barren land to do her job. It was easy to feel like I was there as the author describes the terrain with such vividness. Nancy has always seemed to be carefree and not really serious. This journey she takes allows us to watch a character mature and find a lasting relationship with God. Trust was hard for Nancy as she sees her family struggling day after day. 

This has been a delight to read and as the title says, The Trouble With Nancy is really what troubles us also. We all at one time doubt God and find ourselves in situations we don't know how to get out of. We operate in fear and allow the enemy to whisper lies to us. Nancy for me represented each of us in our struggle to trust God. I thought the book had a great message and I appreciate an author that is gifted in the area of showing readers "God will never leave us nor forsake us."

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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