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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fairfield Amish Romance Boxed Set

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TitleFairfield Amish Romance Boxed Set (Volume 1)
AuthorElanor Miller
Your reviewI was given a copy of this book from the authors for an honest review
This was a great collection of stories that gave us inspiring characters and painted a lovely picture of a town filled with struggles, learning to seek God, clean sweet romance and writing that flowed across the pages.

Each story was a wonderful look at people who depend on their faith but sometimes need guidance and love. I enjoyed each book from the collection and as I read the beautiful stories , I felt like I was in Fairfield mingling with the people of the town as each character was developed with grace. It is a great collection to read as you sit back, relax and savor the words that touch your heart and brings a feeling of joy and hope.
Other authors
Vail, Susan
Burkholder, Diane
Weaver, Isabell

Her Dangerous Promise Part 2

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TitleHer Dangerous Promise - Part 2: (Romantic Suspense Serial)
AuthorAshley Stryker
Your reviewI received a copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review
As Mary tries to recover from her kidnapping, Thom is desperately trying to keep her safe. Thom knows there is more to the story , but he must convince Mary to trust him.
She finally returns to her teaching job only to get spooked on the first day back. A message from the kidnapper has been sent to Mary to remind her of her promise. She leaves school knowing that her presence there has jeopardized the lives of the students and the staff.
Will Mary tell Thom the promise she made to the kidnapper ? Will someone else pay for her broken promise?

The author has done a great job of intensifying the action in the book. As you near the end of part two, you feel your heart pounding wondering what mystery is about to unfold.

Until it Doesn't by Zoe Marshall

I received this book from the author for an honest review

Bailey is all about leggings, sweatshirts and just being comfy.  She loves to push the boundaries and is considered by many to be outspoken, cocky, and downright rude. She has a job as a waitress that she tolerates because it pays the bill. Her aspiration is to an actress. Yes she wants to be famous and have it all, however life doesn't always turn out the way Bailey had  hoped for. When she is discouraged she turns to her favorite dessert in the world , ice cream. Yes, Bailey thinks that ice cream or as one of her friends call it, "frozen sugar milk" is the cure all.

Bailey feels lucky to have her best friend, Mark to confide in. She tells him everything and they always find time to hang out, talk , eat icecream or just relax in each other's company. It is a very comfortable relationship between them. Bailey loves to rant about her horrible job and how little she is paid. The customers annoy her and Mark gets to hear all about her latest crazy customers . Bailey also gives him an earful about her ex-boyfriend Shane. Will she ever be able to move on or will she carry her love for him forever ?

Bailey finally gets a break in the acting world. Well it might just be the understudy to the lead actress, but Mark is so excited for her. He believes in her more than she does herself at times. Mark is the kind of friend that is always there for Bailey, but how long will that last? Does Mark have deep feelings for Bailey? Can she always count on him to be there?

The book made me laugh so hard at times, I felt like I wanted to be part of Bailey's group. The author does a tremendous job of developing her characters and story that I couldn't put the book down. I loved when one of the characters said, "The past is only the future with lights on." What a great point she made when she wrote that statement. The future can be brighter if we forget the past and move forward. As a debut author , Zoe Marshall hits this book out of the park.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

On a Ring and a Prayer by Sandra Bricker

I am never disappointed when I read one of Sandra's books. This one stood out especially because it deals with a woman betrayed and how she struggles to overcome it.
Jessie had it all . She was married to a successful husband who showered her with everything her heart desired. She could purchase anything she wanted and wore the most expensive and latest fashions. Her days were filled with shopping, having lunch with friends and enjoying the good life.
One day , her husband leaves with no warning. Jessie finds herself penniless, alone and wondering what to do next. The journey she takes is one you will never forget. atbthe end of every chapter is a memory of words spoken from her Grampy. These words encourage her along her journey. I loved this part of the book because it reminds us of someone in our life that spoke to us when we felt helpless . Sandra's book make you laughing some parts of the story and shows the struggle of losing everything and how to bounce back stronger than you were.
Sandra writes with such depth for her characters and this book will not disappoint. A highly recommended book that will take you from anger, despair , finding trust and a little romance mixed in a book that gives you hope and encouragement for all who are or have struggled. This book is one not to be missed!  )
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Love' s Glory by Darlene Franklin

I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review

This book is about a time period where it was tough and a war was going on that many men felt they needed to be part of . Beth' s boyfriend signs up for the army , much to her disappointment. When Garan, leaves for his assignment in the army , she decides to move. And doesn't tell him thst she is pregnant. She leaves her German town in Texas and heads to Abilene, Texas. She soon finds work at a department store owned by the Collins family . Beth becomes friends with Agnes a member of the Collins family. When they discover that Beth is pregnant and alone, they graciously open their home to her. They believe she is a widow who lost her husband during an accident in the army. 

What no one knows is that Beth is living a lie. Because she was so angry that Garn enlisted , she stopped writing to him. She can't forgive him for leaving her and her bitterness drives her to deceive people who care about her. What happens when she goes with her friend Agnes to the homecoming of her twin brother Alfred and his friend Smitty? 

The story is rich in history and characters that deal with forgiveness and overcoming mistakes. The author writes a beautiful story that takes you back to an era where struggles abounded and family was important. She gives her characters emotional twists and turns and find themselves seeking help to find their way back to their faith and trust in God. 

The book is filled with a patriotic theme that ends on the celebration of Flag Day. Thank you for a moving story that shows how lies can change the course of a person's life and how forgiveness from a town and those who love them give them hope and peace in a loving God.  )

Fateful Waters by J. M. Anton

I was given a copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review

This story is about two friends Melinda and Alexandra or Lexi to her friends. After graduating from an Ohio college, they set off on a trip to meet a young man who Melinda has been having an online relationship with.
David Decker has convinced Melinda to meet him in Lubbock , Texas. Melinda's parents convince her to take Lexi along on the trip so she won't be alone when she finally meets David .

As they reach Lubbock, David picks up Melinda to take her to his ranch, while Lexi is stuck driving Melinda's car. David is not to be trusted but neither girl realize the trouble that looms ahead for each of them. Lexi is given directions to the ranch , but David has cleverly given her the wrong way to go. Lexi finds herself in a rainstorm where it is hard to see. Before she knows it , she is off in a muddy ditch with clothes so wet they stick to her skin. Who is the man that saves her from drowning ? Will she be able to trust him ?

Melinda soon realizes she has made a very tragic mistake coming to meet David. She comes from a very wealthy family and David's plan was to lure her to his ranch in order to hold her for ransome. When she realizes this she is devastated and wonders why she was so trusting of a man she really didn't know.

Both young women will have many obstacles to overcome. The author does a good job of developing the characters and shows us that even though they face hard decisions they find strength to fight. It is a story that takes each young woman in different directions and introduces them to unexpected twists and turns in their seemingly safe world.

To find out if Melinda is rescued and if Lexi can adapt to her new environment you need to read this page turner to find out. This book reminds me of a romantic suspense novel in the old west days where people work hard , while some try to find an easier way to survive by being deceitful. It's a great read filled with people from different backgrounds who struggle to run a ranch, and opens the women to a culture they have never experienced. 

Pieces of my Soul by Sabrina Samples

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Read on June 16, 2015

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review

As I started this short book I soon realized I was enthralled with the writing style of Sabrina. In the book you find poems that show her raw emotions and transparency. Her words flow with depth, pain , sorrow and happiness. She uses such descriptive words to show her deep emotions. You can almost feel her tears as she writes about trying to be "The Perfect Girl."

In the poem, "Listen" she begs to be let go from the pain of not being in someone's life anymore. Her desperation to be set free from the pain sent shivers done my back.

"When I'm With You" is a poem that shared with readers the love she found with someone and the true devotion , honor and trust she feels for "The One." I loved Sabrina's ability to use her words to paint a picture of her deepest thoughts and draw her readers in with a glimpse into her soul. Sabrina has left pieces of herself scattered across every page and holds no emotions back. This book is one I will want to read over and over again . 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Her Dangerous Promise by part 1 by Ashley Stryker

I was given this book by LibraryThing for an honest review.
Mary teaches third grade. She loves the children and looks forward to seeing them everyday. She keeps to herself a lot and has a cat as her companion to keep her company at home.

She seems to be content with her life until one day her safe world is penetrated by a crime she may never recover from. She wakes up to discover she is in an unfamiliar place and her hands are bound.
The man who has kidnapped her reigns terror on by choking her and taunting her. She is finally able to convince him to let her go. But she has to promise thst she will never tell who he is or what he did to her. If she breaks thst promise he tells her that her cat and the children she teaches will be harmed.

Mary runs from her captor and the next thing she remembers is discovering she is in the hospital. An officer named Thom is waiting patiently to ask her questions thst she knows she must not answer in order to keep her promise .

Will she learn to trust Thom? Why does he feel this desire to protect her? The author has started the first book in the series filled with strong characters and a suspenseful beginning to a great and heart pounding story that will keep the reader guessing and wondering who to trust. This is a book that you will want to finish and find out how the author draws Thom and Mary together to keep those around her safe? In order to do that, she must open up and trust him . Will she be able to tell him what happened thst horrific night? Pick up the next book in this suspenseful series to find out.  )

The Loyal Nine (The Boston Brahmin Book 1) by Steven Konkoly, Bobby Akart

I have been blown away!
When I saw that one of my favorite post-apocalyptic authors started this series with a co-author I just wasn't sure what to expect.

I have been blown away! This book is impeccably written with an attention to detail that is rare in any genre. It is obvious that Steven Konkoly and Bobby Akart took great pride in their research when developing the characters and plots. 

This is the most frightening part, the realistic scenarios set forth in Book One of The Boston Brahmin series should turn everyone into Preppers. The novel, set in 2016, could be a foreshadow of things to come. Don't be surprised if the fictional headlines in this work become the very real headlines of tomorrow. I learned so much about the challenges facing our country. It confirms my belief that a preparedness plan is critical.

A great, thought provoking read and I highly recommend The Loyal Nine.  )

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thrillers: Blood Money: A Thriller New Release Short Story (Sam Byrne… by Robert D. Conners

I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review
Sam has returned from serving in the military with a few problems. He has trouble sleeping at night and tries to find ways to keep himself calm. He develops a gambling problem and his life starts to spiral out of control. 

He owes money to a powerfu family and is asked to do the unthinkable to repay his debt. He is worried that if he doesn't follow through with the task he has been asked to complete, someone very close to him will suffer. 

This is a short story that is packed with action, revenge and a cast of characters rich with intrigue. The author does a great job of writing a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The ending is heart pounding and filled with not the end but a continuation that makes you excited for the next installment. A must read for anyone who likes unforgettable characters and heart racing action that doesn't hold back. )

The Inheritance by Morgan K Wyatt

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review 

Melody works as a hospice nurse. It is not an easy job, but one she loves. She came from the foster care system and has never really felt accepted. She thinks she has flaws that make her unattractive to men . Throughout her life she has never felt loved or wanted by anyone. . She looks in a mirror and sees an overweight and lonely woman. . Because of these flaws she perceives that she has, she has become insecure . 

Levi is a strong determined, no nonsense kind of man. While serving in the military , Levi lost a leg. Now that he is back home as a wounded soldier, he feels that he has nothing to offer a woman. He has returned home an angry man who must deal with a divorce that leaves him bitter and cold. 

The story centers around these two different and dynamic characters and how they have to deal with living together in a home that Levi's uncle has left them. It is a great read about two people finding their self worth while opening their hearts to each other. Will Uncle Roy's greatest regret change their life? Will two people who don't trust each other be able to live in the same house? 

The author does a great job of exploring the regrets people have, the hope of acceptance and finding love when you don't expect it. Morgan has given us characters that make us cry through their struggles and feel the pain they have suffered over the years. It is a story that will leave you with an emotional journey that shows you what forgiveness and hope can do to change your self esteem. I loved the way the story flowed with a depth of raw emotions and the vulnerablebility the characters experienced. 

The Inheritance is the first book I have read by Morgan K. Wyatt but it will not be the last. Thank you for writing such a beautiful story and introducing me to your incredible writing style. 

Coconut Chronicles:Ransome

I was given a copy of this book from the author for an honest review

We find Sam after changing jobs getting ready to take a trip to St. Thomas to do a story for a Travel Magazine about Americans who invest in property there. He takes his friend Walter along to snap pictures for his article. They get settled on the plane and Sam starts talking to Alice, the woman sitting next to him. She is traveling to St. Thomas to see her dad. As Alice begins to talk about her dad, Sam realizes he would be a great person to interview for his article. After all Alice's dad is a mainland American . They exchange numbers and agree for Sam to meet her dad to interview him.

After a long flight, Sam and Walter get settled in their little bungalow . They decide to rest before venturing out to do a bit of sightseeing. As Sam is enjoying the quiet, his cell phone rings. It's a woman on the other end of the call. She informs Sam that she mistakenly took his suitcase at the airport and he must have hers. He is anxious to get his suitcase back because it has his computer and other items needed for his article.

At this point the story takes us on an adventure straight out of a James Bond movie. The suitcase Sam has is not Maggie's. In the suitcase he finds two very large coconuts. Walter  and Sam finds that strange since they are surrounded by coconuts on the island. What is in the coconuts that are so vital to the owner of the suitcase ? Why are strange men shooting at them ?  Why is Alice's dad suddenly kidnapped ? Her dad specializes in old recovered Spanish and Caribbean treasures that has come from shipwrecks. Could that be a clue as to why he is so valuable to the kidnappers ?

The author has such a witty, funny and captivating style of writing that the reader will be glued to this well written mystery. He describes the sky as "the most beautiful deep turquoise ever seen." In another scene in the book he writes, "the sunlight became mere flecks among the high branches of the tropical trees." The authors words paint such a vivid picture , you feel as though you are in St. Thomas watching the story unfold in front of you.

 As I was was reading the book I could almost hear the waves of the water, feel the breeze in the air and notice the sun as it began to bask the island in its brightness. I loved how he gave his characters such interesting traits and a strong desire to find out the truth .   This is a book filled with intrigue, an  intense race to uncover the mystery of the coconuts and a rescue so gripping that the reader will be anxious to find out the ending. This is a must read for mystery fans everywhere.

Simpatico: They Will Never Tear Us Apart by Dermot Davis

I received a copy of this book for a honest review
I received this book from the author for an honest review 

Fiona is a delicate flower who has special powers that most people would never understand. Her father adores her and will do anything to keep his darling daughter happy . They live in a mansion surrounded by wealth. Andrew is a strong willed person who falls deeply in love with Fiona. He comes from a poor family compared to Fiona, but she only sees Andrew's love and devotion for her. They decide to prick their fingers and exchange blood as a "way join not just our hearts but our soul" Fiona explains.

Not everything is as it seems though. Fiona's father does not want Andrew anywhere near his daughter. He finds a way to put Andrew in prison for several years by using his "abilities." Simon, the father, belongs to a secret group called "The Order of the Wise Serpent."

Andrew and Fiona are devastated when they realize they will be apart for years. Does Fiona have "special gifts" that will allow her to visit him in prison through her psychic powers? What will Andrew do when he discovers that he also has psychic powers by visiting Professor Dowling?

Once again Mr. Davis has written a powerful book. The characters are so rich in the determination to be together that they are willing to do anything to be forever soulmates.

The book takes us on a journey of survival, strength, and a love so deep that nothing or no one will be able to come between Fiona and Andrew. I loved the way Mr. Davis writes a story of true love and explores the subject of psychic ability In a way that you find yourself mesmerized by a great romantic suspense. At times during the story , I felt like I was reading a story of two people so deeply in love that their sacrifice to always be together took me back to the the story of Romeo and Juliet. Fiona and Andrew have that kind of love that is timeless and breathtaking to read.

I loved the book and knew I would remember this story forever as it touched me as the characters experienced unconditional love and a desire to always stand together. If you are looking for a book with romance, suspense, characters that you fall in love bring tears to your eyes cry and an author who writes with such compassion and an exceptional way to make the story flow with flawlessness, then Simpatico should be your next book to read.  )