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Thursday, June 18, 2015

On a Ring and a Prayer by Sandra Bricker

I am never disappointed when I read one of Sandra's books. This one stood out especially because it deals with a woman betrayed and how she struggles to overcome it.
Jessie had it all . She was married to a successful husband who showered her with everything her heart desired. She could purchase anything she wanted and wore the most expensive and latest fashions. Her days were filled with shopping, having lunch with friends and enjoying the good life.
One day , her husband leaves with no warning. Jessie finds herself penniless, alone and wondering what to do next. The journey she takes is one you will never forget. atbthe end of every chapter is a memory of words spoken from her Grampy. These words encourage her along her journey. I loved this part of the book because it reminds us of someone in our life that spoke to us when we felt helpless . Sandra's book make you laughing some parts of the story and shows the struggle of losing everything and how to bounce back stronger than you were.
Sandra writes with such depth for her characters and this book will not disappoint. A highly recommended book that will take you from anger, despair , finding trust and a little romance mixed in a book that gives you hope and encouragement for all who are or have struggled. This book is one not to be missed!  )
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