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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Simpatico: They Will Never Tear Us Apart by Dermot Davis

I received a copy of this book for a honest review
I received this book from the author for an honest review 

Fiona is a delicate flower who has special powers that most people would never understand. Her father adores her and will do anything to keep his darling daughter happy . They live in a mansion surrounded by wealth. Andrew is a strong willed person who falls deeply in love with Fiona. He comes from a poor family compared to Fiona, but she only sees Andrew's love and devotion for her. They decide to prick their fingers and exchange blood as a "way join not just our hearts but our soul" Fiona explains.

Not everything is as it seems though. Fiona's father does not want Andrew anywhere near his daughter. He finds a way to put Andrew in prison for several years by using his "abilities." Simon, the father, belongs to a secret group called "The Order of the Wise Serpent."

Andrew and Fiona are devastated when they realize they will be apart for years. Does Fiona have "special gifts" that will allow her to visit him in prison through her psychic powers? What will Andrew do when he discovers that he also has psychic powers by visiting Professor Dowling?

Once again Mr. Davis has written a powerful book. The characters are so rich in the determination to be together that they are willing to do anything to be forever soulmates.

The book takes us on a journey of survival, strength, and a love so deep that nothing or no one will be able to come between Fiona and Andrew. I loved the way Mr. Davis writes a story of true love and explores the subject of psychic ability In a way that you find yourself mesmerized by a great romantic suspense. At times during the story , I felt like I was reading a story of two people so deeply in love that their sacrifice to always be together took me back to the the story of Romeo and Juliet. Fiona and Andrew have that kind of love that is timeless and breathtaking to read.

I loved the book and knew I would remember this story forever as it touched me as the characters experienced unconditional love and a desire to always stand together. If you are looking for a book with romance, suspense, characters that you fall in love bring tears to your eyes cry and an author who writes with such compassion and an exceptional way to make the story flow with flawlessness, then Simpatico should be your next book to read.  )

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