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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fateful Waters by J. M. Anton

I was given a copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review

This story is about two friends Melinda and Alexandra or Lexi to her friends. After graduating from an Ohio college, they set off on a trip to meet a young man who Melinda has been having an online relationship with.
David Decker has convinced Melinda to meet him in Lubbock , Texas. Melinda's parents convince her to take Lexi along on the trip so she won't be alone when she finally meets David .

As they reach Lubbock, David picks up Melinda to take her to his ranch, while Lexi is stuck driving Melinda's car. David is not to be trusted but neither girl realize the trouble that looms ahead for each of them. Lexi is given directions to the ranch , but David has cleverly given her the wrong way to go. Lexi finds herself in a rainstorm where it is hard to see. Before she knows it , she is off in a muddy ditch with clothes so wet they stick to her skin. Who is the man that saves her from drowning ? Will she be able to trust him ?

Melinda soon realizes she has made a very tragic mistake coming to meet David. She comes from a very wealthy family and David's plan was to lure her to his ranch in order to hold her for ransome. When she realizes this she is devastated and wonders why she was so trusting of a man she really didn't know.

Both young women will have many obstacles to overcome. The author does a good job of developing the characters and shows us that even though they face hard decisions they find strength to fight. It is a story that takes each young woman in different directions and introduces them to unexpected twists and turns in their seemingly safe world.

To find out if Melinda is rescued and if Lexi can adapt to her new environment you need to read this page turner to find out. This book reminds me of a romantic suspense novel in the old west days where people work hard , while some try to find an easier way to survive by being deceitful. It's a great read filled with people from different backgrounds who struggle to run a ranch, and opens the women to a culture they have never experienced. 

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