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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Her Dangerous Promise by part 1 by Ashley Stryker

I was given this book by LibraryThing for an honest review.
Mary teaches third grade. She loves the children and looks forward to seeing them everyday. She keeps to herself a lot and has a cat as her companion to keep her company at home.

She seems to be content with her life until one day her safe world is penetrated by a crime she may never recover from. She wakes up to discover she is in an unfamiliar place and her hands are bound.
The man who has kidnapped her reigns terror on by choking her and taunting her. She is finally able to convince him to let her go. But she has to promise thst she will never tell who he is or what he did to her. If she breaks thst promise he tells her that her cat and the children she teaches will be harmed.

Mary runs from her captor and the next thing she remembers is discovering she is in the hospital. An officer named Thom is waiting patiently to ask her questions thst she knows she must not answer in order to keep her promise .

Will she learn to trust Thom? Why does he feel this desire to protect her? The author has started the first book in the series filled with strong characters and a suspenseful beginning to a great and heart pounding story that will keep the reader guessing and wondering who to trust. This is a book that you will want to finish and find out how the author draws Thom and Mary together to keep those around her safe? In order to do that, she must open up and trust him . Will she be able to tell him what happened thst horrific night? Pick up the next book in this suspenseful series to find out.  )

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