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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Until it Doesn't by Zoe Marshall

I received this book from the author for an honest review

Bailey is all about leggings, sweatshirts and just being comfy.  She loves to push the boundaries and is considered by many to be outspoken, cocky, and downright rude. She has a job as a waitress that she tolerates because it pays the bill. Her aspiration is to an actress. Yes she wants to be famous and have it all, however life doesn't always turn out the way Bailey had  hoped for. When she is discouraged she turns to her favorite dessert in the world , ice cream. Yes, Bailey thinks that ice cream or as one of her friends call it, "frozen sugar milk" is the cure all.

Bailey feels lucky to have her best friend, Mark to confide in. She tells him everything and they always find time to hang out, talk , eat icecream or just relax in each other's company. It is a very comfortable relationship between them. Bailey loves to rant about her horrible job and how little she is paid. The customers annoy her and Mark gets to hear all about her latest crazy customers . Bailey also gives him an earful about her ex-boyfriend Shane. Will she ever be able to move on or will she carry her love for him forever ?

Bailey finally gets a break in the acting world. Well it might just be the understudy to the lead actress, but Mark is so excited for her. He believes in her more than she does herself at times. Mark is the kind of friend that is always there for Bailey, but how long will that last? Does Mark have deep feelings for Bailey? Can she always count on him to be there?

The book made me laugh so hard at times, I felt like I wanted to be part of Bailey's group. The author does a tremendous job of developing her characters and story that I couldn't put the book down. I loved when one of the characters said, "The past is only the future with lights on." What a great point she made when she wrote that statement. The future can be brighter if we forget the past and move forward. As a debut author , Zoe Marshall hits this book out of the park.

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