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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Coconut Chronicles:Ransome

I was given a copy of this book from the author for an honest review

We find Sam after changing jobs getting ready to take a trip to St. Thomas to do a story for a Travel Magazine about Americans who invest in property there. He takes his friend Walter along to snap pictures for his article. They get settled on the plane and Sam starts talking to Alice, the woman sitting next to him. She is traveling to St. Thomas to see her dad. As Alice begins to talk about her dad, Sam realizes he would be a great person to interview for his article. After all Alice's dad is a mainland American . They exchange numbers and agree for Sam to meet her dad to interview him.

After a long flight, Sam and Walter get settled in their little bungalow . They decide to rest before venturing out to do a bit of sightseeing. As Sam is enjoying the quiet, his cell phone rings. It's a woman on the other end of the call. She informs Sam that she mistakenly took his suitcase at the airport and he must have hers. He is anxious to get his suitcase back because it has his computer and other items needed for his article.

At this point the story takes us on an adventure straight out of a James Bond movie. The suitcase Sam has is not Maggie's. In the suitcase he finds two very large coconuts. Walter  and Sam finds that strange since they are surrounded by coconuts on the island. What is in the coconuts that are so vital to the owner of the suitcase ? Why are strange men shooting at them ?  Why is Alice's dad suddenly kidnapped ? Her dad specializes in old recovered Spanish and Caribbean treasures that has come from shipwrecks. Could that be a clue as to why he is so valuable to the kidnappers ?

The author has such a witty, funny and captivating style of writing that the reader will be glued to this well written mystery. He describes the sky as "the most beautiful deep turquoise ever seen." In another scene in the book he writes, "the sunlight became mere flecks among the high branches of the tropical trees." The authors words paint such a vivid picture , you feel as though you are in St. Thomas watching the story unfold in front of you.

 As I was was reading the book I could almost hear the waves of the water, feel the breeze in the air and notice the sun as it began to bask the island in its brightness. I loved how he gave his characters such interesting traits and a strong desire to find out the truth .   This is a book filled with intrigue, an  intense race to uncover the mystery of the coconuts and a rescue so gripping that the reader will be anxious to find out the ending. This is a must read for mystery fans everywhere.

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