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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fairfield Amish Romance Boxed Set

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TitleFairfield Amish Romance Boxed Set (Volume 1)
AuthorElanor Miller
Your reviewI was given a copy of this book from the authors for an honest review
This was a great collection of stories that gave us inspiring characters and painted a lovely picture of a town filled with struggles, learning to seek God, clean sweet romance and writing that flowed across the pages.

Each story was a wonderful look at people who depend on their faith but sometimes need guidance and love. I enjoyed each book from the collection and as I read the beautiful stories , I felt like I was in Fairfield mingling with the people of the town as each character was developed with grace. It is a great collection to read as you sit back, relax and savor the words that touch your heart and brings a feeling of joy and hope.
Other authors
Vail, Susan
Burkholder, Diane
Weaver, Isabell

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