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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Her Dangerous Promise Part Three by Ashley Stryker

I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review.

As the story continues, we find Mary and Thom growing closer to each other. Mary is having trouble coming to terms with not keeping her promise. The kidnapper warned her that if she did keep her promise he would hurts others that are close to her.

A report has been made that another kidnapping from the school has just taken place. The kidnapper has taken Nancy, the librarian. This news devastates Mary as she feels it is her fault. The police get a break when a security camera has been discovered with the kidnapping of Nancy . As Mary watches the horrific scene play out on video, she feels like she is watching herself in the video.

Thom decides to take Mary back to where she was rescued to see if she can remember any significant information that will help identify the kidnapper and save Nancy.
What will happen when Mary starts to relive the day her life was changed forever? Will the kidnapper be identified? Can Nancy be saved before the kidnapper turns violent ?

The third installment in this book has developed the relationship between Mary and Thom in a deep and moving way. They each have feelings for each other but Thom has been holding back. Can Mary break through that barrier and find love with Thom? The story is increasing in intensity as the race to find the kidnapper becomes more urgent each moment he is still out there lurking for more victims. A page turner awaits the reader.  )

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