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Friday, December 7, 2018


The author has once again written a story that is filled with intrigue and characters that jump off the pages. I love the story concept of this book. The author has not only incorporated what he writes best which is about medical drama but has included a bit of dangerous gun-running into the mix.   As a lawyer Jack has different clients, but this particular one will have a devastating turn of events for him. What do you do when your client confesses a crime that is going to happen? Jack must decide to do the right thing even though it puts him and his wife in danger. The tension is felt throughout the book. Is this a case of mistaken identity or a well planned plot to get guns on the street?

There is another aspect of the book I liked. It talks about when a marriage is in danger and communication shuts down. Jack tries to hide what is going on from his wife Kelly. The author does a great job of showing how easily a marriage can fall apart if we don't trust God and shallow our pride. The story is a quick read but it sure has the action that the author always delivers. I loved the little twists in the story and found it to enhance the overall story. It's a great story filled with danger, secrets, learning to trust and an ending that I loved.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


The author grabbed my attention right away as Amanda gets an unexpected visit from her fiance the night before their wedding. I am not a big fan of Nathan  as he breaks Amanda's heart. What is she suppose to do now with her life? The adventure starts off with Amanda and her father s they travel with a guide to head west. I can just image the terrain they traveled on and the dangers they faced. Maybe this will be a new  beginning for Amanda.

The determination and strength of Amanda is seen throughout the story as she faces a treacherous undertaking across the wilderness. She promised her father she would share Jesus with others and along her journey, she finds several who are eager to learn more about Him. I can't imagine what it would be like to travel with little shelter and danger waiting to surprise you. Amanda is strong in her faith and hope that her message will reach many.

I loved following her as she traveled and being introduced to  unforgettable characters. I can't forget to mention Mary and Jim. They play a pivotal roll in Amanda's story. I loved the way the author gives us a glimpse of the past in Amanda and several other characters lives. The story is filled with danger, faith, and hope. As an extra bonus included in the book is a bonus story.


This story features Amanda's daughter that she took in  and is a treat to read. Little Fawn has dreamed of being a missionary like her mother and one day she will make that a reality. Little Fawn is very feisty and I'm afraid she may go out on her own to spread the word about God. I remember when I got saved, I wanted to tell everyone. Little Fawn must have that same joyful spirit and she is getting closer to leaving her home without permission. I loved the adventure Little Fawn took and the people she encountered. She faces real danger when  she is captured and fears her fate is sealed. It will be a true test of faith and endurance for Little Fawn. Don't miss this story that captures the true heart of a woman who loves God.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
Lost Christmas Memories FB Banner copy

About the Book

Lost Christmas Memories
Book: Lost Christmas Memories
Author: Dana Mentink
Genre: Inspirational Romantic Suspense/Christmas
Release Date: November 1, 2018
A witness with amnesia
Can she trust this Gold Country Cowboy with her life?
Tracy Wilson witnessed a murder—but after a head injury, she can’t remember what she saw. Now someone plans to silence her for good, and only cowboy Keegan Thorn believes her. With a killer after her at Christmas, Tracy is running out of time to remember…and falling dangerously hard for the cowboy who could break her heart.
Click here to purchase your copy!

About the Author

Dana MentinkDana Mentink is a two time American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award winner, a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award and a Holt Medallion winner. She is a national bestselling author of over thirty five titles in the suspense and lighthearted romance genres. She is pleased to write for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense, Harlequin Heartwarming and Harvest House. Dana was thrilled to be a semi-finalist in the Jeanne Robertson Comedy With Class Competition. Besides writing, she busies herself teaching third grade. Mostly, she loves to be home with Papa Bear, teen bear cubs affectionately nicknamed Yogi and Boo Boo, Junie, the nutty terrier, a chubby box turtle and a feisty parakeet. You can connect with Dana via her website at

Guest Post from Dana

Writing this book was bittersweet for me. It was lovely to finally be able to tell youngest Thorn brother Keegan’s story, but I sure am sorry to say goodbye to this series! It was such fun to write about these four kinsmen and the family bonds that held them together through all manner of murder and mayhem! Here at Mentink Manor, we have recently sent a bear cub away to college for the first time. It feels like I have lost a limb now that my Boo Boo is gone! Fortunately, we will enjoy having her home for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Though it won’t be a cozy country Christmas like it is for Keegan (we live in a city of 80,000 here in Northern, CA) we will be thrilled to have all our family home to celebrate together (Mama Bear, Papa Bear, two cubs, a naughty terrier, and a senior citizen box turtle!) I hope you enjoy this last installment in the Gold Country Cowboy series. I am sending along our best wishes for a blessed holiday season, from our Mentink household to yours!


The author really knows how to get your attention from the very beginning of the story. What would you do if you witnessed a murder? Tracy has come for business and stumbles upon a horrible scene. She is terrified but knows she must get away. Through a series of events, she loses her memory. I can say for sure if I was going to be rescued I wouldn't mind having the dashing Keegan by my side.. He is without question a true cowboy and doesn't mind helping a damsel in distress. 

Tracy is scared when parts of her memory start to come back. I liked how the Thorn family took her in and showed her grace and compassion. Keegan says something to Tracy that really stuck with me. He said," Dunno why they decided to love me," as he talks about the Thorns. Tracy's response was, "Maybe because you let them." I know I have a difficult time allowing anyone into my life and I realized how little I have allowed people to love me. Such a great part of the story I didn't want to not mention it. It shows how Keegan has had a difficult time with relationships and perhaps like me, doesn't feel worthy to be loved.

I loved how much knowledge the author knows about horses. It is easy to visualize how regal they are with her descriptions. Keegan and Tom do not get along at all. Tom has some vendetta against him and it plays perfectly into the story. Does Tom know more about why Tracy is is danger? Is he holding information back on what Tracy witnessed? Tracy's upbringing is full of disappointments and rejections. I could see the parallel lives her and Keegan have. Both were not wanted when they were younger and it has become difficult to trust and forgive people.

There is heart stopping action as Tracy tries to dodge attempts on her life. Keegan must stay on his toes if he is going to keep Tracy alive. I loved the fast pace action and all the suspects on my list that kept growing.  There is plenty of mystery as the story reaches an exciting ending. What a wonderful ending to an exciting series.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

New Growth Press’ Spirit of Giving Family Devotionals Giveaway

For active families, reading the Bible together can feel overwhelming. However, family Bible study doesn’t have to be complicated! With just ten minutes a day, parents have enough time to pass on the most valuable treasure the world has ever known.

Start off the new year resolved to study the Bible together. New Growth Press has you covered and is giving away a family devotional package every family will want to win!

In this third and final Spirit of Giving giveaway of the Christmas season, New Growth Press is giving away THREE gift boxes of family devotionals (retail value of $148 each). From December 3-8, you can enter to win one of family devotional boxes. 

Each gift box includes one copy of the following family devotionals written by Marty Machowski:
Children love stories, and the parables provide a wonderful opportunity to engage their imagination and help them understand and live out the good news of the kingdom of God. After teaching a parable, Jesus often said, “Whoever has ears, let him hear.” In other words, “This is important, so you better listen up,” and what could be more important than the good news of the kingdom of God? This family devotional provides a unique opportunity for parents to help their children “listen up” and hear the gospel as Jesus himself shared it.
Wise Up is designed to connect the teaching of Proverbs to God’s larger story of salvation. Children will learn that Solomon’s wisdom, life, and failures all point to “something greater than Solomon”—they point to Jesus. The goal of this devotional is to present the wisdom of Proverbs against the backdrop of the gospel to show children that real wisdom comes only as we depend on Jesus for daily help and forgiveness.
Long Story Short guides families through the Old Testament stories and is designed to cultivate honest and powerful discussion about the Bible, which is the catalyst for change in children’s lives. Through 78 Old Testament stories, Long Story Short explains God’s plan of salvation through the Old Testament, focusing on the hero of Scripture and important biblical truths without being corny, confusing, or condescending. 
Suited for children from preschool through high school, this gospel-focused book is full of ten-minute devotions to continue the gospel story that began in Long Story Short. The consistent and short structure helps children walk through the life-changing truths of the Christian faith in the New Testament—without overwhelming them. Through 78 New Testament stories, Old Story New does the hard work for moms and dads. Simple discussion questions (and answers!) for each day’s devotion help children understand and connect with Jesus’s life, death, resurrection, and the birth of the Christian church.
This beautifully illustrated storybook captivates young readers with the heart of the gospel. The Gospel Story Bible points to Jesus, helping families and kids identify Christ as the hero of every story. While it’s easy to forget Jesus in the midst of frantic schedules, family squabbles, and conflicting priorities, Machowski reminds families of God’s plan of salvation in Christ, which is continually on display throughout the Bible. Ideal as a storybook for your preschooler, a devotional for your grade school student, a refresher for the adult believer, or an introduction for the new one, The Gospel Story Bible is also a companion to Long Story Short and Old Story New.

In addition to these books for the entire family, the winners will also receive a new book of devotionals just for parents, and New Growth Press’ latest parenting book.
In this uplifting and faith-strengthening devotional book for parents, Marty Machowski encourages parents in the midst of trials. Full of Scripture, testimonies of faithful parents, and insightful meditations, Parenting First Aid equips moms and dads to run to God and trust his ability to do what they can’t. The easy-to-use format provides encouragement to turn to God in the midst of family difficulty. While God does not promise happiness and ease in parenting, all can find comfort in God and peace beyond understanding through the Scriptures and meditations found in Parenting First Aid.
Every family is unique, which is why Child Proof explores the need for parents to cultivate personal and intimate care for their children as modeled in God’s individual, personal, and fatherly care to his children. This child-rearing book lays a foundation of parenting by faith and progresses by teaching readers how they can know their own kids well and raise them accordingly. By discussing particular issues moms and dads might have in family life, Lowe demonstrates how formulas aren’t the answer, and parenting with biblical wisdom is best for a proactive rather than reactive approach to parenting.

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Sunday, December 2, 2018


I am really enjoying this series and the addition of this book is a wonderful story set during the War of 1812. It is a scary time as the Americans and the British are at war. Emeline is on her way home when an attack on her father's ship finds her in danger. I think I would have to do some fast talking myself in order to be spared by these men.

Soon Emeline finds herself telling the men she is really a spy for the British army.Will First Lieutenant Owen Masters believe her? She is taking a big risk but desperate times call for desperate measures.The author skillfully takes us aboard the ship as we sail across the waters. Now that Owen thinks Emeline is a spy, that puts him in a little quandary. He has a secret of his own that could change everything.

I enjoyed the wisdom that Emeline's father has shared with her over the years. He has always told her to be a good and proper lady. It is getting hard for her to do that when she resorts to lies . Living on the ship is hard at times when the men on board are not exactly respectful of women. Eealine and Owen are starting to have a love/hate relationship but will that change when secrets are found out? I loved how the author showed how Emeline depended on her faith and was distraught when she felt she went against God.

The story is full of mystery and find Emeline and Owen on working together. Will they be able to get word to the Americans before the British come? Can Owen trust Emeline with his secret? It's a great story that captures a time when war was at hand at the enemy was close by to attack.

I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing . The review is my own opinion.