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Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Reluctant Assassin by J C Morrow

I received an advanced copy of this  book from the author for an honest review

Kayden has been chosen to complete a mission that will involve deceit and calmness to achieve her goal. She is transformed into a beautiful woman with the most fancy of dresses awaiting the arrival of the Prince with twenty-four other eager young women. They are all there vying for Dvarius's  attention. He is the prince that has come to the ballroom to select his princess.  As Kayden sees Dvarius enter the grand ballroom , she remembers her trainer saying to her, " Never let him see who you really are. You do belong there . Remember that."  To her surprise, the Prince  is headed straight to her. Their  eyes lock on each other as the author describes the Princes's eyes as " deep velvety chocolate." I could picture those eyes so vividly that I reread the sentence again, just to absorb the superb picture the words painted .

The Prince becomes very smitten by Kayden, much to the disgust of some of the members of his staff. As they begin to grow closer, he ponders if Kayden shares his faith. Dvarius is very deeply committed to his faith and it is of upmost importance that his bride share the same deep devotion of faith. Kayden knows that the prince is falling for her and she wonders "did my mission just get easier....or impossible ?" Can she complete her mission , or will love get in the way ?

The book is an explosion of intrigue and keeps you mesmerized by the author's gift for beautifully written words that come to life. I loved when the author wrote  " she felt like a flame -and he was the oxygen.'" Those words gave me chills and I knew I had to read faster to see what was coming up next. I was so engrossed in the book, I lost track of time. The ending of the story was intense and had me on the edge of my seat. I am thrilled to know that there will be another book to continue this story. I will leave you with this line from the book that captured my attention . " What if Cinderella had been sent to kill the Prince?"

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Inked For Eternity by Roxanne Wermuth

I received a copy of this book from The Book Club Network and Destiny Image for an honest review

Growing up , Roxanne did not have the typical loving home like  most have experienced. She lived through the beatings and verbal abuse her dad dished out on a daily basis. As she became older, she fought the hatred she had for her dad. Roxanne had lived in a home where she was never good enough or smart enough to succeed in life. Having to deal with those emotional scars will prove to be a turning point in her life.

Roxanne gets married and has two children. Her husband David  is very loving and supportive, but Roxanne brings into their marriage the need to be important and succeed. She starts to become number one at her job and feels like she has finally been accepted. When she is at home, she screams at her children, hits them and verbally abuses her family. At some point , will her selfish desires and mental and physical abuse catch up with her? Will she see that she is repeating a pattern of abuse that she endured ?

Roxanne seems content with her life , but everything changes when she is diagnosed with MS. It is a painful disease that will cause her to experience depression and struggle to learn to depend on others. At her lowest point, she senses an urge to give up and thinks about suicide. In a blink of an eye, her life suddenly takes a turn for the worse . She finds herself in a deep coma. Roxanne can feel her  body rise and looks down to see herself laying very still in a hospital bed.

The experience she has is one that she will never forget and changes her forever. God allows her a glimpse of heaven and all its beauty. What visions does God give her to experience? Will she be able to let go of her painful childhood and forgive her father? This book is a powerful story of redemption, forgiveness and a peace that only comes from God's love. As you can see from the cover , Roxaner has a beautiful tattoo. When you read this amazing book you will find out why she got the tattoo and how her openness is helping others and allowing God to show her the purpose He has for her.

"God uses our personal experiences to help others. We are like threads that weave in and out of each others' lives, making changes and impact on people who need to hear our stories ."  Well said Roxanne. Thank you for sharing your story with others and recognizing the purpose God has for your life.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

's review 
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Read on August 03, 2015

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review

Jess has had to overcome tragedy in her life. Her parents had been murdered in their home and she was left with unanswered questions. She finds out that her dad had worked for the government and now wonders if he knew something that got him and her mom killed? Jess is a very determined strong willed woman. She work with the FBI as a profiler. As I started reading the book, I felt a sense of walking onto the stage of Criminal Minds and observing as they present a case. The use of the word UNSUP had my attention quickly as the team hunts for an online predator who kills without warning.

Jess gets a lead and thinks she has found the UNSUB. During an intense encounter the suspect gets away and leaves Jess with many unanswered questions. Her boss pulls her from the case for her safety. She retreats to a very familiar place where she soon will discover is not so secure. I love the character development of Jess. The author gives us a glimpse into her past and the emotional scars she still deals with. Her boss, Tom is a fierce protector of Jess . Do they have feelings for each other? Is it possible that Jess knows the UNSUB?

The book is well written with non-stop action and twists and turns that have you guessing until the end. This is not a typical mystery that can quickly be guessed by the reader. The brilliant writing gives you subtle hints of who the killer may be. The author keeps you glued to the book anticipating the identity of the killer and shocks you when the killer is revealed. I love intrigue and this is a perfect book for those who love a great mystery with a powerful ending.

Texas summers are no doubt some of the hottest you'll find. The heat encountered during this summer is not at all what Taylor bargained for. She's at a crossroads between childhood and womanhood, rummaging through the emotions of first love versus passion. Two young men tangle a web of needs and desires in her heart. The summer before college begins, Taylor is thrust from her childhood home in Houston to an inherited family farm on the outskirts of Schulenburg, Texas. Eric, her first love, has gone states away to play college football. Low-spirited and merely trying to get through an expectantly boring summer, she is nearly run off the road by her new country neighbor, Maxwell. Ruggedly handsome, devilishly charming and everything Taylor seeks to avoid, Maxwell does something to her emotions she's struggling desperately to interpret, as they spend the summer filled with each other. Boundaries are tested and the scales of lust tip despite hesitations. A final decision must be made. Did she ever truly love Eric? Is Maxwell simply a lustful thought, or is there more to uncover beneath the surface? One thing is for certain, this summer will change Taylor in every possible way: mind, body and soul.



     Where is he driving? We’ve been in the truck for over an hour and a half. All I know is we are headed west on Highway 21. ; Not not an area I know well.

“How long until we get there?” Wherever there is.

“Not much longer,” is all he offers.
“Still not giving me a clue?” My mind is toying with ideas, but I can’t gather anything concrete. Whatever he has in store is truly a surprise.

“No, ma’am,” he grins naughtily then stupefies me with his next question. , “Everything okay in the Eric department?”

I sit stunned as fury builds in me. My face feels hot from anger. It must be red. “I don’t want to talk about it,” I utter hastily. The female voice on the phone still has me hot and bitter.

“Okay. Sorry,” he apologizes.

“You don’t need to be sorry, I just don’t want to talk about it,” I mutter. Opening up to Max about the issue will only make things worse. Besides, the day has turned into a positive, and only looks to get better. Drowning it with my childish rant over the Eric call would be a mistake, I reason. I change the subject. “Have you ever taken anyone to do whatever we’re going to do?” I prod.

“Nope. Not a soul,” he answers. I feel his eyes on me and I turn to meet them.

“Why now?” I ask with wonder.

“You’re different.” My insides melt. Different how? “I don’t know what I’m supposed to say…”

“Don’t say anything,” he answers. It only makes me appreciate him more. He doesn’t push, yet a part of me wants him to push. I’m attracted to Max and jaded with Eric. Tides are definitely turning.
Max reaches for my hand, curling his fingers over my knuckles. He doesn’t let go. I don’t pull away. 

Beth Ann is a wife, mother, blogger and book lover from Texas. Her passion is writing stories that draw a reader into a world where they can become the characters and experience a gamut of emotions. When she's not writing, she loves to be home with her family and two yellow labs. In addition she's a sucker for super sappy romance movies, loves trying out Texas wines, is an avid hot tea drinker and enjoys checking items off of her ever-growing bucket list.

Monday, August 17, 2015

To Soar on Eagle's Wings by Renee Blairb

I received a copy of this book from book for an honest review Rachel Fitzgerald is a school teacher who is ready for a break. She knows that since her mother died, her relationship between her siblings are strained. . Rachel decides that she will take a trip and go to Crystal Lake and the Snowy Range to sort out her life. She hopes to find peace there and leave the past behind . Rachel sets off to the mountains where she meets the new game warden who happens to be Steve, her brother's old roommate. He brings back memories to her of a long ago crush she had on him. Rachel has headed down the mountain on her snowmobile while Steve sets off to investigates a wildlife situation which turns into danger for both of them. Will Rachel be able to trust Steve and rely on God? The author has written a great adventure between two people who must learn to depend on God while dealing with intrigue that surrounds them. Rachel loves the mountains and feels at peace there . The beauty of the mountain gives her peace and comfort as she tries to sort out the turmoil in her family . Can Steve and Rachel renew a relationship that was once important in their lives? The author has written a very detailed action packed story filled with mystery and mixed a little romance in to deliver a powerful story that will keep you engrossed until the end. The details of the Wyoming background is breathtaking as she paints a glorious picture of God's majestic land. The symbolism she uses with the Eagles is not to be missed. To soar like an eagle, to be free can only come from the grace that God gives us. This is one story I could read again and again, because it has such a powerful message . Thank you for writing a story that will stay with me forever.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Crazy Little Thing Called Love By Beth Vogt

I received a copy of this book from for an honest review

Vanessa and Ted are getting married. Ted is an ER doctor and being  a practical type person has decided they should have a destination wedding. He wants the wedding in Destin , Florida so they can spend their honeymoon there and he can attend some classes related to his work. There are two problems with this great idea of Ted's. First , is he kidding with the idea of a romantic honeymoon mixed with work ? The second problem is a bit more serious. How can Vanessa go back to Destin, Florida and plan a wedding where she had her first wedding?

Logan is a storm chaser and has never gotten over Vanessa, the girl he married when they were both young. What are the odds that they are at the beach at the same time when a young child is drowning. When they both come to the boy's aide , they are shocked to see each other. Is there still a spark between them? I love how the author has so strategically placed them in unlikely places to bump into each other. They go from saving a life to dealing with a hurricane to realizing there may be some unresolved feelings .

The story flows so well that I lost track of time as I read it. The characters each struggle with real life issues and the author delivers a great story of dealing with past mistakes, relying on God and an unforgettable ending to a story that will have you cheering for second chances  . Many of us can relate to this story that deals with a love thst got away. Will Logan and Vanessa find their way back to each other?  What will happen when they take a leap of faith? I won't spoil the ending , but it is one of the best endings to a story I have read .