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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Crazy Little Thing Called Love By Beth Vogt

I received a copy of this book from for an honest review

Vanessa and Ted are getting married. Ted is an ER doctor and being  a practical type person has decided they should have a destination wedding. He wants the wedding in Destin , Florida so they can spend their honeymoon there and he can attend some classes related to his work. There are two problems with this great idea of Ted's. First , is he kidding with the idea of a romantic honeymoon mixed with work ? The second problem is a bit more serious. How can Vanessa go back to Destin, Florida and plan a wedding where she had her first wedding?

Logan is a storm chaser and has never gotten over Vanessa, the girl he married when they were both young. What are the odds that they are at the beach at the same time when a young child is drowning. When they both come to the boy's aide , they are shocked to see each other. Is there still a spark between them? I love how the author has so strategically placed them in unlikely places to bump into each other. They go from saving a life to dealing with a hurricane to realizing there may be some unresolved feelings .

The story flows so well that I lost track of time as I read it. The characters each struggle with real life issues and the author delivers a great story of dealing with past mistakes, relying on God and an unforgettable ending to a story that will have you cheering for second chances  . Many of us can relate to this story that deals with a love thst got away. Will Logan and Vanessa find their way back to each other?  What will happen when they take a leap of faith? I won't spoil the ending , but it is one of the best endings to a story I have read .

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