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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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Read on August 03, 2015

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review

Jess has had to overcome tragedy in her life. Her parents had been murdered in their home and she was left with unanswered questions. She finds out that her dad had worked for the government and now wonders if he knew something that got him and her mom killed? Jess is a very determined strong willed woman. She work with the FBI as a profiler. As I started reading the book, I felt a sense of walking onto the stage of Criminal Minds and observing as they present a case. The use of the word UNSUP had my attention quickly as the team hunts for an online predator who kills without warning.

Jess gets a lead and thinks she has found the UNSUB. During an intense encounter the suspect gets away and leaves Jess with many unanswered questions. Her boss pulls her from the case for her safety. She retreats to a very familiar place where she soon will discover is not so secure. I love the character development of Jess. The author gives us a glimpse into her past and the emotional scars she still deals with. Her boss, Tom is a fierce protector of Jess . Do they have feelings for each other? Is it possible that Jess knows the UNSUB?

The book is well written with non-stop action and twists and turns that have you guessing until the end. This is not a typical mystery that can quickly be guessed by the reader. The brilliant writing gives you subtle hints of who the killer may be. The author keeps you glued to the book anticipating the identity of the killer and shocks you when the killer is revealed. I love intrigue and this is a perfect book for those who love a great mystery with a powerful ending.

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