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Friday, September 24, 2021


About the Book

Book: Dangerous Amish Showdown

Author: Mary Alford

Genre: Amish Suspense

Release date: August 24, 2021

Under siege in Amish country…

She must fight for their lives.

Gunshots shatter Willa Lambright’s placid Montana evening—and that’s before she discovers on-the-run lawman Mason Shetler on her doorstep. Willa hadn’t glimpsed her childhood friend since he’d turned his back on Amish country years before. Now the US marshal’s returned with an injured partner, a young witness he must protect at all costs…and vicious Mafia agents dead set on making sure none of them survive.


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About the Author

USA Today Bestselling author Mary Alford loves giving her readers the unexpected. Her titles have appeared on the USA Today list, Publisher’s Weekly bestseller list, and have finaled in the Daphne Du Maurier award of excellence in mystery, The Beverly, The Maggie, and The Selah Awards.

Mary is an avid reader. She loves to cook, can’t face the day without coffee, and her three granddaughters are the apple of her eye. She and her husband live in the heart of Texas in the middle of 70 acres with two spoiled cats and a dog who thinks he owns the place.


More from Mary

When I first heard of the title for my latest Love Inspired Suspense, I smiled. Dangerous Amish Showdown reminds me of the old westerns where the good guys face off with the bad guys and always win. As a child I loved watching them, mostly because my dad loved them so much, and yes, a big draw for me besides sharing the time with him, was seeing the good guys win. It’s what I try to put into every single book I write, and it’s exactly what happens in Dangerous Amish Showdown.

Lately, I find myself reminiscing a lot about childhood things such as watching old westerns with my dad, and smiling at those simpler times.

In Dangerous Amish Showdown, it takes coming back to his simple childhood Amish community for Mason Shetler to realize how special that life once was for him. Through the courage found in a little girl who has lost everything, and the strength of a woman whose future is uncertain, Mason discovered what he had been searching for all along.

I truly hope you enjoy Mason and Willa’s fight to protect young Samantha and the love they find along the way. And I hope their happy ending leaves you with a smile on your face, and maybe takes you back to a simpler time in your life.

Blessings always,

Mary Alford


It’s a quiet night in my house and I’m sitting down to read this book. Before I know it, my heart is racing and I feel myself grabbing the chair to try to hang on. The adrenaline is pumping as I turn the pages. My mind is on high alert as I prepare myself for a jam packed non stop ride of danger at the highest level. The first few pages prepare me for a story that never lets up with incredible characters, faith and survival. 

The author has delivered a story that has all the boxes checked off for a suspense filled action packed edge of your seat adventure. As bullets fly and sinister men draw near there is only one objective for Mason and his partner. Their mission is to protect their witness which happens to be a sweet little girl. I thought Samantha was very brave and loved how she trusted the men who were there to keep her from harm. The author makes each scene so vivid I could see it unfolding right before my eyes. 

I did like how Mason ends up at a place where an old friend lives to hide out. It was nice to see how Willa was not afraid when she found Mason, his partner who is injured and a child on her doorstep. She steps up to help out and her faith is very evident throughout the story. With her home surrounded by men who are there to harm everyone, her calmness really helped the chaos going on inside the house. 

The story is fast paced and delivers a powerful ending that reflects the importance of faith and trust. I loved how the author was able to keep my attention until the very end. Now if you are wondering what happens to our sweet little Samantha and her protectors , you must grab a copy of this book and get ready to be jolted out of your seat as the action starts on page one. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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Thursday, September 23, 2021


Trail of Tears

About the Book

Book: Trail of Tears

Author: Anne Greene

Genre: Historical with some romance

Release date: 2021

COVER TRAIL OF TEARS PROMOOne man fights overwhelming odds to survive and protect. Caught between the love of two beautiful women, which one will he choose?

What if you are a twenty-year-old about to attend college, and your whole world collapses? Your mother and sister are missing, and soldiers murder your father, burn your mansion, and take you prisoner.

Trail of Tears relives one of the most heartrending chapters in American history as the US Government transports the self-governing, wealthy Cherokee nation from their ancestral homeland to relocate in hostile Indian Territory.

The Georgia militia force John Ross, with only a trickle of Indian blood flowing in his veins, to walk the thousand-mile Trail of Tears.

After John protects a full-blood Indian girl from the lustful wagon master, the cruel soldier targets John for retribution—until John’s shoved too far.

Bitter animosity explodes from a jealous Army Captain as John pushes and pulls his Conestoga wagon over mountain roads made muddy by rain and slippery by snow. Yet the persuasive voices of the preacher and his daughter have an impact.

A new destiny awaits John at the end of the trail—if he survives. Four thousand Cherokee do not.


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About the Author

Anne in Yellow TShirtAnne’s home is in the quaint antiquing town of McKinney, Texas, just a few miles north of Dallas. Her husband is a retired Colonel, Army Special Forces. Her little gold and white Shih Tzu, Lily Valentine, shares her writing space, curled at her feet. She has four beautiful, talented children, and eight grandchildren who keep her on her toes and running.

Besides her first love, writing, she enjoys travel, art, reading, and way too many other things to mention. Life is good. Whether writing contemporary or historical, her books celebrate the abundant life.

Anne is a multi-award-winning author. This latest book, TRAIL OF TEARSmakes her thirtieth published book.

Anne loves writing about alpha heroes who aren’t afraid to fall on their knees in prayer, and about gutsy heroines. Her suspense novel, Shadow of the Dagger, is the first book in her CIA Series. Her Women of Courage series spotlights heroic women of World War II, first book, Angel with Steel Wings. Her Holly Garden Private Investigating series blasts off with Red is for Rookie. Enjoy her award-winning Scottish historical romances, Masquerade Marriage and Marriage by ArrangementAnne hopes her stories transport you to awesome new worlds and touch your heart.

If you enjoy a short read, you’ll love her novellas: A Small Voice, Love At Christmas, Brides of The Wild West, A Crazy Optimist, Recipe For A Husband, Lacy and The Law, A Williamsburg Christmas, Her Reluctant Hero, Mystery At Dead Broke Ranch, Avoiding The Mistletoe, Lord Bentley Needs A Bride, Keara’s Escape, Daredevils, Spur of the Moment Bride, A Christmas Belle, A Texas Christmas Mystery, Texas Law, Hatteras Lighthouse Mystery, and A Time to Stand which will release in September.

Buy Anne’s books at To learn more of Anne and to view her art and pictures of her extensive travel, visit her at To view Anne’s books go to Join her newsletter for fun, events, and give-aways at


More from Anne

During our Fellowship Class one Sunday morning, a visiting missionary told the bare basics of the historic Trail of Tears, or Trail Where They Cried. I had lived, up to that time, all my life in the northern states, so I had never heard of what happened to the Cherokee Nation and those of mostly Caucasian blood who lived in Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky. The true story captivated me, and I felt this history needed to be told in a fascinating story context.

So, John Ross was born. For research, I travelled the Trail, though in far more comfort than the Conestoga wagons issued to the Cherokee men, women, children, and those with even small amounts of Cherokee blood. Under orders from President Andrew Jackson, the Georgia militia stripped the Nation of their land, their wealth, and their lives and transported them to hostile Indian land in the untamed Oklahoma Territory. At the time, the Cherokees were a civilized nation with a constitution, plantations, schools, and a newspaper. They considered themselves Americans.

The story sounds as if it might be sad … and there are tragic events portrayed, but my Trail of Tears is about hope, overcoming, and finding a new way of life. I think from the first page to the last, you will find Trail of Tears difficult to put down. It’s one of my favorite books!


This is one story that has a deep meaning for me. I am part Native American and have read and heard many stories from my grandfather about his treatment when he tried to homestead land. The author captures the reality of what happened to Native Americans when their land  was stolen from them. The long wagon ride to their destination was filled with sickness, danger, rough terrain and weather that was unforgiving. The Cherokees were driven from their land and treated with disrespect. Oh how I cried as the people succumbed to small pox and stood helpless as their children died. 

The story is very emotional but it is not all gloom and doom. In the midst of the story we witness John becoming curious about God. He asks the pastor why God allows suffering. The pastor answer by saying, “suffering results from our own sin and the sins of others. Suffering makes a person stronger.” This is a turning point for John as his heart is hungry to have a relationship with God. I loved how the author illustrates that even though John and his people were suffering, there was hope. 

One of the hardest scenes in the book was between John and Dread. This man is evil and has it in for John. The torture he puts John through is horrific and it made me angry. I didn’t like this man and it began to affect me as I continued reading. As Christians we are to love each other. That certainly can be difficult at times and it becomes a test for us. We are to hate the sin but love the sinner. This story reflects a great example of how a group were treated unfairly. Yes there was hatred and many were angry because of the injustice. But as I continued to read I thought about how this story is part of history. It highlights the discrimination of  Native Americans but it should also make us want to change the future. 

This has been a very emotional journey as I traveled the land  with John. Through his eyes I saw a brave man who showed courage and compassion. Through this story I felt the presence of God telling me to soften my heart to those who have been wronged and mistreated. Allow God to remove hate from me and heal our land fron injustice. Let the tears flow as we all heal from our past. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021


silent altitudes

About the Book

Book: Silent Altitudes

Author: Michael James Emberger

Genre: Cli-Fi Thriller (Climate Fiction/Thriller)

Release date: March 30, 2021

The world looks up to the sky in hopeful anticipation as the Pennychuck Atmospheric Carbon Reduction System comes online. Finally the chance to eliminate global warming will be obtainable.

Within moments, something goes terribly wrong. Dr. Milford Pennychuck races to find the underlying problem that caused so much destruction. Yet when an assassination attempt and system sabotage blindsides him, he has to rely on a surprising ally.

Together they delve into a conspiracy deeper than they can fathom. As the system operates at progressively higher altitudes, the two scientists must find a way to shut it down…or die trying.


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About the Author

Mike_Headshot_2_hi-resMichael James Emberger is an author of thrillers and suspense, and he resides in Wilton, New Hampshire. He enjoys weaving narratives of conspiracy and misguided intentions around divisive topics. Where there is debate, there is always room for a villain with goals far out of alignment from either side. Michael is a graduate of Messiah College, where he studied Engineering and met his wife racing solar cars cross-country. When he’s not working on home renovations or writing, he enjoys visiting the ocean and exploring the majesty of God’s creation on the summits of New Hampshire’s mountains.


More from Michael

Silent Altitudes is a Cli-fi (Climate Fiction) thriller set in the near future. I wanted to avoid the current political debates over global warming, so I went with the assumption that the world eventually comes to consensus about what to do. The United Nations rolls out an elaborate technological solution, but sabotage and conspiracy lead to disaster on startup day. That’s the type of angle I enjoy writing. Climate change is the backdrop, but this book is about family and survival and fighting against the greed and corruption that have laid good intentions to ruin. It’s about loss and hope and trusting that God is still in control even when everything seems hopeless.

A significant inspiration for this book was a phrase my daughter would say when she was little: “Hold you Mommy.” It meant she wanted a hug. I contacted Laura, a pottery artist on Etsy, and ordered a custom mug with that phrase as a Christmas present for my wife. Laura was a joy to work with, and our conversation led to me developing characters and themes that provided the heart of my story. I find it’s those little inspirations that make the biggest difference in my writing.


I enjoy books that  asks the question , “What if?” In this story the topic is about climate change and what happens when the solution becomes dangerous with sabotage, deceit, death and destruction. The scenes are so vivid that I could see the snow falling and the fog taking over. What everyone thought would be the answer to a problem facing the world becomes a life and death situation. The intrigue was just enough to keep me reading and when it became obvious who was behind everything I wanted them to caught.

The scientific talk in the story did lose me somewhat and I wished the author would have made that part a little easier to understand. Most of us don’t know about reactors and currents so when the explanation started I got lost. But it didn’t deter me much because the story is explosive and it is obvious that there is a group of greedy people who didn’t think about what would happen when they mess with the system.  The destruction is catastrophic and is felt in big states as well as little towns. 

Valentina is smart but insecure. I was so upset when she was tricked into doing things she knew was wrong. She really had no choice and I could feel her pain as the years went by with promises that never happened. It all comes down to that one moment in time when a button is pushed and the world is never the same. Her character is well written and she became a very vital part to this exciting story. 

There is a lot going on in the book with different groups trying to stay ahead of the disaster and I found it to be realistic enough to cheer on the efforts to save the world. The dynamics of the people who were working so hard to stop the device were different but had one thing in common. They all wanted to stop what was meant to do harm. Overall a good story that explores “what if,” in a way that makes you think that if we don’t work together, disaster could happen. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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Searching for Seven

About the Book

Book: Searching for Seven

Author: Tyler D. Smith

Genre: Christian Devotional

Release date: June 2, 2020

ebookcoverThe Christian life is meant to be an adventure. Searching for Seven takes readers on a journey of searching for God and searching for your own faith seven days a week. It is a quick read, with lots of stories, Scripture, and encouragement. 




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About the Author

IMG_9128Tyler D. Smith is a pastor, NBA sportswriter, and basketball coach. He has also worked in the Christian music industry.  He resides in Indiana with his wife Katelyn, and their two daughters Addi and Ellie.




More from Tyler

The Christian life is meant to be a journey, and we were made to seek Truth every day of the week! Searching for Seven is a quick read, filled with fun stories and Scripture to encourage readers, no matter where they are currently at Spiritually. Tyler D. Smith is an NBA sportswriter, coach, author, and speaker. Join him on the journey of a lifetime!


I liked the concept of the book and the emphasis on never giving up. I don’t know how many times I have taken the wrong path but God was always there. I remember a time when my husband and I were deeply hurt by a church we had attended for eight years. We were the Children’s Pastors and also lead a Marriage Ministry group. There was a disagreement and before we knew it we were asked to leave the church. We were broken and didn’t understand what had happened. But in the midst of the storm, I had reached out to a friend at another church. Her pastor spoke to me and said we were welcomed there and wanted me to teach in the Children’s  Church. I’ll never forget the pastor saying, “we can’t have one of God’s children lost so please come and find restoration.” 

I love how the author reminds us that we don’t need to sit on the sidelines. God can use each of us even when we sin. He wants us restored and filled with joy and confidence. He wants us to trust Him and have faith in Him. The chapter about faith was very interesting to read. I liked how the author breaks the word down and gives illustrations between faith and hope. He gives examples from the Bible where people had faith and stood firmly in their belief. 

I admit that I took my time in the chapter about saying yes.  His point is that we don’t want to miss opportunities just because we don’t think we are equipped. I have said no to ministry opportunities because I was scared that I would fail or I would not know what to say. I struggle with confidence and this chapter really helped me. 

The book is a  great tool to use as you dig deeper into His Word. Each chapter emphasizes having a personal relationship with God. His examples are good and uses scriptures throughout the book. At the end of the book you will find discussion questions divided up for each chapter. This would be a great book to use in a small group setting or for individual use.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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