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Saturday, April 23, 2022


Shadows in the Mind's Eye by Janyre Tromp 


Charlotte Anne Mattas longs to turn back the clock. Before her husband, Sam, went to serve his country in the war, he was the man everyone could rely on--responsible, intelligent, and loving. But the person who's come back to their family farm is very different from the protector Annie remembers. Sam's experience in the Pacific theater has left him broken in ways no one can understand--but that everyone is learning to fear.

Tongues start wagging after Sam nearly kills his own brother. Now when he claims to have seen men on the mountain when no one else has seen them, Annie isn't the only one questioning his sanity and her safety. If there were criminals haunting the hills, there should be evidence beyond his claims. Is he really seeing what he says, or is his war-tortured mind conjuring ghosts?

Annie desperately wants to believe her husband. But between his irrational choices and his nightmares leaking into the daytime, she's terrified he's going mad. Can she trust God to heal Sam's mental wounds--or will sticking by him mean keeping her marriage at the cost of her own life?



About The Author


n case we get to meet in person some day, you pronounce that first name Jan-air. Kind of like the stove. I'm a developmental book editor by day and a writer at night.

And that all happens from my kitchen table when I'm not hanging out with my husband, two kids, and slightly eccentric Shetland Sheepdog. Unfortunately, I spilled coffee on my super cape and then the dryer ate it. So you'll just have to imagine I can do it all!

I have four traditionally published books—a WWII era novel, Shadows in the Mind's Eye; a juvenile fiction, That Sinking Feeling; and two board books in the All About God's Animals series—and 2 indie books—Wide Open, a historical novella and It's a Wonderful Christmas, a Christmas novella collection (coming October 2021).

But my passion is writing about the beauty of the world—past and present—even when it isn't pretty.

After all, isn't it the beauty in the world that gets us through the day?

Hopefully after you hang out with me for a bit, we'll be able to see things a little more clearly, find a little bit of meaning, and make a bigger impact.

With me what you see is what you get...all the Beautiful, all the Ugly, all the Me.


With each page I became more emotionally involved and couldn’t put the book down. Sam tugged on my heart so much the moment he stepped in the house where his wife was. It had been a long time since he had see her smile and his heart pounded with anticipation. Even though he was happy to be home from the war, he still felt out of place. The war did something to him that causes him to react to every noise, every strange movement and even words that sound different. I know he must be thinking that he was crazy but he has to overcome this darkness that is surrounding him. 

Annie is thrilled her husband is home. She has been anticipating this moment forever it seems. With a smile on her face she greets Sam and feels safe in his arms once again. She hides the truth of being sad and lonely. How long has she been depressed? She senses that Sam has changed but she is not sure she has the strength to fight her own demons. The author delivers an emotional journey with Sam and Annie as they struggle to reconnect. I could feel their hesitation at sharing with each and at times  they want to scream that they need help. 

Dovie May is a woman who doesn’t mince words but gives compassion when needed. I love how she knew that Annie was struggling with the changes going on in her life. To me she was the glue that held the family together. There were times she could have been harsh, but her gentle yet firm spirit became the calming factor in this family deep with problems. I would love to have a Dovie May in my family. She knows how to diffuse a situation with grace and unconditional love. 

The story is filled with truth and healing. Finding joy in the midst of sorrow is hard but it is where healing begins. Sam and Annie go through trials as they  find their way back to happiness. I loved reading how they shared their innermost thoughts with each other and grew in their relationship with each other. 

As danger starts to set in around the farm, Sam needs to convince everyone that something illegal is going on but will anyone believe him?  The story gets intense as Sam realizes that he has  not been hallucinating about the shadows he has been seeing. The question is who can he trust with what he has discovered? The author gave me shivers as I was a witness to evil that visited the farm. Get ready for an adventure where darkness tries to take away healing and twists in the story give way to danger. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Read with Audra Blogging Program. The review is my own opinion.

“It’s where things is broke that the joy shows through.”

An Interview with Janyre Tromp,

Author of Shadows in the Mind’s Eye

In Shadows in the Mind’s Eye (Kregel Publications),debut novelist Janyre Tromp delivers a deliciously eerie, Hitchcockian story filled with love and suspense as she takes readers back in time to 1940s Hot Springs, Arkansas.


Charlotte Anne Mattas longs to turn back the clock. Before her husband, Sam, went to serve his country in the war, he was the man everyone could rely on—responsible, intelligent, and loving. But the person who came back to their family farm is very different from the protector Annie remembers. Sam’s experience in the Pacific theater has left him broken in ways no one can understand—but that everyone is learning to fear.


When Sam claims to have seen men on the mountain when no one else has, Annie isn’t the only one questioning his sanity and her safety. If there were criminals haunting the hills, there should be evidence. Is he really seeing what he says, or is his war-tortured mind conjuring ghosts?


Annie desperately wants to believe her husband, but between his irrational choices and his nightmares leaking into the daytime, she’s terrified he’s going mad. Can she trust God to heal Sam’s mental wounds—or will sticking by him mean keeping her marriage at the cost of her own life?


Q: The back of the book describes Shadows in the Mind’s Eye as, “A deliciously eerie, Hitchcockian story filled with love and suspense.” In your own words, introduce us to your debut novel. 


Charlotte Anne Mattas wants to go back to the way things were before her husband, Sam, left their farm for the war in the Pacific. Sam used to be her protector, but when he arrives home in Spring of 1946, his battle fatigue has everyone questioning his sanity and her safety… especially after he nearly kills his brother, then claims to see men on the mountain where no else has seen them. Are there really dangerous men on the mountain or is his twisted mind conjuring things that aren’t there? 


In the tradition of Hitchcock with a hint of psychological thriller, In the Mind’s Eye explores the illness we now call PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and persistent love in a world determined to destroy it.


Q: Sam and Charlotte Anne both expected life to go back to normal when he returned from the war, but that doesn’t exactly happen. How was life post-war different from what they expected? How does each of them respond to those differences?


This story actually began while talking to my grandparents over a glass of lemonade. My U.S. History professor had given us an assignment to talk to family about the Depression and/or World War II. Until that point, I’d had no real concept of what the war was like, either for the soldiers or their families back home. I guess I’d thought that the greatest generation slid back into life and easily became the loving people I knew my grandparents were in their 70s. When I discovered that wasn’t the case, I wondered how they had survived the fear and drastic changes. 


Like my grandfather, Sam glorified the home front, anticipating a glorious homecoming, delicious food, a soft bed, and an easier life.Charlotte Anne expected Sam to quickly become part of the teamagain as they worked their peach orchard. Instead, Sam has nightmares and reacts to food he used to love (I even gave Sam a reaction to orange marmalade just like my grandfather). Sam tends to jump to conclusions because he doesn’t understand the context, struggles with the physicality of farm work, and is overwhelmed with the amount of work that has to be done since Charlotte Anne wasn’t able to do a lot of the upkeep. 


At first, neither Sam nor Annie knows quite what to do with one another, but they’re determined to understand each other.Eventually they each open up to Sam’s mom, Dovie May, and she becomes a healing balm for each of them. If I had to give Dovie a theme, it would be: “You’d think holding joy right up against sadness would shatter a body. But it don’t. Joy, it sneaks in all around, sticks everything together, and finds a way to make you whole. See, light sneaks through the broken places.”


Q: In our current day, we are very aware of what PTSD is, and that it is very prevalent among men and women who have been in the military and seen war. What was known about PTSD back in the 1940s after World War II?


Although the general population didn’t shame WWII soldiers with PTSD symptoms as much as they did their WWI counterparts, WWII era doctors knew little about how to treat trauma of any kind. Battle fatigue, as it was known then, was treated with electroshock therapy (something that was terrifying and had limited success), and many of the men who suffered from it were often divorced, angry, confused, and quietly addicted to drugs and alcohol. Of course, I didn’t want to leave Sam and Annie here, so I dug for treatment options and talked with a few modern therapists.


In my research, those who fared best were often those who lived a little off the grid, in places where they could be physically active, with people who loved them and gave them the space to remove themselves when necessary. Sam also stumbles on a bit of a modern treatment technique by accident. Most folks have heardthat going for a walk can help with mental stability. What isn’t as familiar is that the rhythm of walking combined with talking can actually replicate bits and pieces of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy which is one of the most successful battlefield PTSD

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Friday, April 22, 2022


Time after Tyme

About the Book

Book: Time After Tyme

Author: Kay DiBianca

Genre: Cozy mystery

Release date: November 29, 2021

Time after Tyme flatten imageTime After Tyme is a fun and thought-provoking mystery about secret codes, university intrigue, and two young girls who fancy themselves 21st-century Nancy Drews.


When strange, coded messages turn up in the chapel prayer box at Bellevue University, the minister suspects a recent campus death may have been murder, so he enlists the help of amateur sleuths Kathryn Frasier and Cece Goldman to decipher the codes and solve the mystery. But when a couple of young girls get wind of it, they decide to find the killer on their own. Almost everyone on campus has something to hide, and the story fluctuates between the rational search for the truth by the adults, and the occasionally misguided, but surprisingly perceptive, insight of the children.


Set on the campus of a modern university, Time After Tyme is both a joyful romp through a cozy mystery and a serious look at the search for truth. The book reminds us of the seasons of our lives, from the irrepressible curiosity of youth to the treasured experience of maturity.


Click here to get your copy!


About the Author

kay-pictureKay DiBianca is an award-winning author who loves to create literary puzzles in the mystery genre for her readers to solve. Her characters come to life as they struggle to solve murders and create relationships amidst the ongoing themes of faith and family. Her first novel, The Watch on the Fencepost, won an Illumination Award for General Fiction and an Eric Hoffer Award for Mystery. The second book in the Watch series, Dead Man’s Watch, was a Silver Falchion Award finalist.

Kay is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, Sisters in Crime, and the Collierville Christian Writers Group. An avid runner, she can often be found at a nearby track, on the treadmill, or at a large park near her home. Her background in software development fuels her fascination with puzzles and mysteries, and her dedication to running helps supply the endurance and energy she needs to write about them.

Kay and her husband, Frank, live, run, and write in Memphis, Tennessee. You can connect with Kay through her website at


More from Kay

When ten-year-old Reen Penterson overhears the words “foul play” in a conversation not meant for her, she jumps to the conclusion that a murder has been committed and says, “Foul play? Murder! My heart pounded and my future life unfolded in front of me like a YouTube video. I could solve the mystery and expose the killer! I’d be famous. I’d be rich. I’d be one of those people who gets a college degree without having to go to school.”

To aid in her “investigation,” Reen enlists the help of her nine-year-old cousin, Joanie Finelson. And the chaos begins.

Writing Time After Tyme was great fun for me. This is the third book in the Watch series of cozy mysteries, and I wanted to add another dimension to the stories. Since I intended to dedicate the book to my best friend from childhood, my cousin Joan, I thought the misadventures of two young girls would be the perfect addition. Although Reen and Joanie are secondary characters in the book, they steal the show from the adults with their misguided attempts to find a killer.

Set on the campus of fictional Bellevue University, the story revolves around the recent death of the university librarian, Mr. Tyme. When strange, coded messages are found in the university chapel prayer box, main characters Kathryn Frasier and Cece Goldman are asked to decipher them. While Kathryn and Cece work to solve the mystery behind the codes, Reen and Joanie are turning things upside down in the search for a killer.

There were several things I particularly enjoyed about writing this book. I loved creating the coded messages, each of which relates to a Biblical proverb. I also liked exploring the secrets many of the adults in the book harbored to avoid being associated with Mr. Tyme’s death.

But more than anything else, I enjoyed the all-out approach to solving the mystery by the two young girls. At times, their unfiltered approach to their quest made me laugh out loud and reminded me of the wonder of that special time of life.


I like cozy mysteries because they are light reading, fun and have a variety of different characters, with a bit of mystery and laughter added to keep readers interested. This story fits this description well and I liked how the  author had several people investigating the murder. The setting is not one I have seen used much so that intrigued me. 

Kathryn and Cece like  solving mysteries and this one may be perfect for them. It seems that Mr. Thyme’s death may be more than meets the eyes. I cracked up when I read what his nickname was on campus. The puns in the story are creative and made me more inclined to follow our sleuths in their journey. The author piques my curiosity when coded messages are found. Did Mr Thyme know what they said? Could he have been a victim because he discovered something important? 

I adored the younger girls Reen and her cousin Joanie. They are ready to put on their Nancy Drew hats and investigate the mystery themselves. Oh my they are delightful and bring much comic relief to the story. They’re craving for facts is fun to follow. I really liked their adventure to see the bell tower clock . Can you hear the bell as it clangs loudly? What an interesting lesson on how it works which makes me want to go visit one myself. It sure takes a lot for it to work properly. No wonder it is locked up so no one can stop it from doing its job. 

There are many twists in the story but I have my suspect already. Now am I right? Well that was found out after I finished the book. Great references to scripture are scattered throughout the story which I liked. The  author is clever with clues that at times have me rethinking the whole I know who did it theory. I loved how the author uses the armor of God to explain to  Reen and Joanie about “wearing your  armor can protect you from harm. The girls were fascinated by this and their minds starting wanting to know more.  

The ending is very good with time slipping away as a young girl’s life’s is in jeopardy .  The clues  start to make sense  as Kathryn and Cece get closer to finding out who has been behind all the mystery. Will they get to Joanie in time before the next  bell rings ?  I loved the message about things that have been hidden will be revealed. We try to hide our sins but God remembers. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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To celebrate her tour, Kay is giving away the grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card and a copy of the book!!

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About the Book

Book: Canceled

Author: John Faubion

Genre: Christian Thriller

Release date: November 14, 2021

ebook-cover_CanceledJerold Steele has been canceled. His identity is stolen. His job is gone. Even more bizarre, the people around him are dying.

Each one was stalked and killed by a supernatural menace that hides

in darkness, and preys on the mind.

Facing exposure, the killer is eliminating every person that threatens him. In his world, there’s only room for one superman, and that superman is going to be him.

Brenda Neal wants to trust him, but the deaths terrify her. Is it better to hide, or fight with him?

CANCELED is a cutting-edge, page-turning thriller, a story you hope won’t be in tomorrow’s headlines.

Read CANCELED to find out what happens when the only thing that will stop a killer is Power no one never imagined.


Click here to get your copy!


About the Author

John Faubion was a foreign missionary in Vietnam, Guam and to the Chinese for nearly thirty years. Then a professional software engineer for more than twenty years after that.

He’s the father of five children, and lives in central Indiana with his wife.


More from John

Cancel Culture? This is worse.

All around us we see our culture changing, and not for the better. Sometimes it seems like all the voices we hear are filled with anger, hatred and intolerance.

There’s a reason for that:  They are all rooted (you guessed it) in anger, hatred and intolerance.

It was time to step back and look at what it’s like to be canceled, but from an entirely different source: The Supernatural.

The main character is a preacher, but one of those who does NOT believe in a supernatural god. He doesn’t know what he believes. But when he’s finally confronted with a supernatural experience he cannot deny, he finds that walking on the dark side is going to cost him his life.

The only solution, both for him and the one he falls in love with, is to know God, and get access to the supernatural weapons he never dreamed existed.


I had such an uncomfortable feeling the entire time I read this story. The topic of the  book deals with people who don’t believe in God. Some turn to darkness and a world where evil prevails in their mind. I didn’t want to continue with the story when I read that a character had a satanic Bible in their office. I felt chills on my arms as the story drew me to a place where only God could rescue me. 

Jerold is a complicated character to me. He is a professor at a seminary but is up front about being a non  believer. It is hard to explain the eerie things  that start happening to him, but I knew evil was present and surrounding him. What would you do if suddenly you were erased and didn’t exist in any data that proves who you are? Suddenly your ATM card doesn’t work and the bank has no information on you at all. Jerold is up against a power that wants to take him out. With the help of Brenda whose father is the president of the seminary they try to unravel what is happening with deaths of friends they work with. 

The author takes us to a place where doubt comes in and Jerold begins to question if perhaps the Bible is real. The story is thought provoking and follows Jerold into a desperate place for answers. Who is Evan Gale? Is he the enemy who is killing people? What control does he have on others? These questions are exactly what Jerold needs answers to if he wants to stay alive. His friends and colleagues all turn on him.  

I wasn’t prepared for this story at all but what a powerful message it delivers. Like Jerold we sometimes doubt God and turn our back on Him. He will never leave us and Jerold comes to a place where he hears the truth. I could feel all his disbeliefs fall away as he fell to his knees. In that moment the story takes on a different feel to me. Perhaps the darkness was starting to go away and I could see the light where darkness once was. 

Be prepared to take a journey into spiritual warfare as Jerold fights an enemy that wants to destroy everything that represents God. This is not a book that is easy  to read but one that gives a message of hope. In our darkest moments, God is there to fight the enemy. Do you believe in God? Jerold faces that question as the story reaches a point where a decision needs to be made. The ending is good and left me with an urgency to pray against any evil that  would try to turn me away from my faith. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Death Valley Hideout

About the Book

Book: Death Valley Hideout

Author: Dana Mentink

Genre: Christian fiction

Release date: April 26, 2022

DV#4 cover, death valley hideoutRunning from a murderer

with only the desert as refuge…

Placed in WITSEC while his brother testifies against a terrifying criminal, Tony Ortega must guard his young niece and nephew from the hit man hunting for them. Death Valley local Willow Duke’s hideout might just be the difference between the little family’s life or death. When bullets start flying, can they thwart a killer long enough to survive and become a family for real?


Click here to get your copy!


About the Author

USA Today graphicDana Mentink is a USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author as well as a two-time American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award winner, and the recipient of a Holt Medallion. She’s written over fifty titles in the suspense, lighthearted romance and mystery genres. She is pleased to write for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense, Harlequin Heartwarming, and Poisoned Pen Press. You can connect with Dana via her website at, on Facebook, YouTube (Author Dana Mentink) and Instagram (dana_mentink.)


More from Dana

Wooty woo! We’re back in Death Valley again! So excited about this fourth book in the series because Papa Bear and I have actually returned to this amazing place. (Our previous return trip was stalled for a while due to the virus that shall not be named!) People have asked me, “Why do you love Death Valley so much?” I can only respond that you just have to go there to understand. Is it the vastness of the place? The enormous topographical variety? Maybe it’s the profound quietness that permeates the national park and environs. Then again, it might be the panorama of nighttime stars. (Death Valley National Park is a certified International Dark Sky Park due to its limited light pollution.) Could it be the tenacity of people who live there and survive the one hundred twenty plus degree temperatures in the summer? And how about those animals? The Death Valley pupfish is a teeny little endangered fish that lives in precisely one spot on the globe (Death Valley) and only two places within that range, Salt Creek and Cottonball Marsh. Imagine that! So why set a six book series in Death Valley? Because there’s no more hostile and incredible place I can think of. I hope you will enjoy taking a fictional trip with me there too. Enjoy the adventure, reader friends!


I love being back in Death Valley overlooking the desert in this heart pounding book. The beginning is an adrenaline rush with a helicopter, bullets flying and a child that has been abducted. I held my breath as the chase scene played out. What an opening for a story that promises to give us a ride into danger at every stop. 

Willow steps into a web of deceit when she tries to surprise her friend Tony on his birthday. Everything she knew about him is a lie and now she isn’t sure if she is safe or not. I can’t imagine being in the WITSEC program but it looks like Tony and his brother’s children are in it. I could feel chills going down my arms as Willow discovers that she is now a part of whatever Tony is mixed up in. Can you hear her heart pounding? Mine would be as I realized that my life would never be the same again. Willow is a very brave woman and I loved her determination to keep the children safe. 

Tony is in a big mess thanks to his brother Ron. What is going to happen now that Ron has disappeared and left his children in Tony’s care? The author does an amazing  job of letting us witness the turmoil Tony goes through as his anger surfaces. I would be upset too if a family member left me high and dry. This wasn’t suppose to be Tony’s fight but thanks to his brother he now has to get out of a mess that is dangerous. 

I’m not sure when I started breathing again but this story has all the boxes checked off for an exceptionally well written suspenseful adventure. Along the journey we get to witness the struggles that each character faces. Willow has a deep scar of betrayal from someone which keeps her from trusting. We all carry scars but the important lesson is to let God heal those scars and show you that He can always be trusted. Tony has always been there to bail his brother out of trouble. I liked how Tony’s heart opened to love his niece and nephew and  give them stability. Tony starts to wonder if he can trust his brother or his uncle that shows up unexpectedly.

This story is special to me because it helped me remember  that when we face challenges God is right there with a plan. When we go through a trial it makes us stronger and helps us grow in our faith. Tony and Willow both faced decisions in their lives that took them  through danger. In the midst of their battle they found love, trust and the importance of family. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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