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Friday, April 22, 2022



About the Book

Book: Canceled

Author: John Faubion

Genre: Christian Thriller

Release date: November 14, 2021

ebook-cover_CanceledJerold Steele has been canceled. His identity is stolen. His job is gone. Even more bizarre, the people around him are dying.

Each one was stalked and killed by a supernatural menace that hides

in darkness, and preys on the mind.

Facing exposure, the killer is eliminating every person that threatens him. In his world, there’s only room for one superman, and that superman is going to be him.

Brenda Neal wants to trust him, but the deaths terrify her. Is it better to hide, or fight with him?

CANCELED is a cutting-edge, page-turning thriller, a story you hope won’t be in tomorrow’s headlines.

Read CANCELED to find out what happens when the only thing that will stop a killer is Power no one never imagined.


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About the Author

John Faubion was a foreign missionary in Vietnam, Guam and to the Chinese for nearly thirty years. Then a professional software engineer for more than twenty years after that.

He’s the father of five children, and lives in central Indiana with his wife.


More from John

Cancel Culture? This is worse.

All around us we see our culture changing, and not for the better. Sometimes it seems like all the voices we hear are filled with anger, hatred and intolerance.

There’s a reason for that:  They are all rooted (you guessed it) in anger, hatred and intolerance.

It was time to step back and look at what it’s like to be canceled, but from an entirely different source: The Supernatural.

The main character is a preacher, but one of those who does NOT believe in a supernatural god. He doesn’t know what he believes. But when he’s finally confronted with a supernatural experience he cannot deny, he finds that walking on the dark side is going to cost him his life.

The only solution, both for him and the one he falls in love with, is to know God, and get access to the supernatural weapons he never dreamed existed.


I had such an uncomfortable feeling the entire time I read this story. The topic of the  book deals with people who don’t believe in God. Some turn to darkness and a world where evil prevails in their mind. I didn’t want to continue with the story when I read that a character had a satanic Bible in their office. I felt chills on my arms as the story drew me to a place where only God could rescue me. 

Jerold is a complicated character to me. He is a professor at a seminary but is up front about being a non  believer. It is hard to explain the eerie things  that start happening to him, but I knew evil was present and surrounding him. What would you do if suddenly you were erased and didn’t exist in any data that proves who you are? Suddenly your ATM card doesn’t work and the bank has no information on you at all. Jerold is up against a power that wants to take him out. With the help of Brenda whose father is the president of the seminary they try to unravel what is happening with deaths of friends they work with. 

The author takes us to a place where doubt comes in and Jerold begins to question if perhaps the Bible is real. The story is thought provoking and follows Jerold into a desperate place for answers. Who is Evan Gale? Is he the enemy who is killing people? What control does he have on others? These questions are exactly what Jerold needs answers to if he wants to stay alive. His friends and colleagues all turn on him.  

I wasn’t prepared for this story at all but what a powerful message it delivers. Like Jerold we sometimes doubt God and turn our back on Him. He will never leave us and Jerold comes to a place where he hears the truth. I could feel all his disbeliefs fall away as he fell to his knees. In that moment the story takes on a different feel to me. Perhaps the darkness was starting to go away and I could see the light where darkness once was. 

Be prepared to take a journey into spiritual warfare as Jerold fights an enemy that wants to destroy everything that represents God. This is not a book that is easy  to read but one that gives a message of hope. In our darkest moments, God is there to fight the enemy. Do you believe in God? Jerold faces that question as the story reaches a point where a decision needs to be made. The ending is good and left me with an urgency to pray against any evil that  would try to turn me away from my faith. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your review of Canceled, this sounds like an interesting and unique story, one that I will be adding to my TBR

  2. Nice to meet you, John, Canceled sounds like a thrilling read for me to enjoy and the cover is eye-catching! Good luck with your book and the tour! Thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks, Texas Book-aholic, for sharing your review! Have a super fun TGIF!

  3. My brother would like this book.
    Thanks for the contest.

  4. You wrote a great review, sounds very interesting

  5. Deana, Thank you for sharing your excellent review! Canceled sounds like a timely read.

  6. Canceled sounds like a very intense story, one I want to read.

  7. (from the author)
    Glad for everyone's comments. This story mirrors a lot in my own life. Grew up as an unbeliever, but once I trusted Christ, I never looked back.

  8. A free copy of the audio version is available at my website: