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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Love' s Glory by Darlene Franklin

I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review

This book is about a time period where it was tough and a war was going on that many men felt they needed to be part of . Beth' s boyfriend signs up for the army , much to her disappointment. When Garan, leaves for his assignment in the army , she decides to move. And doesn't tell him thst she is pregnant. She leaves her German town in Texas and heads to Abilene, Texas. She soon finds work at a department store owned by the Collins family . Beth becomes friends with Agnes a member of the Collins family. When they discover that Beth is pregnant and alone, they graciously open their home to her. They believe she is a widow who lost her husband during an accident in the army. 

What no one knows is that Beth is living a lie. Because she was so angry that Garn enlisted , she stopped writing to him. She can't forgive him for leaving her and her bitterness drives her to deceive people who care about her. What happens when she goes with her friend Agnes to the homecoming of her twin brother Alfred and his friend Smitty? 

The story is rich in history and characters that deal with forgiveness and overcoming mistakes. The author writes a beautiful story that takes you back to an era where struggles abounded and family was important. She gives her characters emotional twists and turns and find themselves seeking help to find their way back to their faith and trust in God. 

The book is filled with a patriotic theme that ends on the celebration of Flag Day. Thank you for a moving story that shows how lies can change the course of a person's life and how forgiveness from a town and those who love them give them hope and peace in a loving God.  )

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