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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bet You Can't Find Me

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review by LibraryThing

Catherine has a company called "Psychic Consultant." She is helping Cody Allrn who heads up the homicide division , on a missing person's case. They have developed a trust between each other and Cody believes in her ability to see things others can't. One day Cody is called into the chief's office. He has been informed that he will be working with Brian Wilkes who is with the FBI. It seems that there have been a string of unsolved muders that have a connection to Catherine.

Suddenly Catherine's world is turned upside down. Her phones are tapped and she has noticed someone following her and watching her every movement. People that Catherine knows, are suddenly savagely being murdered and someone is trying to point the police to her as the suspect. Is she guilty of these heinous crimes ? Can her psychic powers help her find the truth?

The book has many twists and turns. It delves into the voodoo, psychic world that has many secrets and spirits. It takes us into the backwoods of a town that is well known for spreading terror and fear on those thst don't believe in the supernatural. The author , Linda has written a book so intense and heart pounding , and filled with tension that I could not put the book down. She has done a great job of developing characters that are strong , supportive and have a willingness to sacrifice theirselves in order to save others.

This is my first book I have read by Linda Prather but it will not be the last. There is a second book in this gripping, nonstop action story that I have to read. Thank you Linda for a book that have all the elements needed for a must read.  )

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