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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cancer Was My LifeCoach

Jun 11, 2015
rating5 of 5 stars
statusRead in June, 2015
formatKindle Edition (edit)
reviewI was given this book from the author for an honest review.

When I first looked at the book and started reading it, I thought I could do a quick read and do a review. As I began to read I saw the heart of a man who wrote a book that shared his heart and raw emotions of a journey that he never imagined he would experience. Mr. Beaufort was diagnosed at the young age of 39 with prostrate cancer. It is a true story of how he walked this path his life took him on and how he beat cancer.

One of the greatest challenges anyone faces when they get a diagnosis with the word cancer is fear. Mr. Beaufort wants to help those going through cancer treatment realize that fear can overtake you and keep you isolated from the people who care about you and want to help take this journey with you. He tells the readers that you must reach out for help. If you don't reach out for help, fear will overtake you and keep you trapped as you spiral into a deep depression that will close you off from the world . He knew that "this journey with cancer would be the hardest thing he has ever done . Any other challenges in his life would be nothing compared to beating cancer. "

In this book Mr. Beaufort gives cancer patients keys to help them go through what lays ahead. It will not be an easy road, but one made a little easier with heartfelt , emotional tips to help those with cancer endure their journey. A few key points he makes are to exercise and exercise your self esteem. If there is no one around , look in the mirror and give yourself a pep talk. Everyone knows that knowledge is power , so he encourages you to go on the defensive and become an expert in your diagnosis.

I loved when he said "Understanding your situation will help control your fear." We all have fear of the unknown, but we can conquer that fear by being informed and taking control of our situation. Throughout the book, you can feel his pain, struggles and strength as he gives readers hope and insight into how he beat cancer. As I read the book, I felt as if he was taking someone's hand and walking with them as they take the journey that he had just overcome. His desire to help others is painted by his eloquent and compassionate words that are a gift for those who are facing this disease. He spoke with passion as he wrote, "Life is to short to wait for permission to continue living. Don't allow cancer to define you."

Thank you Mr. Beaufort for a glimpse into your life as you beat cancer, overcame your fear and shared your fight to beat cancer with others. I encourage everyone that has been diagnosed or know someone that has been diagnosed with cancer to read this book. It will help you in your darkest moment, give you encouragement and empower you to lessen your fear as you take Mr. Beaufort's book and apply it on your journey. This book is not meant to be a cure for cancer , but a book about a man who walked in your shoes and overcame his fear while dealing with cancer. 

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