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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fatal Eclipse

I received a copy of Fatal Eclipse from the author for an honest review

From the moment the wedding vows are finished , the journey into the emotionally unbalanced life of Jonathan surfaces. He has married Maria, a woman he fell in love with when she was going through a tough time in her life. As Jonathan starts to unravel , it will take everything they have to keep their marriage together.

Mr. Davis has written a story so emotionally charged and thought provoking that I stayed up late into the night to finish the book. Jonathan seeks out the help of a therapist because he is having nightmares and seems to be distancing himself from his wife. The therapist, Dr. Evans seems like your typical therapist . You go in to her office, she asks questions and writes notes as Jonathan begins to talk. At one point she tells Jonathan, "Consider your fears as protectors of the truth. Through the fear lies the truth that has been hidden." Jonathan realizes that one of his fears is that he has to know that his wife is loyal. He asks himself "How do you know if you can truly trust someone if their loyalty has never been tested?" He then remembers his grandfather telling him that women can't be trusted.

This story has raw emotions that surface to the top in explosive ways. Mr. Davis has not only given us a character that seems to be on the edge of losing control, but shows what someone is willing to do to find a loyal , trusting person to spend his life with. Jonathan doesn't like the feeling of rejection and perhaps that is something that has been buried deep inside him since he was a little boy.

This book will take the reader to the depths of a person's despair and see how something buried deep inside can take over your life.
Is going to the therapist helping Jonathan? Can Maria help her husband find his way back or will she have to watch him losing his grip on reality?

Mr. Davis has written a story that will have you questioning your own emotions long after the last word is read. I loved the way he took us to a dark place in Jonathan's mind and showed a man who wanted to be free of the disturbing thoughts that have haunted him throughout his life.
Thank you Mr. Davis for writing a book that grabs you from the start, takes you on an emotional journey and wishing the story wouldn't end.  )
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