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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I so enjoyed the author's description of the cute diner that Donna worked at. She described the vinyl seats, the small jukebox on the tables and the counter where people could eat and talk to the waitresses. The diner made me think of the one on "Happy Days." Everyone who was anyone would hang out there.

Donna is working at the diner and saving her money so she can fulfill her dream of going to L. A. to become a secretary. One day as the door opens, Tommy appears. He was best friends with her brother when they were growing up. She has been in love with him forever. Their chemistry is so nice and refreshing. I loved the book so much with the setting from the 1950's to the sweet and innocent way that Donna still honored her upbringing with good moral values. The book is very relaxing to read and I love the author's smooth writing style. She has a way to take readers back in time with her exquisite words that flow throughout the story. When Donna and Tommy are talking about church I loved what she said to him. "Going to church pleases God, but it won't make you a Christian. That's a thing of the heart. Nobody but Jesus can judge your heart's commitment but Him. "

It is time to relax, grab an ice cold bottle of Coke and enjoy a great book that will bring a smile to your face. Join Donna and Tommy as they take a journey on Route 66.

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