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Monday, October 21, 2019

The Glittering Web FB Banner About the Book

Book: The Glittering Web
Author: Richard & Linda Nathan
Genre: Christian fiction/futuristic
Release Date: July 1, 2019
The Glittering Web - Cover FrontWhat if everything you thought was true and good — wasn’t?
Stripping away years of deception doesn’t come easily—especially to Loren and Eve Montcrest. They believe they’re following the true path as initiates in Seattle’s Arcane Institute, their society’s elite training academy for the New World Order in 2050.
Pursuing spiritual power despite enormous dangers, they are caught up in a fiery, fast-paced succession of intrigues and adventure that rocks their love for each other and even their sanity.
Only a shocking, last-minute intervention can strip away the veil of deception and rescue them from
destruction—but will they give up everything for it?

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About the Authors

Richard and Linda NathanWhether writing apologetics or page-turners, Richard and Linda write together. The Glittering Web is their first novel, a thriller rooted in their own lives and the occult. Richard has a master’s in Christian history and a B.S. in biology and has worked in psychiatric units for over 25 years. Linda has a B.A. in psychology. She has managed Logos Word Designs, LLC, since 1992, providing professional writing, editing, and publishing consultation services. She is also a staff freelance editor with Redemption Press. Together and singly, they have taught and spoken at conferences, seminars, churches, and on the radio. #glitteringweb ~

More from Richard and Linda

What if everything you thought was true and good—wasn’t?
That’s what we painfully learned from our years in the New Age / psychedelic movement in the San Francisco Bay Area during the ’60s and ’70s–years in which we almost lost our sanity, our souls, and our lives.
Like our characters Loren and Eve who are initiates in Seattle’s Arcane Institute in the year 2050, we pursued spiritual power into a glittering web of dangers and deceptions.
Although true to our own inner trials and temptations, The Glittering Web is a fast-paced thriller and sci-fi fantasy with a life of its own, an evangelistic thrust, and a call to Christians to wake up to this huge mission field all around us where today a New Age practitioner is running for President. As it exposes the deceitfulness of this popular movement, it also glorifies the great love and power of Jesus Christ to reach the lost.
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This book was extremely hard to follow and understand at times. I didn't feel good about reading the book with so much darkness in it. It is filled with wizards, evil  symbols and an overwhelming feeling of fear. I understand the premise of the book looking at good vs evil but it went a little far for me at times.  There was something in the book that did catch my eye though. It talks about being tested and one of the characters' say,"They're always with us, guarding us and taking care of us. Nothing bad can happen to us. Next time you'll be even stronger." Yes we do go through tests . They can be very draining and we call out to God for help. Through each trial we do grow stronger as we rely on our faith to help us.

The story is written in a future time and the two main characters are battling what they think is a fight against evil. It comes in to question if they recognize evil or if they are being deceived. The couple almost seem to be pulling away from each other as they try to grasp what all is going on. Have you ever been jealous of someone because they were spiritually more mature than you were? I got that feeling that Loren and Eve were not only battling the enemy but each other.  They compare notes on missions they have been through and wonder if they are failing the test. It was interesting to read about their many battles and how much they were able to endure. 

Our mind can play tricks on us and make us think things that aren't true. In this story we see a lot of this coming into play. The enemy loves to plant seeds of doubt in us and try to get us to turn on each other. His tricks are endless and if we are not careful, we fall into his trap. The ending is quite powerful and has a great message of faith. The enemy loves to make things that are bad for us look inviting and glamorous. Loren and Eve will each face decisions that could draw them to the dark side. What will they choose?

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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