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Sunday, January 31, 2021


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About the Book

Book:  The Dressmaker’s Secret

Author: Kellyn Roth

Genre: Christian historical women’s fiction


Claire will stop at nothing to provide for her daughters. An unwed mother, she does everything possible to raise them whilst avoiding her scandalous past. Some secrets are best kept, even between mother and daughter. Alice longs for a father, especially if that means her mother will be happy. She takes matters into her own hands—but she never expected what she finds.

Despite her efforts to shelter her daughters, Claire’s ghosts rise up to haunt her, and any semblance of control over her life vanishes. If her secrets are uncovered, what will become of her family?


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About the Author

Kellyn RothKellyn Roth is a Christian historical women’s fiction & romance author from North-Eastern Oregon who has independently published multiple novels, the most notable being The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series. You should definitely call her Kell.

Kell lives on family-owned property outside an unmemorable but historical town with her parents, two little brothers, arbitrary cat, precious border collies, a dozen cows, and lots of chickens. She also possesses a classic, vintage aesthetic which does not at all speak to her country girl side, but such is life.

When not writing, Kell likes to blog, teach writing to her various students, have day jobs which allow her to keep her car properly insured, and spend lavish amounts of money on Dairy Queen french fries.


More from Kellyn

I’ve honestly never rewritten a book as many times as I rewrote The Dressmaker’s Secret, and I hope I never do.
A first draft flew out of me one November when I was fourteen, and before the next November had come around, I’d gone through twelve drafts, changed points of view multiple times, and eventually rewrote the whole thing from scratch.
The ending especially went through many, many versions … until at last I settled on the final. Or so I thought.
Not long after, some more issues were called to light, and I revised again. And again. Years passed. I went through over twenty-five drafts! And, at the time, I liked all of them. Would I ever like one for longer than a month, though?
Well, turns out, it was possible! I’m over a year and a half into loving my draft of The Dressmaker’s Secret – e.g. the published draft – and that’s not likely to change any time soon.
This book taught me a lot. It practically taught me how to write – and edit! – a good book, and it made me really focus in on quality, even when it took some humility to admit I was wrong and critics were right – or, sometimes, that my gut was right. It taught me to not give up on something I love. It taught me that the risks I always wanted to take are worth taking. It taught me that no mistake is too great to be corrected … well, in some ways, at least.
And it taught me that there’s a great God out there who has grace for all my delays and mistakes and learning experiences.
So, that’s the story of how The Dressmaker’s Secret came to be written!


The book starts in the late 1860s with a young woman who I wanted to take in my home and care for. Claire becomes an unwed mother of two darling little girls. I cried when her father shunned her. How was she to care for her children and escape the gossip? Nettie is her maid but also her dear friend. They decide to leave and find a better life for theirselves and the girls. 

I couldn’t read fast enough to see what adventure awaited  them. I thought it was sad that Claire felt she had to hide her girls from everyone. The rumors swirled around her as she found a way to make a living. I’m sure her skills were excellent as she made dresses but she still longed for true happiness. Sone people loved to gossip and make Claire feel ashamed. “He without sin, cast the first stone.”

Alice and Ivy were as different as night and day. Alice was very outspoken for a young girl and I loved how protective she was of her sister. I absolutely loved the faith element in the book. Claire feels like God is punishing her for her sin, but Alice wants her mother to trust God. I thought about this scripture as I read the book, “And a child shall lead them.” Alice does question if she was a mistake and is reassured that God does not make mistakes. She is wanted and loved and I liked how the author shows us the journey Alice takes to find acceptance. 

I found the story to be real and honest. The author holds nothing back when it comes  to the girls lack of a father. It was interesting to see how Alice decided she would find out who her father was. She was not afraid to learn the truth and hoped it would make her mother happy again. There are some emotional scenes in the story which gives depth to the characters. I was anxious to find out what secret Claire was hiding, I was not prepared for the ending and have to say I was shocked when several secrets were revealed. 

Claire fights her feeling for God and at some point she will turn to Him to show her the direction she needs to take. All she has ever known is rejection and she doesn’t want her children to ever doubt that they are loved and wanted. It is a beautiful story that tackles tough subjects with grace. I am excited to know that there is a book coming out where Ivy will be the main focus. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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