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Sunday, February 5, 2017


The opening pages of this book was so heartfelt with the Rossi family sitting around the table eating . The description of the food was so good, I could smell the sauce and almost taste the delicious Italian cuisine. I loved reading how the family gets together to share meals and make memories.

Bella is a wonderful character who runs Club Wed. She is a busy person and sometimes puts her family on the back burner. Will she realize that she needs to slow down a little? It is nice to see how supportive her husband is and I thought he was an amazing character. In fact all the characters were so much fun I think I would like to join the Rossi family.

Bella really has her hands full when a local TV Meteorologist asks Bella to make her wedding special by having it at night under the stars. . The bride sure does  have some over the top requests which made for an entertaining story. The Splendora Sisters make an appearance in the story and I have to say I would invite them over anytime. They are funny, full of energy and make you feel right at home. As the wedding gets closer things seem to start to unravel a bit. Will the weather be perfect for an outdoor wedding at night ? Can all the food be made in time? The wedding cake was detailed so incredibly perfect I could see the sparkles on the cake and imagine the taste of the light and fluffy goodness.

I loved how the author used this story to remind us that our plans may not be God's plans for us. We get frustrated when things don't work out and become upset. I loved how the story centered around family and being content with what we have. Sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy our families and appreciate them. The Rossi family worked together through every obstacle and I loved the closeness they shared.

The day has arrived for the big wedding and you can feel the excitement as everyone scrambles to make this a wedding that the bride will never forget. Will Bella pull off the perfect wedding? Grab a copy of this fun story and find out what happens "Once Upon A Moonlight Night."

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