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Sunday, September 27, 2015


The book is not your typical feel good , perfect life kind of book. What it is though, is a story of a husband and wife and their unraveling marriage. It starts out with Ava , Mitchell, Sam and Jack. They seem to be a normal family with a nice house. The husband  works hard and the wife who utterly adores her family. But lurking, deep in the dark hole of Mitchell, the husband , is a man who craves control.  He is eerily chilling in his diabolical ways and explosive in his need to have the upper hand . As the story begins to explore their life, we find Mitchell start to become this meanicing , scary person who thrives on power.

The story is told from several characters perspectives . It was a great way to envision what each person perceived as the author wrote the story through their eyes. As I began to get further into the story, I felt a sense of tension and chills run through my body. The book has many layers to it, but as you peel away the layers sheer terror abounds. Mitchell is a devious , unstable person who seems to believe that no woman can be trusted. Out of nowhere one day, he decides to take the children , leave Ava and file for divorce.

As Ava starts to fight for custody of her sons, Mitchell begins his plan of complete destruction of Ava . The author gives us chilling glimpses into an evil, heartless man  who will do anything to keep his kids. It's like a cat and mouse game, where only the strong survive. It's a thriller at the top of its game, with graphic almost unthinkable acts of terror aimed at those who get in Mitchell's way.

There are a couple of really great words spoken by characters in the book. . The first was from Dr.Bennett , who is trying to determine who is best suited to have the children. As she is talking to Ava she says, " Everyone has a center of gravity. Every family too. It's the tangible things that make us feel grounded and whole. "
All of us want a stable life, to feel secure and not to have to walk on egg shells around your spouse.  We want the hero to come in and save the day. As Jack say, " Some heroes are made, not born. They don't wear costumes or special amulets. They are mothers , men, kids, and regular people. They might get bruised , broken , or beaten down. But they don't give up."
I received a copy of this book from Chicklit Plus for an honest review

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  1. Thank you SO very much for your review of Center of Gravity! I am delighted that you pulled a few of the quotes from the book!

    I really appreciate the time you took to read the book and share your thoughts! It really means the world to me!!!

    ~ Laura