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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Ashley Davison is desperate to get home to Seatlle to surprise her mom for Christmas. There is one little problem. There are no flights available and she doesn't know what to do next. Dashiell Sutherland has a very important interview in Seattle and has to be on a plane by December 23rd or his chances of getting the job are gone. What a predicament these two strangers are in. What will they decide to do to reach their destination?

As Ashley makes a mad rush to rent a car, Dash is right behind her with the same idea. As luck would have it, there is only one car available. Through a series of arguments and insults, Ashley and Dash decide to share the car so they can both get to Seattle on time. The story starts off with a few laughs as Ashley and Dash adjust to each other. I couldn't figure out the FBI story and how it made any sense in the storyline. It seemed almost like an afterthought to put an unbelievable supposed terrorist in the storyline to make it intriguing. When I started reading about a man who was helping Ashley and Dadh repair their car I almost closed the book. He is described as having an alien for a wife and believes he was abducted by other aliens. Now I know that I could not connect with this story.

I was really hoping to see more character development between Ashley and Dash. We find out very little about them and their relationship seemed very rushed. It was hard to believe that a young woman would agree to share a car with a total stranger and not be terrified. I am a big fan of the author's books, but this one just did not live up to her usual amazing writing.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest review

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