Saturday, December 5, 2015


Have you ever been so successful at your job, that you decide to branch out? Whitney Monroe is just that  person.
She has decided with the help of her cousin, that  they should venture out and open another restaurant. They are excited and begin to make plans for the new place. Not everyone is happy about their new restaurant though. Some of the local business owners can't handle competition and devise a scheme to sabotage them. They hit dead ends with building codes and other things that  could prevent the place from passing inspection. Seems somebody is jealous of their success.

While Whitney is fighting inspections and total chaos she gets a call about her stepfather. Why are they calling her about him? They have never been very close and she has little to do with his kids. The caller explains that her stepfather fell in the bathroom and had been laying on the floor for four long days. That seems very sad to hear that someone you know, has been helpless for a long period of time. Whitney makes a decision to travel to the hotel in Maneto, North Carolina to go through her grandmothers belongings. While she is there she can check on her stepfather since he lives in the building . This is not going to be a pleasant trip and old feelings start to surface for Whitney. What secrets will Whitney uncover? Will she be welcomed there without any problems?

Whitney begins a trip down memory lane  as she is going through old papers and soon discovers secrets that  are troublesome. How is it possible that  her mother and stepfather knew each other before her dad was in the picture? Something doesn't add up and she wants answers. A project that Roosevelt's Federal Workers  Program had in the 1930s somehow have ties to her grandmothers story. What has Whitney stumbled into?

 This is Lisa Wingate at her best as she perfectly delivers two stories at the same time and tie them together like a pristine bow. The history in the story is very detailed and is brought to the present to make a story that gives you mystery and action. The author has given us two characters from the past that will have an impact on Whitney's life. What secrets do they hold? Is there danger for Whitney? Will history change her family dynamics?

I look forward to reading books from Lisa Wingste because I know she will sweep me on a journey with details and twists that  make the story so intriguing and hard to put down. This is another master story teller at the top of her game .

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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