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Friday, January 29, 2016


Maggie Montgomery  is off on a trip to New York accompanied by her brother Gabe. She needed to get away from a man who she didn't care to become invoked in. The story is set in the early 1900s and the details that the author gives about this time period is picturesque . Maggie is keeping a little secret from her family that has stayed back home in Ireland . Will they be devastated when they find out her intentions?

Maggie is a very strong willed young woman with a determined spirit. I loved her character and how the author really played up her character traits with grace and elegance. Her brother has a big dream of becoming a firefighter back in Ireland. Will his dream come true, or will someone change his mind and stay in New York?

The story has several characters that will have an encounter with each other as the adventure keeps us mesmerized.   The addition of Aurora Hastings and Adam O'Leary from IRISH MEADOWS  to this book is a wonderful treat as we get to know them better. Their characters are interesting and a key ingredient to a well thought out storyline. Does Adam's checkered past make him an untrustworthy person? Can he repair his relationship with his father? It is a great historical romance book filled with love, determination and faith. I must mention how breathtaking the cover of this book is.

I received this book from The Book Club Network for an honest review.

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