Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I loved the beginning of this book so much I became enthralled with the story. It starts off aboard a boat at sea. The temperature is in the 30s, but the sea seemed to be calm. In an instant the wind kicked up and sleet began to fall. The crew sprang to action to secure the boat. Now I know if by some slim chance I was on the boat, fear would have gripped me  so hard I wouldn't have been of any use to anyone. The book asks the question , "What would your life be like without fear?" Many of us "Christians", seem to do everything right , but guess what sneaks in? Yes it is fear and it holds us back from fully committing to God and relying on Him for all our needs.

We all want to feel secure , yet we let little things stop us in our tracks instead of turning it over to God. When we are in the middle of a crisis we are so focused on the situation, we forget that we don't have to do this alone. I know I allow fear to overtake my life to a point where I stay secluded in my home. After all it is my security blanket . But am I really living? Am I truly trusting God? This book has been an inspiration to me and one I know I will refer to many times as I remember that "home is anywhere God is."

The author points out that when everything is going great we push God to the back burner. Once a crisis erupts, we run full throttle to Him pleading for help. When we get hurt by someone, we tend to build a wall around us. It is our protection from hurt, shame, rejection and other emotions that grabs us into fear. We must remember that we have a home with Jesus. He is our protector who loves us unconditionally . The book is so thought provoking and gives readers real experiences that we can all relate to. We need to embrace our inheritance, and stop living in fear . Out inheritance "is all wrapped up in the principles of honor and submission, of humbling yourself to become faithful with that which is another's ,  of getting underneath and pushing up, of serving unselfishly and wholeheartedly to build up another with no personal agenda or ulterior motives."

Thank you for writing a book that gets to the heart of the matter and sharing the truth with us. The book is very inspiring and one I will treasure.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub NetWork for an honest review.

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