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Sunday, April 24, 2016


To read a book filled with rich history is such a treat. The story is breathtaking and very in depth. It revolves around a concubine of Augustine of Hippo. It's funny that we don't know much about her but with the wonderful writing of the author, her story is being told for all to read. It's nice when an author does research on a subject and it is transformed into a story that sweeps across the pages. The details are superb and the depth this woman had on Augustine was very touching.

Many know that St. Augustine was a Catholic philosopher but what did this young woman do to his life? Did she help make decisions or influence him in any way? The symbolism is a  interesting as St. Augustine must decide what they mean. Is a baby significant enough to experience unconditional love? The transformation that X portrays in the story is both pure beauty and a journey that captures a love so touching that you can't help but feel the emotions. I found myself glued to the pages as I read of a little known person who had so much impact on a well known figure in history. What is the plan that God had for St. Augustine? Will he accept it or struggle through great loss and pain? This is truly an exceptional story of love, loss, pain and the call of God on a person's life. I enjoyed every intricate detail of a love story that captures you in an era that was hard for some. The decisions that X makes are heartbreaking but shows how love can be both rewarding and painful at times.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild for an honest review.THE CO

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