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Saturday, May 28, 2016


I just received this book yesterday and finished it in one day. It was so intriguing I couldn't put it down. The author does an outstanding job of delivering mystery at its very best. The storyline is superior and has all the makings for a great movie. I always look forward to reading Mr. Mabry's  books and this one is definitely one of his very best.

 Sarah is trying to pull her life back together after a tragic accident killed her husband and daughter. She feels empty inside and angry at the world. All she has now is her job as an ER doctor. She tries to fill her empty days by working but inside  she feels nothing.  Several men in her life start to take interest in her, but she feels she would be dishonoring  her dead husband if she went out with anyone. Suddenly strange things start to happen that makes Sarah uneasy. A fire in her house, strange calls, threats made on her life all start to make her rethink her safety. Who is trying to harm her? Can she trust someone who was her husband's best friend to protect her?

The reason I liked this book so much was for several reasons. The main character was a strong woman who didn't fall apart at the first sign of trouble. Her character was well written and even shared her anger  and struggle  with God. There were several references to overcoming anger and how to heal with the help of God.  and the author The story was so detailed with its surprising twists that I couldn't figure out who the person was causing Sarah so much uneasiness. That is a sign of an author who not only develops a great plot but keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat. The added characters in the story compliment each other and interact very well together. I loved the preacher and his words of wisdom as he counseled several people.

If you are looking for a mystery with a  action packed story that is explosive and at the caliber of one of the best writers around, this book is a must read.

I received a copy if this book from the author and Abingdon Press for an honest review.

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